Google Play Books comes to 13 new countries: Norway, Netherlands and more

by: Andrew GrushJune 11, 2014


A week ago to the day Google introduced Play Books to Norway, bringing its library of 5 million digital books to a whole new audience. It seems that Google is pushing out to even more countries in its latest update.

In total, 12 new countries will see the update (13 if you include Norway): Luxembourg, Norway, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Colombia, Honduras, Panama, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica. This brings the total number of supported markets up to 58, though Google’s official support page has yet to be updated to reflect this change.

For those in one of the above 13 countries, are you excited to finally have Play Books support or not?

  • Alejandro Rodriguez Mann

    Finally in Costa Rica!!!!!!!!

  • Bas

    The Netherlands already has access to Play Books for quite some time. I think it’s Luxemburg you are referring to.

  • KLPD

    The Netherlands already had google play books, the flag in the topleft is Luxembourg. Nice to see the update though!

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    I got my Google Play Book in Norway after i received 4.4.3 :-) almost one week ago!

  • Tony

    They need to include Belize, our small country has a good percentage of Android Phone users, I would say 75% of all phones either GSM or CDMA are Android. So Google please consider Belize on your next update.

  • Rafael

    Im from El Salvador! Really happy and hope they do the same for us with Play Music too :)

  • slkie

    Any hope for Nigeria? No love from Google at all

  • navi16

    I have it in Guatemala, but it force close when trying to open a book.

  • nicolas99

    Yes, I’m excited. Have been buying my digital books through Amazon so far, I’m happy with that, but it’s always good with some competition.