UPDATE (10/08): And here we go again. It looks like Google Play is having problems once again. We’ve personally ran into “error 500” a few times within the last hour, though there might be a few other error codes as well. We’ll be sure to let folks know as soon as we learn anything!

UPDATE (10/8) #2: Everything looks to be working again on our end. Also have seen several reports on our G+ page suggesting the Play Store is working for other users now, too. Anyone still having problems?

Having problems with Google Play? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! It seems that a series of different errors are surfacing on the Play Store, including a 927 error, RPC:S-5:AEC-O information retrieval error and the DF-BPA-10 processing error that you see in the picture above. There’s probably others, but those are the few we’ve ran into or heard about.

So what’s exactly going on here? We aren’t sure of the cause just yet, but some users they are finding that they can’t install or update any apps without receiving errors. For others the errors are sporadic with some apps updating and downloading just fine.

At the time of this writing some sites are reporting everything is back to normal, though I personally just experienced a downloading problem just moments ago, so we may not be totally out of the woods yet. We’ve reached out to Google for a comment on what’s going on and will keep you updated when we learn more, or if the problem is fully resolved.

Anyone else experiencing any odd errors other than the ones we already listed? Conversely, is everything working fine for you now?


Andrew Grush
Andrew is one of the three Managing Editors of Android Authority, primarily responsible for the overseeing of US team of writers, in addition to several other projects such as VR Source and more. He loves tech, gaming, his family, and good conversations with like-minded folks.
  • phathands

    I thought it was just me. I only cleared the play store and Google services framework three times before I saw the other reports popping up.

  • cvgordo

    i thought it had to do with my new note 3. cleared cache and reset data in the google play app and it worked fine again.

    • I know, I thought it was the Note as well. Glad to know I was wrong!

  • fawaz mahmood

    I had this problem two weeks back. I removed my Google account(logged out) cleared all data relating to it and then signed in again. Everything was back to normal.

    Try it. It worked for one of my friends too.
    I use an N7100.

    • Janelle

      I hope to god this works for me as well on my galaxy s4

      • janelle

        nope. didn’t work.

  • Abe

    Still having this issue now

  • Adam

    It stinks
    I JUST UPDATED my HTC one to 4.3 and I go to update my apps and download a lockscreen widget and it gave me that message.

  • DennisVitt
  • Ankharia

    I had this problem a few hours ago and was charged 3 times for an app, and the app still appears as not purchased….

  • Gagan Mohal

    its working now

  • Tomi Riipinen

    Still having the issue here in Finland on my Samsung galaxy pocket plus. In fact a moment ago facebook, a few games and even the Google play update itself showed errors. Hopefully the issue can be solved before I receive my new handset.

  • android_guy

    I face update problem, and in application purchase problem. When I buy items in Catapult Saga, first time is OK. But for second time, I think after some updates from google, play store reset my account and I didn’t notice that, it didn’t let me buy anymore even after log in again in play store.

  • sj6784

    Mine still dont work. No error messages. Just dont download anything from google play store.

  • siegehay

    Not getting errors any more but downloads are not completing – just seems to be stuck in the download process and I have to cancel to get out.

  • lyndylou

    I still can’t update yet! Just saying error.

  • Abacus

    Updating most of my apps works again. Still having an issue installing Smart IR Remote on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Error: [BM-PPH-01]). Even though I bought it on my HTC One, it is still listed as not purchased on my Note 10.1…

  • kazam401

    Still all f*cked up – can’t download anything on the Uk Three network on Note2

  • siegehay

    Oddly I still have the problem on my Nexus 4 when connected directly to the Three network in the UK but when I connect to my mifi (also on Three) I can update and download apps. Last night neither worked so we have some improvement.

  • david segar

    I can not download or update and I am using a Xperia T
    David segar

  • Lin

    Brand new note 3 out of the box can’t do anything but worked in wifi

  • david segar

    the issue is still going on I can not download anything or update anything I use a xperia T android phone .

  • Eoraptor

    yup, still having issues on my One XL… in fact, most of my google services are a bit slow and tetchy

  • Tony Gandy

    no play store downloads all day ,thought it was my isp but now i know,galaxy s4 4.2.1

  • brittany

    Im experiencing problems with my infuse!

  • Sean Stephenson

    Still nothing on my Xperia Z on three UK

  • Penguin

    Still got problems on Nexus 4 via 3 in UK

  • srikesh

    Had it about 30 seconds ago…

  • Uzerkhan

    Still having this issue

  • Karthik

    I still have these errors popping up!

  • Sam Firth

    still got problems with my galaxy note..been a few days now youtube is especially bad..come on google play sort this out its not acceptable

  • Sam Firth

    won’t even let me use YouTube on stock browser either..using Three network on my galaxy note

  • Joe

    Still have Issues

  • babbzy

    just got the xperia z1 and i have two different types of error messages its a joke cant install nothing !!

