Google touts Photo Sphere feature on Nexus 4 in new ad [video]

by: Bams SadewoDecember 20, 2012


Are you coming home for the holiday? Do you have a big family? If so, you’re the perfect target audience for the latest Nexus 4 ad, which was released by Google in time for the holiday.

If you’re not familiar with Photo Sphere, it’s basically a camera feature on devices running Android 4.2, the Nexus 4 included, that lets you take 360-degree and wide-angled shots. It’s an awesome feature that Google thinks is great for taking family photo during the festive season.

The Cheris, the real family featured on the commercial, are taking advantage of Photo Sphere. From the video, we can see how easy it is to take a group picture even when they’re sitting or standing apart from each other. There’s no need to cram everyone in one place to fit the shot.

If you like the ad, be sure to check the other Nexus 4 ad that LG released yesterday.

  • philnolan3d

    This would be SO useful for my work.

  • A great addition to the camera, very useful :)

  • i love photo sphere. i have it on my s3 :) but i think they go over in the video. it’s very hard to get a perfect photo sphere

    • chriswilson

      Agreed, if someone or something moves the picture can be blurry.

      • no, it’s how the software stitches the photos together! i think this is still beta for google. like apple maps but a bit better.

    • Peterson Silva

      Excuse me, but how do you get it in the s3? Did you have to root it or install a different ROM? Can I do it without any of these shenanigans?

      • O_O saying i don’t have root is like taking a sledgehammer to my s3!!!! :D you can look around – you will find some non- root way of having it ;) but i doubt it. may i ask you why you have a android phone and it isn’t rooted?

        • Peterson Silva

          I don’t know. I’ve got the S3 and it’s working so… Beautifully. So nicely. Just out of the box. I didn’t see the point of messing with rooting stuff just yet :)

  • se-morephones

    I would love to use it-If Google and LG would just get me a phone!!!!