Google Now website redesigned, explains how cards work with video and animation

by: Chris SmithNovember 15, 2013

Google Now site redesign

In addition to upgrading its Android Google Search app – with the latter becoming an even more important part of operating system, at least on the Nexus 5 where it happens to be the launcher – Google has also redesigned its Google Now website.

With the help of a few short videos and animation, Google shows users how its Google Now cards work in an easy to understand fashion. What Google doesn’t explain is actually what is needed in order to power Google Now, although you probably know by now that you’ll have to trust Google with all your information for Google Now to work.

Additionally, Google also shows you how to get to Google Now, whether you’re using Android or iOS devices, and lists all the available Google Now cards – and there are quite a few – with Google adding more regularly.

Google Now site redesign

In case you already use Google Now, then you’re probably more than familiar with how it works and what cards are available out there.

Everyone else can check out the website redesign to learn more about the service (see Source link below). Furthermore, here’s how to setup and configure Google Now on your device, and how to make the most of it on your devices.

  • anis
  • Hamed

    I don’t even get Google now services on my KitKat, only because Google doesn’t allow location history and device tracking in Iran. What a stupid policy.

    • Gator352

      Did you ever think that maybe it’s your Gov’t that doesn’t allow it? I mean they don’t want us, the Americans, to track your phones and know what your doing and where you go so it’s disabled. Besides, Iran has a monopoly on that process of its citizens.

      • Hamed

        I am pretty sure that this is not from my side. In evidence of my saying: Under device tracking options in my phone says: “location tracking not available in Iran”. So this is disabled in Android,

        • Gator352

          Yes, not available in Iran. Disabled in Android. Because that is Iran’s position on the matter. Not Google’s.

          • Amir

            Yeah maybe they jealous of us they can’t see Iranian use it , come on gators 352 if its technology it should be free for all ,like internet ;)