Google Play Music update adds SD card support for music downloads

by: Andrew GrushDecember 5, 2013

Google Play Music

Just yesterday Google brought out a new update for Google Play Movies, now it’s Google Play Music’s turn! At first glance, there’s not much new in version 5.3.1316M, besides a few bug fixes and minor interface tweaks. If you happen to have a device with an SD card however, Google has actually has a fairly useful new feature in store for you.

In the latest update it is now possible to store cached or downloaded songs to external storage, such as an SD. This is a pretty big deal for Google Play music users, as it allows you to store your tunes on physical space without eating up your primary storage.

To be honest, we find this update a bit surprising considering Google tends to avoid supporting SD cards whenever possible, as apparent by the lack of an SD slot on modern Nexus devices. Still, for folks with SD card slots, this is certainly a welcome change.

Of course the update isn’t available to everyone just yet, and is instead being pushed out in stages. If you don’t want to wait for the official OTA rollout, you can always grab the APK and install the update manually.

For those that have already grabbed the update, any other major changes that you’ve noticed besides the new SD card download option?

  • Once I’ve got the update, how do I enable SD card storage?

    • Yarmo Mackenbach

      I’ve got the update, but no SD card storage for me… 4.0.4…

    • HitokiriX

      After updating mine I just went to the settings and it was there.

    • I got the update and moved all my music to my SD card last night.

  • Xavier_NYC

    Hopefully this will fix the Media Server battery drain as well. Every time I start listening to music with Play my Media Server sky rockets up to 35-45% and annihilates my battery.

  • PDL

    Kitkat only?

  • Bradley Uffner

    Wow,Google actually acknowledged that SD cards exist? What’s next? Actual hardware support for them?

  • Joshua Hill

    Doesn’t work with Galaxy S2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Androidphan

    Would be nice if they let you download your music from the cloud more then twice instead of streaming it and draining your battery.