Google has released an update for the Play Music app that has two big features on board. The first is support for notification channels (only available for Android O devices.)

By heading into the settings of the app, you can select which notifications you want and don’t want to receive. There are a few categories listed that you can enable or disable including Account issues/updates, Content updates, Downloads, Playback, and Purchase updates.

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April 4, 2017

The second feature, which is available for all devices, is a new way of viewing your search history. You’ll find a “Manage Play Music history” in the settings that brings up a Chrome Custom Tab once you tab on it. It displays all the searches you have performed in the music app as well as via your PC including those for songs, artists, and albums.


The two features are not groundbreaking in any way but they are certainly nice to have. The update is already available so if you want to try them out, simply update the Google Play Music app on your device and you’re good to go.

Previous Updates

WiFi streaming and download quality options

March 16, 2017: In the latest Google Play Music update, users can now adjust the audio quality for downloads and Wi-Fi streaming. This was previously available only for streaming via mobile data, where users could choose between three qualities: low, medium or high.


February 23, 2017: Google has added a “recents” option to the menu where you’ll find all your last played songs. The feature isn’t new as far as music apps are concerned but it is the first time it has appeared in Google’s music streaming service. The update arrives as part of the Google Play Music version 7.4, which also brings a handful of other small tweaks, such as a new animation when you press play.

Additionally, Google Play Music also now boasts 40 million songs, up five million on the previous count.

Google Play Music UI overhaul 

November 16, 2016: Google has rolled out a complete upgrade to the UI of its Google Play Music streaming service. The changes make it easier to search and discover new music, with clearer recommendations, but it has also improved the algorithms used to make suggestions. What’s more, Google has added offline streaming playlists which are loaded with your most recently played tracks.

  • Hanna Hayek

    When will they expand to more countries?

  • Azureum

    Still not gonna use it until they add folder option.

    • Andrew Nelson

      they already have that

      if they didn’t I would not have been able to create a folder I named: Songs for Anytime

      so I am sure there is a folder option

  • sloheim

    … and yet, they still refuse to add the ability to follow artists. Probably the single-most requested option that would gain them users back from Spotify.

    This is like adding SMS backup to Allo. They create a potentially great app, but refuse to add the most requested features from users. I dont know how a company that is so smart, can be so stupid.

    • Orage42

      That, and better Artist pages, with quick bio and music genre type. It’s still my streaming service, but maybe Spotify is worth a try.

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    • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

      Lily Tomlin needs to resurrect her routine, only this time it would be “We’re Google. We don’t care. We don’t have to.”

  • Charles Sweeney

    I really like how you refer to updates in the past tense that will happen in the future, like on 16 Nov 2017…lol. Edit much?

  • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

    It’s nice to see Google tackling all these really difficult problems, like recent songs, text input for Google Assistant, etc. Fixing Bluetooth, microphone shutting off, Google Now problems and all the other trivial problems can wait. That 14 year old programmer who handles all this stuff only has so much time to work on Google software after finishing his homework.

  • John

    I always had the recents option when selecting music. I’ve been using Google music for a couple years now.

    • ozzyager

      I’m not sure I understand the difference between this new “recents” section and the old, either…

  • Player Slayer

    Now why would I pay for some subscription, when I can just get the music for free on other services/by pressing them? Someone Google makes no sense

    • Travis Stindt

      you get YouTube Red for free with Google music subscription

  • Kevin Burton

    “Recents” is not new to version 7.4. In 7.3 it’s on the main launch page under the search bar in the upper-right corner. Fact-checking is a beautiful thing.

    • nebulaoperator

      Scot and fact checking does not come along well.

  • NinoBr0wn

    How many songs are on iTunes?

  • AbbyZFresh

    Means nothing when Google Music lack the social and discovery quality Spotify has and the exclusivity Apple Music has.

    The only saving grace for this service is its YouTube Red bundle.

    • Joshua Fuentes

      Yeah… if you’re American :

  • I think you have a typo where you referer to a previous updated on November 16 2017 … unless you are a time traveller.

  • Marty Despodov

    I tried 3 months of Google play music unlimited for free. At the beginning there were some “issues” . Then I tried Spotify and IT SUCKS! It is huge, runs incredibly slowly (on my tablet it loads for a minute) and there is no thing like a queue there, you cannot remove songs and they are not saved when played on my smartphone. I had to download them but it consumed me more time. Play music on the other hand is so simple, I’ve decided to subscribe now :)

  • Joseph Crane

    I’m still on 7.3 and I have had the Recents options for at least a month or two.