Google Play Music may get browser upload support, code suggests

by: Chris SmithDecember 18, 2013

Google Play Music

A fragment of found code seems to reveal that Google Play Music users may soon be able to use any web browser to upload their songs to the cloud, instead of having to install a dedicated application.

Right now, in order to upload your music collection to Google Play Music you need to install and use the official Music Manager application that’s available directly from Google, with support for various computer operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux.

Google Play Music Browser Upload

Unofficial Google System blog received a tip from a user that suggests a more convenient way of uploading music tracks to Google Play Music may arrive at some point in the future. As you can see in the image above, the code reads:

Drag songs or folders here to add music to your library. Or, if you prefer, select from your computer.

While it’s not clear at this time when browser support is coming to Google Play Music, the feature certainly appears to be considered by Google as an alternative way to upload music and, if implemented, it will help users upload music faster than before, as well as use computers that don’t have access to Music Manager, or on which the app can’t be installed in the first place.

We’ll be back with more details about it once we have them.

  • riverdalien

    this is cool, now i can uninstall that disable or maybe uninstall that resource/battery hogging program. they should make an app for android that does the same thing tho. as long as the sync could be turned off in the accounts settings i’d install it. i hate how music on my sd card is categorized differently and this would make me stop shying away from downloading music via mobile

    • Shark Bait

      I don’t get why uploading from your device would help, the main idea is you can take all your music with you , without taking up all your memory

  • Jayfeather787

    Hooray for google making things easier and better to use.

  • AndroidBrian

    About time. Never made sense that I couldn’t upload music from the device I’ll be listening
    To it on.

  • Kenny Strawn

    Uploading music from a browser would be a HUGE sigh of relief.

    Oh, and updating the mobile Google Play apps to allow on-device music (say, on an iOS device) to be uploaded would also be of especially good value here. Unless, of course, the mobile web version adds that ability…

  • Aceey

    finally! GOD! about time! :D

  • KoRRo

    am i the only one that doesn’t care about browser upload? i would like much more a better desktop app, with 2 way sync, at least for the plays counter, and smart playlist support.

  • smokebomb

    Uploading from a browser is useless. Let me upload from my phone. Why is it so easy to allow me to upload to google drive but there’s still no way to upload music to google music from my phone?

  • PitchanApp

    *Shameless Self Promotion* We released DuoVid on Google play last night.
    It plays 2 videos simultaneously next to each other from either your Android local library, YouTube or enter your own URL.
    Great for comparisons; learning a skill etc

  • I was waiting for this update sine a long time . Thanks for making us aware of this !