Google wants to take 90% of Office users away from Microsoft

by: Varun RajDecember 27, 2012

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It looks like Google has some big plans for its online competitor to Microsoft’s popular Office suite. Google’s VP and head of  Enterprise, Amit Singh, has revealed that his company aims to get a huge chunk of market for its online suite of Office.

Google’s Amit Singh told AllThingsD that the company plans to get 90% of users who do not require the advanced features of Microsoft’s Office. Google is working on closing the gap between its online docs service and Microsoft’s Office. According to Singh, the company is adding features and improving them week by week. Singh says that Google’s Sheets web app does most of the stuff that MS Excel does, and, if you import Excel documents in Sheets, it’s hard to tell the difference between Microsoft’s desktop and Google’s online app.

Google wants to provide users with tools that would work for them 90% of the time. Singh revealed that in 2012 Google has broken the ice and obtained large-scale consumer adoption for its Apps. In the years past, Google was barely able to compete in the enterprise market and often lost in the bidding process.

Google made drastic changes to its online productivity services in 2012, and it combined Docs with a new cloud service called Google Drive.

The fierce enterprise battle between Google and Microsoft hasn’t reached its peak, so we will see more development in the rivalry area in 2013.

  • Sam


  • I have been trying to get my family to switch for a while now, it is so much more convenient and overall better to use in my opinion. Not to mention it is free, and works on mobile devices without a problem.

    • Alphere

      But it requires internet connection which not everybody has.

      • I did not say it was for everyone, but for most people it is better, most people that have any kind of internet device have internet access.

      • People like you really annoy me. Always trying to find some negative and reply to someone pointing it out, so lemme say something: “EVERY FUCKIN THING HAS A NEGATIVE” pointing it out is just idiotic, because it is obvious, it is like some asshole standing up in a public restaurant and pointing at someone that is retarded in some way, and they start yelling everything wrong with them.

        My point? SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.
        Nothing against you specifically

        • APai

          ok, he replied to you, that’s a valid reason for you to be annoyed, or else, he’s got a good point. suppose I am buying a new product, I will weigh its pluses AND minuses. it’s not like I will be annoyed with its negatives.

          he did not come to offend you, what’s with the tirade ?

          • He did not offend me, he is just one of the many that annoy me by having to reply to something pointing out a bad side of a product, replying specifically to me, like I am a dumbass and do not understand that. I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER said it was a BAD point, NOTHING is a bad point to make, unless it is something like a lie or some asshole troll, HE was not a troll, or lying.

            I was simply saying, and only trying to say this: stop pointing out negatives of everything in a REPLY to a specific person, putting it just in the comments, NOT a reply, makes perfect sense, but REPLYING, implies they are aiming what they are saying specifically at ME, which is what I hate, because what they said probably was not aimed specifically at me, yet the REPLY to me seems to imply something like, “Are you stupid, there is this blatantly obvious negative.”, and they replied to ME, they did not put it forward as a general comment, it was directed toward ME.

            It is like having a debate in front of an audience, where the audience can come up and argue points, and I said something to the audience, and another person comes up and says some negative general point to me, something that seems aimed toward the audience more than ME, but when they say it, they are not focused on the audience, they ignore the audience, and instead stare at me, right in my face, and tell it. BUT! The audience can still hear it, hence someone like you, may reply.

            THAT is what is with the tirade.
            Again, I mean no offense to ANYONE when saying this.

          • crash

            every time someone makes a valid point in going troll decide to make it all about them I’m not saying anybody in particular but will let you decide

          • I mean no offense, but that is horrible English grammar, are you saying I am a troll? Because I am not, for what you replied to was simply a long EXPLANATION, not meant as anything else.

          • Matthew

            LMAO! Seriously dude, as you said there will always be a negative and a positive, and right now you’re completely not practicing what you preach… You could have looked at the positive in what was responded to your statement, but you chose to go off on a long pointless negative tirade.

          • I highly doubt you read it then, and if you did, you certainly did not understand it, all I was doing with that was EXPLAIN, which APai ASKED for.

        • Mark

          Most of the world does not have a cheap or reliable internet connection. Why is this negative???

          • Did I say that what he said was negative? No, I did not, I said that Google Drive has a negative, I said EVERYTHING has a negative side, also I understand that, look at my other reply to him.

  • The only thing it’s really missing is offline support… other than that, this product is awesome!

