Google offers licensing service to prevent pirated apps

by: Michael OrylJuly 27, 2010

Android Licensing Service

Today Google unveiled a new Android Market licensing system for developers to use in their apps instead of the copy protection system Google currently offers. This new API will allow an application to verify that it was properly purchased at run time, via a call to Google’s servers, and should pave the way for paid apps to be installed on a phone’s SD card – a feature of the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system.

It will work on all systems running Android 1.5 or higher.

  • KeyesLabs introduced this technology months ago: At least we know it was a reasonably good idea. Not sure what we’ll do with our implementation…

  • BenR

    Yeah, and with as much as I open and close apps .. if they check EACH time that will increase the data usage. Nice. ;)