Google Play Movies and Books are now live in Brazil

by: Bams SadewoDecember 7, 2012

The importance of making the Google ecosystem accessible to all users isn’t lost on the Mountain View company, but obviously it’s going to take some time until we see a worldwide rollout of the many services offered on the Play Store.

After bringing Google Play Movies to Australia and Canada – as well as making it available in UK, Germany, and France – Google has announced that it is opening the door to its bustling online movie store for Brazilian customers.

Movies that are up for grabs include Hollywood blockbusters like The Amazing Spider-man. You can also find local titles like Diálogos Impossíveis. The rent price starts from R$3.90 ($2) and goes up to R$6.90 ($3) for newer titles, while the starting selling price is R$19.90 ($9.6).

Aside from showing some Latin love with the expansion of its Movies service, those in Brazil can also get their daily dose of reading materials from Google Play Books.

  • rodpe