Google Play Books now available in Mexico

by: Andrew GrushMarch 20, 2013

Google Play

Google Play Books opens up a world of great reading content, but unfortunately it is only limited to a few select countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, India and a few others. The good news is that Google continues to expand the list of countries that the service is available in and has now added Mexico to the list.

Besides offering plenty of local titles and Spanish translated favorites, the Google Play Books store also lists everything in pesos and gives Mexico its first real taste of Google Play’s extended services beyond just apps. Now here is to hoping that Play Magazines, Music and the rest of the expanded parts of the store eventually make it to Mexico as well.

For those in Mexico, are you glad to see the Books part of Google Play finally reaching Mexico, or disappointed that you didn’t get some of the other parts of Google Play added as well?

  • Analaura Gallardo

    It looks pretty cool, but I think I will stick to Kindle service. I would rather have another of the expanded parts, such as music, since Amazon’s doesn’t work here and iTunes is not my cup of tea…

  • martino

    Its great that we can now buy books from the play store, im hopping that one day we will be able to buy a nexus device from Google pi playstore

  • It’s Awesome, finally we get google books. I just hope that in the near future, we get google music, movies and magazines. Thanks google!! keep it up.

  • Jaime Larios

    Yeeeeees!! Finally. I’m so happy :-)

  • I want google Music !!!!

  • Benjamin Aguirre Garcia

    Now google Movies reached Mexico, just waiting to Google Music.