The day after Thanksgiving is always the worst. If you’ve not eaten too much turkey, you’ve most definitely got a hangover and vice versa. Not to mention what happens if you have both. Yikes!

Thankfully, the rise of consumerism has its upsides, and one of that is called Black Friday. It’s a day of total happiness and relaxation, when you can just lie in bed and buy stuff. Ideally stuff you need. Like super-cheap Android apps.

Oh, now I got your attention? Well, how about if I tell you that Google Play has a huge sale that includes tens of apps whose prices have been slashed with up to 90%. At least tens of apps that we know of, based on what Mobile Syrup and a bunch of Reddit users have managed to dig up.

After combing through the huge list you can see in full here, I’ve already made my own short list of apps I absolutely cannot miss. This is led by Gameloft’s The Amazing Spider Man, BackStab, The Adventures of Tintin and Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, four titles that we already knew were going to get their prices dropped to just $0.99.

Other cool games that I got my eyes on are Sega’s Sonic 4 Episode 2 (discounted from $6.99 to $2.99), Need for Speed: Most Wanted (previously $6.99, now $4.99), and Ground Effect Pro HD (dropped from $3.99 to $1.99).

A bunch of productivity apps are next in line, mostly because of their huge discounts. Quickoffice Pro is the champion here (available at $0.99 after a full $14 price cut), but the $1.99 Swiftkey 3 Keyboard and the $8.95 Documents ToGo sound extremely appealing as well.

We don’t know for sure when the promotion is going to end, although Monday is thrown around as a deadline online, but my personal advice would be to think less and act more. The sooner the better. And the more apps you’re going to get now the less you’re going to spend later, think about it. That said, drop us a line below and tell us your own personal Google Play shopping lists for this week-end.

  • Zebelious

    I already know Android Authority will eventually ban me from their site to prevent me from posting the comment below. I have no choice but to stand up, as a principle, against the censorshipment I experienced whilst I did nothing wrong. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you in advance.

    @ Stefan Constantinescu (Android Authority Author)

    You have removed two comments I made in the following links in response to your derogatory response.

    “Someone sounds like an angry college freshman.”

    In my first comment I made it clear that in one sentence alone you made one accusation, for being angry, and drew one wrong conclusion about my status, for being a college freshman. I also asked you to enlight me about any nonfactual, lies, or incorrect information I provided in my three paragraph response to your article even though I made it clear my response wasn’t a disagreement one.

    You have also clearly insulted many readers by using ‘college freshman’ as an adjective in your derogatory comment.

    Being very curious about your comment I then clicked on your user name to find out more about you. It was then I found out about a comment you made on ‘progress’ discussion, something also related to your article in above link. I quoted your statement in the second response which as I wrote it originally found it “disturbing if not frightening”. In that discussion you made it clear you couldn’t care less about human rights and China’s politics. I could not find your comment for the purpose of this post because you simply removed it to save your face. You kept your original derogatory comment to me nonetheless.

    You have clearly misused your ‘Mod’ privilages for your personal crusade which I don’t take lightly especially with someone who disregard human rights and think in the name of progress any wrong doings are justified. This kind of mindset is inline with fascisim.

    • MasterMuffin

      He has deleted other comments too, it was in that “google nexus 4 can use LTE” article where he was, not rude but little offensive to a reader and then they proved that he was wrong, he deleted their comments! Got my support :)

      • Adrian Diaconescu

        Can I intervene real fast and say this is not a post by Stefan Constantinescu and I don’t really see the point in debating what he may or may not have done here? If you have a problem with him or feel you have been treated poorly, you can either leave a comment on one of his posts or you can take it to one of the site’s founders and managers (you can find their contact info in the “about us” section). I don’t have the habit to censor comments at my posts, but please keep the discussions to the point. Thanks!

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        I do not like when comments are deleted… this is the beauty of a blog: readers may comment. Of course, there are some limits, but when moderators delete comments like the case you said, it’s sad.

        • MasterMuffin

          I don’t know if Zebelious did it or the MOD again but his comment was deleted again :O

  • srelyt

    Hello I made a promotion on my app for Black Friday :
    Scrolling Notifications at 0.99$ instead of 2.41$ :

    Similar price reduction in other countries too!