  • MasterMuffin

    Otherwise it’s great but what about offline users? :)

  • woobaker

    Offline support and OUTLOOK. Real OUTLOOK. A powerful Calendar / Contact / Tasks integrations platform. with catagories not 10 seperate calendars I can “view”

  • hoggleboggle

    Sure, and I want to own a working teleporter, but that is just as unlikely to happen. For one it seems to forget microsoft’s own online office offering as well as other offline free alternatives. It’s good to see Google giving it a shot though. This can only mean good things for the consumer, with the inevitable improvement of services and products and associated price drops that come with these sort of tech fights.

    • Marvin Nakajima

      Perhaps an offline product suite that works within the Chrome browser would work. I understand HTML5 does offline rather well. If it also allowed support for common formats and save to local storage in addition to syncing with Google when online I’d use it instead of Office in a snap. A special folder for documents to sync when next online would be nice to differentiate from files you would rather keep only on a single device.

      • elsa

        yeah I like that idea, an offline office suite that works inside chrome browser.
        that would be an added value for chrome.

  • VicMatson

    But, what are you going to do when Google decides it won’t support any of these apps? If Google was serious they would of brought together many apps that that were anywhere close to Outlook in one app a long time ago.

    The evil that men do!

    • Marvin Nakajima

      Perhaps they could use standardized document formats like the Opendoc format that MS Office, libre office, Star Office supports.

  • Alex

    I agree 100 percent with the comments that call for offline support. To be completely honest, all Google really needs is a few more formatting features and good marketing behind an offline product and they can become a very serious competitor.

    • Matthew

      Exactly! …they could incorporate it into their Drive bundle!

  • APai

    It’s nice to see that google aims for remove the hegemony of microsoft office. however, I am a bit concerned because it means that one requires to have an internet connection.
    The other concern being that google of late has dropped free services like google apps so they are going paid only. big difference from their own earlier stated intent. If google apps goes paid so can others too in the not so distant future when everyone has shifted boats. in which case I’d rather prefer libreoffice or any open alternative – which are proper apps and you dont need an internet connection.

  • freeiam

    This is the end of Micro$oft

  • Nothley

    Ok… Offline, online, MS Office, Google Apps… nice discussion.

    I have some points here:

    – I agree with Matthew when he says there’s always something negative in everything. For example, I could never afford to buy MS Office software. Why? F*** expensive. So I’ve always had it as pirate version and I bet a good money that some of you also have a pirate version.

    – Online and Offline: lets suppose I give you a top macbook pro or a top alienware laptop, but the condition to use those devices is that you have no access to the internet at all! What would you be doing with those machines? Well… no Facebook, no Google+, no chat, no email, no Youtube, no webdesign, no online banking, no online shopping, no online sharing, no downloads, no research, etc, etc, etc,…………. . So what would you be doing? Playing games? Editing pictures and/or movies? Play with Garage Band? What else?

    If you don’t have internet today, computers becomes boring!

    – There will always be people that wouldn’t be able to access internet. For those, they can you whatever they want: MS Office, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, etc.

    – I used to have macbook pro, but I gave to my wife. I decided to go completely online, so I decided to buy a Chromebook. I also have my domain into Google Apps infrastructure.
    Now, do I honestly miss my macbook pro? Not really. Majority of the things I used to do on the macbook, I can do on Chromebook.

    – Why Microsoft decided to go “online” with their Office tool? Are they foreseeing that the future is to work online? To have you doc, pictures, etc online?!

    – Internet is growing as well as internet users (access). Mobiles and mobile plans are getting cheaper, free internet access in many places and so on.

    – The only sad thing I can see is that Google decided to remove their free version of Google Apps.

    Well…. that’s what I think about this discussion.

    Happy new year for all of you!!!!
    Enjoy 2013!!

    • My elaborated thoughts exactly.

      Merry New Year to you too!

  • Kyle Gustafson

    Won’t be useful for me until GDocs incorporates a reference/citation manager.

  • teja

    google drive make my job easier. i have to manage financial report in many places. so i decided to make a format in spreadsheet and shared it to the representative employee. and i just sit back in one place to control many place. awasome feature by google.

  • Google will be always best :) Its engii. are very talented, don’t know what will happen to MS

  • Needs better offline. I had it w/o internet one day and felt like I was gonna die.