Google Play Gift Cards now available from Target, GameStop, Radio Shack, Walmart and others

by: Chris SmithDecember 26, 2012


Google on Christmas day has quietly announced via its Google Play Google Plus page that its Play Store Gift Cards are available for purchase from a variety of third-party retail partners including Target, GameStop, Radio Shack, Walmart and others. Here’s one such status update on the Google Plus page:

Need a last minute #holiday gift? Get Google Play gift cards, now available at Target, +GameStop, +RadioShack and +Walmart. Find a retailer near you: US-

Available in three versions, $10, $25 and $50, the Gift Cards can be used to purchase all kinds of digital content from the Play Store including apps, music tracks, movies and books.

In addition to brick-and-mortar stores, Play Store Gift Cards can also be purchased online from Target and Walmart, so you have plenty of options of offering them to loved ones and friends that are part of the Android Play Store ecosystem.

Unfortunately, the company did not announce similar partnerships with international third-party retailers, so those of you that read this news from outside the U.S. will still have to wait for Google to expand its Gift Cards business to your country.

Have you purchased any Gift Cards from Google’s retail partners? How much did you spend on Play Store content this Christmas?

Thanks, Kevin!

  • rami

    I got a Google Play gift card from Gamestop before. Its sad how hardly any stores have them. I went looking at plenty of places before I found them there. I guess thats going to change though as more and more people (and retailers) realize that Android is the dominant OS.

  • WTFGoogle

    I’d love to get some, but you still can’t buy hardware with them so they aren’t very helpful…

  • I noticed walmart near me had them about 3 weeks ago

  • joser116

    No really? I saw this like 3 weeks ago…

  • T3charmy

    I’ve been seeing them at my local walmart for quite a few weeks, I think you’re a bit behind.

  • T3charmy
  • cycad007

    I see discounts everyday for iTunes gift card. Unless I see sales for Google Play gift cards, Apple will always be ahead of Google in the pre-paid card dept.

  • Simon Belmont

    I’ve been grabbing Google Play Store cards from RadioShack and Target since the summer. It’s nice to see that Walmart and GameStop have them now, though.

    It would be nice to see them in Best Buy and other big box stores. I tend to swing by those fairly often to look around.