Google Play 3.9.16 update rolling out to an Android device near you

by: J. Angelo RacomaOctober 18, 2012

Google is rolling out its latest major update to the Play Store, which brings a few new features. We earlier reported the latest build to offer new features, like the ability to clean the “My Apps” list and a wishlist. Today, Google has started rolling out the update. Version 3.9.16 is a major update from the August 2012 3.8.17 release.

Major features

My Apps. This new update brings the ability to clean up your app download history. With the latest Google Play update, you can delete previously-downloaded apps from the list either individually or in batches. This feature has a fail-safe, though, as it will not remove any application currently installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Improved Notifications. The update also offers an improved notification system for Jelly Bean, which informs users of which apps are due for an update. Notifications are now expandable. Also, Google Play will include the app icon on the notification bar after installing, rather than just a generic icon.

Wish list. Google Play now lets users bookmark apps, music, books and other Play content as part of their Wishlist. The functionality is a bit limited at this point, though, since users cannot share their wish list.

Download it now

Rollout is still gradual, and many users still have not received the update. If you want to get a taste of the new Google Play Store update now, Android Police has shared the APK through various download sites and mirrors. It can be noted that the APK size has actually gone down a bit since the August update, so Google has likely trimmed down the binaries.

As a note, I got my 3.9.16 update just a few minutes after hitting the publish button on this post. So do launch Google Play to check if your app gets updated automatically.

  • I do not remember confirming anything, or clicking anything that says update. But after reading this article, I checked my phone and my Google Play already has a “My Wishlist”.

    Ninja update.

    • Matt

      Lol, it auto updates in the background, so naturally you do not have to confirm it. :P

      And also to everyone else, if you haven’t gotten the update, just download the latest gapps [2012-10-11] with the latest version from
      just flash it in CWM/TWRP