Forget the archaic clock app, set your timers with Google Now!

by: Edgar CervantesMay 22, 2014

google now timer

Google Now continues to get better with every update. We have recently reported on Google Now bill reminders, camera actions and notifications on recently searched product availability in nearby stores. What is next? A feature that should have been here long ago – setting the timer.

Simply Open Google Now and activate a voice command. After that, you can just say things like “Set timer for 5 minutes”, or “set timer for 7 am”. Google Now will then take care of all the work. Like any other action, you can cancel it before the progress bar reaches its completion.

This may not sound like a huge deal, but it is if you have been using Google Now for some time. Especially if you use it for setting your alarms. These alarms keep building up on your clock app, forcing you to go in and clear them every so often. This wouldn’t be the case if you used a timer for the alarms you don’t keep permanently!

Timer support is really that feature that should have been there since the beginning. It is late, but it is also very welcomed!


Google Now in the future

Just like Google Now is improving within Android, I expect it to expand in the whole mobile industry. I would like to see more apps taking advantage of it. How about telling Facebook to check in at a restaurant? Or telling Hangouts to message someone? Maybe take advantage of your TV remote features via Google Now? These are only a few ideas.

It’s also important to mention Google Now has been expanding to other platforms. Chrome and Chromebooks can now take advantage of limited Google Now functionality. Maybe thermostats, appliances and self-driving cars will get the digital assistant treatment at some point. Now that sounds like a promising future. I know I will be first in line to test it out!

  • monkey god

    I use this all the time as reminders and waking up. “remind me in xxx minutes to ….” or “wake me up in xxx hours”. I use it conjunction with Timely; it plays nice with Google Now.

    • j

      Yea… This is not a new feature by any means. I’ve been using this for months now. And my coworker who showed it to me said he has already been using it for “a while”, sooooooo…… Not news. Sorry. :-(

      • what you’re talking about is setting an alarm, but what is new is setting a timer. Go and try it out, you’ll see the difference.

  • Adude

    I don’t use it as it is a battery hog and quite honestly how long does it take to access the timer app on your phone

  • Aria Saarkia

    This doesn’t work with timely – it says “continue to Timely” instead of automatically doing it, and when you tap it, it just sets an alarm for 00:00. Guess Timely devs have to update api?

    • monkey god

      Yeah, i just tried it and for me, it just launches Google’s timer app instead of launching with Timely. I think it will eventually be integrated, seeing as how Google bought out the developer of Timely not too long ago.

      • j

        Hmm… So not sure why this didn’t post the first time. But you CAN use the timer feature in Google now and have it synced with timely. That’s how I’ve been doing mine since the get go. Just make sure that in your settings–> accounts –> Google that you have the box checked to sync timely with your Google account. The only reason I can imagine this not working is if you haven’t updated your timely app since they were acquired by Google…??? Anyway, this should work. I use it literally everyday! Good luck!

  • John Seymour

    There are too many independent places to set reminders and alarms. They need to be synced. Alarm app. Timer app. Calendar app. Google Now. Google Keep… Just how many do we NEED? Wouldn’t be so bad, but if i want to change a reminder/alarm, I’ve got to think which of 5 places it was set! This is a very confusing paradigm.

    Also nowhere have a found an answer to where these Google Now (or Google Keep for that matter) initiated reminders are stored. What happens if I’m off line when the reminder is due? Does my device just forget to remind me?

  • Urbz

    This is a awesome feature I cant wait to use!!!!!

  • apple_nexus

    Cool. Use this all the time on iPhone to set timers for cooking. Didn’t realise Android was keeping all the alarms.

  • ziplock9000

    Erm.. I’ve been using this for well over a year now.. whats this article about?