Google gears up to launch Google Now-centric smartwatch – WSJ

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 29, 2013

Google Smartwatch 3D render concept

Google is reportedly in the late stages of developing a Google Now-integrated smartwatch.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Google is in talks with Asian companies to mass manufacture the smartwatch, which may be ready for production within months. According to a person familiar with the matter that talked to the publication, the device runs Android and features deep integration with Google Now, the virtual assistant that offers relevant contextual information based on clues such as location and email content.

This comes as a confirmation of earlier reports – we’ve already heard several times about Google’s smartwatch plans, the last time two weeks ago, when 9to5Google reported that the device will be “heavy into KitKat / Google Now functionality” and that it will launch “sooner, rather than later”.

The WSJ also reported that Google made advances in extending the battery life of the smartwatch, “so it won’t require frequent battery charges.” We assume that means Google’s smartwatch won’t need daily charging, like Samsung’s recently launched Galaxy Gear does.

Assuming this report is accurate, we don’t expect Google to announce the smartwatch along with the impending Nexus 5, despite rumors to the contrary. If the Mountain View company hasn’t even decided on a manufacturer yet, it seems safe to assume that the device would miss this holiday season and only launch next year.

  • Groud Frank

    Make it sub $200 and useful with many android device and I’ll get it.

    • ProudToBePinoy

      Why not make it 100$

  • M. Obama

    Galaxy phone= galaxy gear too bad s voice is not as good as Google now!

  • Miguel Blakeley

    As long as its as powerful or more powerful than the motoactv ill get one, when i rooted mine it could run GTA 3, impossible to play of course but it was proof of concept.

  • thereasoner

    They should take their time and do it right by avoiding Samsungs mistakes.
    -have a slight curve to the screen so it sits better on the wrist and it’s not so clunky looking.
    -like the common watch, make both mens and ladies sizes and designs.
    -make sure they have compatibility with other Nexus and Nexus version devices right out of the box.
    The camera on the wrist band is a goog idea from Samsung otherwise they could have done a much better job of it!

  • Chris

    The problem these manufacturers don’t get is that this is a watch. They’re designed to be looked at for a few seconds at a time. If you have to spend longer interacting with it you loose the point.

    Touch should be a bare minimum here and the watch should be used as a notification device rather than a remote.

    That’s why integrating with Google Now is a good idea, this would provide that service with little input. What they shouldn’t do is start adding extra needless features (like a camera and making calls).

  • jlninja

    Butthead jerks should be taking a lead from Motorola and building in the US. Weve exported enough jobs. They can keep their crap watch

    • aasdfjl

      Google owns Motorola

  • Bob Nielsen

    Great but they have glass and Google now isn’t integrated into it what makes them thing they will do better with a watch.

    • Maher Salti

      because you wont look like an idiot wearing a watch I guess :)

  • TonyTg2

    Google now is great and if its gonna be don, it just needs some key stuff (other than features): great voice recognition, wide compatibility, long battery life, smallest profile possible, and good pricing. it sounds like too much to ask but isn’t that what google has been doing lately?