Google has added a neat Christmas trick to its Google Now/Search app for Android and iOS, offering users karaoke support to meet their caroling-related needs.

By saying “Ok Google Now, let’s go caroling,” you’ll get to choose from a list of Christmas carols on your device, which can be played karaoke-style. That means only the music is actually played, with the lyrics displayed on the screen just as they would be on a karaoke machine.

Google Now Let's Go Caroling on Android imgur

The feature is especially handy if you don’t know all the lyrics of some of the popular carols out there, as you’d still be able to sing-along with tour friends in your caroling trips this Christmas. Not to mention it certainly beats searching just for the lyrics of a song on your mobile devices.

The video above, via Phandroid, shows you the feature in action. In case you aren’t already using Google Now on your device(s), here are more details on Google Now, including available Google Now cards and initial Android setup for Google’s voice-based service.

Google Now Let's Go Caroling on iPhone imgur

Are you going caroling with Google Now?

  • Marcellus1

    Looks fun. Where’s the chromecast button though? Being able to route this to a bigger screen and better sound system would make this much better.

  • Markus

    only 5 songs???

    • Mitchman

      5 Xmas songs is about all I can handle.

      • Markus

        Awww.. you gotta get in to the Christmas Spirit. I was hoping Christmas Wonderland would be one of them…

  • Bryan Z

    Dear Google this is what I want for Xmas… more of this stuff and less of Google Plus. Thank you

    • Bone

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  • Magneira


  • ajr30

    I’m in South Korea with my new Nexus 5 and like so many times trying to use Google Now features, I frowned when my phone refused to do this.

  • Jimbo

    one of the ways to get google now working better is to set device language to US English