You can now edit and share playlists on Google Play Music

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 1, 2014

google play music 2

Following an update to Search and the release of new Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps in the Play Store, Google is now pushing out a small update to Play Music.

The seemingly only change in the update is the ability to change the name and description of a playlist, as well as to share your playlist with friends, straight from the device. Previously, these features were only available in the web interface of Google Play Music. To access these new features, just click on the Menu button and pick them from the overflow menu.

Play Music version 5.5.1509O should be heading your way right now, though you can check for yourself from the My Apps section of the Play Store. Or, if you’re new to it, check the Play Music app in the Play Store.

  • mobilemann

    awww the main site shot has a daimen marley record on it, great record. use that one, duh.

  • fearphage

    Is this a shared playlist? Can multiple people maintain the contents of a single playlist (like Spotify)?

  • SuspiciousChihuahua

    Love the service. I’ve tried them all, and Play Music is worth far more than the eight bucks a month they’re asking.

    • AfrodanJ


  • EmpressRose

    Nope. Still can’t share. This has been an issue myself and many other people have had over the last 1-2 years. I don’t know what happened over the last few updates, but I can’t share it via the android app or through my laptop. And it’s annoying, because I have converted an audio cd so mp3 format, uploaded it to Google Play, and I can’t share it through the phone app or my laptop. It’s ticking me off. I used to be able to with purchased and uploaded content, now I can’t do it with either. >.>

    And, I shouldn’t have to pay for squat if I don’t want to in order to share anything. I don’t know if I have to have a subscription in order to share. I don’t care. Because I’m not paying. End of story.