Google Now wins 2013 UX Awards ‘Best Everyday Utility’ grand prize!

by: Nate SwannerMay 23, 2013


At Google I/O, there was an underlying theme to the keynote. Googlers on stage proposed that moving technology out of the way would lead to a richer life, allowing us to worry less about what was going on digitally, and focus on what was tangible.

Google Now is a large part of that shift, and was recently validated by winning the 2013 UX Awards grand prize of Best Everyday Utility. The awards, described on their landing page as “A celebration of great digital UX created by outstanding professionals”, is high praise for the Google Now team. Now adds a user experience to Search that has revitalized it, making it highly usable on mobile platforms and forging ahead with contextual data search results.


  • Sukie Kang

    Deservedly so!

  • flamencoguy

    Apple is already claiming Google NOW infringes on Siri. I wonder how this will affect Google NOW in the near future?

    • compumasta

      To quote a person from MacRumors. “How could Google Now be infringing on Siri? Google Now actually works.” Enough Said

    • Apple is lawsuit happy, they will probably sue yet again when the note 3 comes out because “it’s sort of sized between an iPhone and an iPad while acting like a phone oh, and it’s better than ours…”

      Apple could have the absolute best devices on the market if they took the money spent on lawsuits and put it into R&D… But they lost the innovation race several years ago…

      • sumedh kumar

        Very well said… They have negligible amount of cash reserved for r&d…

    • Paul Smith

      Apple sued for rounded corners on the galaxy s2 . What apple is doing is scratching and clawing to stay on top! hissing and spitting everywhere, now they think they own all voice assistants, they must have forgot the assistants in the playstore before siri, and that there app they had to buy from the siri makers

  • Paul Smith

    Maybe they will just sue for the ability to make a call on a phone as it mimmicks there iphone