  • p

    still having the 927.issue…

  • Juxxize

    well i’m still having problems , error 927 for me for 3 days now, i’ve been unable to update any of my apps on my tablet or my phone, i’m in england.

  • Justine

    Still having these same error codes!

  • Paul

    Still have a problem on the 3 network uk, reset everything, tried different accounts no joy, funny how Google have not responded to this problem yet .. This is a serious problem they can not hide from.

  • Paul

    Has any one else noticed how many people on the 3 mobile network are having this problem.. ?

    • me

      im hot spotting from a three phone so that might be some of my problem?

  • Me

    i cant download anything from the store to my phone :(

  • Paul

    Google store started downloads just now on 3 mobile… hope it stays working.

  • me

    this has just worked for me…

    Visit Settings > Apps on your device

    View All apps

    Select the Google Play store app, and then tap Clear data and Clear cache.

    Then, select Download manager and tap Clear data and Clear cache.

  • Cliff

    Still having the problem today. Clearing data will help periodically sometimes.

  • Anne

    I still have the problem & I’m on Tesco mobile. Cleared the cache for Google Play & Download Manager, it did a few app updates then the problem came straight back! Getting sick of all the error notifications now as phone tries to automatically update all the time :(

  • Gilthethri11

    I can’t even open Google Play! I saw that some apps were crashing on my s4.

    • Dulsara Kumarage

      Same problem on my S4 after resetting to factory settings.

  • Kathleen

    “Package file invalid” is one I’ve run into several times, including a few minutes ago. I tried again immediately after and it took. It is very sporadic as to when this happens, and when it pulls out of it.
    10/07/2013, 9:10 pm

  • Jb

    Still getting errors

  • brandon rigsby

    My galaxy s3 just started doing this today. i have verizon and i am getting the error retrieving data.

  • trish

    Yup. Still getting errors on my galaxy 3

  • mrj05hua

    Still having problems

  • kountash

    Having issues still too. Getting a purchase error and the all won’t download.

  • LV

    I cant install or update any Google play apps. AceA200 tablet Android.

  • Fonta


  • Davo

    I have just upgrade to Android 4.3 and now I can’t install or update any app.
    I have a HTC One.

    • Boyder

      I’m in the same boat. Just got my phone back from repair too, and now I can only text and call…

  • tex

    Happening right now…

  • janet

    Still having issues.. it says your app cannot be downloaded due to an error (500)

  • Yowan Rdotexe

    I was freaking out because of this! Cleared the Play Store/Download manager data to no avail. Good to know that it isn’t related to my phone. Apps won’t update here, stuck on ‘downloading’.

  • swinter

    error 500 message keeps appearing. Cant download anything and very frustrated.

    • Andrew Grush

      I feel your frustration. The error is also effecting Chrono Trigger’s authentication process — so no playing my favorite RPG tonight.

  • Nels4tats

    Yo, keep getting error 500 on Google play. Thought it was my phone for a sec, and then I realized everyone is having it. Damn

  • Anon

    My note 3 can’t download Real Racing 3 and FIFA 14 cos of the damned error! I was SO looking forward to it!

  • napdynmite

    Happening to me right now.

  • Yowan Rdotexe

    It’s fix now!

  • Anonymous

    Google + and Hangouts are not updating, they get stuck at 80% :/ Error 492

  • Haroon Aejaz

    1) Go to recovery wipe cache
    2) Go to advanced
    3) Wipe dalvik cache
    4) Fix permission
    5) Reboot


    • dudeawwesome

      did the trick thank u bro

  • Jaun Lombard

    Since Google play’s UI was changed it started giving problems! EVEN GOOGLE MUSIC IS erroring. I like the UI of Google music, but will use my Samsung music player because it doesn’t crash as much as Googles!

  • darrell

    I have the same problem while using the mobile network, once I connected to WiFi I was able to download from the play store.

  • Mystique

    October, 9th 2013 @ 21:52 EST – Still having this problem.. GS3 Custom TW Rom..

  • grim

    Still having problems bleh

  • suljo

    hey guys, I had this problem a couple days ago. Try deleting caches of Google play store, dcownload manager and google play services then restart your phone and it now should be fixed.

  • I’m facing the error too! It’s “RPC:S-5:AEC-O information retrieval error”.
    Any help on this?

  • mahbish

    Having the issues, some update and install but othrs dnt pls solution needed on note 3

  • raytheI.Tguy

    It’s got to me tonight, can’t download the Facebook app, error shown in picture below.

  • blu dash 3.5

    I have the blue dash 3.5 and I can’t download anything and I has the phone for a month now someone please help

  • jenalyn

    still having this issue now :(

  • Amberbaby

    I just bought a brand new phone today so I tried setting everything up, getting apps on my new phone and none of the apps will download, not one!! This is extremely frustrating. Hopefully someone is assessing this problem as we speak. This is ridiculous.