Google Play gift cards page goes live in Canada, codes are now redeemable

by: Bams SadewoMarch 22, 2013


When Google launched its Google Play gift cards in the US last year, you were probably hoping that they’d make their way up to Canada not long after. However, the big G decided to make a detour to the UK instead, as the cards went live there earlier in the month, and are now available in stores across the country.

But all hope isn’t lost, as we’re picking up some signs that the elusive gift cards are about to land in Canada soon. The Canadian Play Store has been updated to allow customers to redeem their gift card codes. It’s also accessible via the Play Store website.


This sure ties in nicely to the promotion that Rogers is currently rolling out, where it’s giving away a free $35 Google Play voucher for those who buy a Samsung Galaxy phone. While it’s a good starting point, we’ll probably see the gift cards getting a wider release in the coming weeks, if not days.

Can’t wait to retire your credit cards for purchasing apps and other content on Google Play? Let us know in the comments.

  • K.

    The gift card is not easy to find in the UK. This morning, I tried Tesco, M&S, Carphone, 3store and EE, without any luck. In most of them, I found the itunes card but not the Google play one.

  • Johnny

    I looking at buying my first tablet. I bought an iPod touch a few years ago and loved the idea of being able to buy apps on line without using my credit information. Now that I’m looking for a tablet I want that same service if I buy the Nexus7. However it appears that the goog’s aren’t going to offer this service anytime soon in Canada. A tablet isn’t any fun without apps, so much to my dismay I’ll have to buy an iPad.

  • K.

    I am glad that I didn’t find any gift card. I tried to see what happens when you click on “Redeem a Card” and it tells me that gift cards are not available in mu country (UK). I would have been frustrated if I was able to buy a card and unable to use. Last, when I looked in the playstore where I can buy gift cards, there is only one store in my area and not at all close.

  • Dalelynn Fahlman

    My son got 2 gift cards with a new Samsung Tab 3 for Christmas. I can’t redeem them however. It keeps telling me that he had to have a Google wallet account. The When I tried to create one nothing happened. Apparently there is an app and when I tried to install it it says that is not available in my country, Canada. Help