More Google Now smart features for Nexus 5 tipped for November 13 update

by: Chris SmithNovember 7, 2013

Google Nexus 5 drop test aa

A publication has revealed in a Nexus 5 one-week-of-use review that the handset may soon get new Google Now features, with an update pegged for November 13.

According to Wired, more smart Google Now features are coming soon, although Google is yet to officially announce them.

Apparently Google Now will get even smarter than it currently is, with the voice-based assistant getting some sort of answering back features. Furthermore, Google Now will be able to search apps and launch them to perform tasks and show more Google Now cards based on the user’s location:

[quote qtext=”But the stuff Google says is coming November 13 is the real gravy, and it’s a shame it isn’t already ladled on. One of those things is the ability to ask you questions — so you might say “text Jennifer” and it will reply “which Jennifer,” and then ask you to dictate the message. It’s also going to get the ability to search inside applications, and launch them to complete tasks for you. So, you might search for a restaurant, and an option in the results shows up for OpenTable, which you’ll be able to fire up and make a reservation. It’s also going to use location cues to drop cards into Google Now, even more so than it does currently. At Yellowstone it will show you geyser times, for example. Sadly, none of this stuff was lit up yet, so I wasn’t able to test it. I’m not dinging the phone for that (and it’s not getting any extra credit), but given how interesting these features are, it’s kind of crazy the phone launched without them.” qperson=”Mathew Honan” qsource=”Wired” qposition=”center”]

As we have recently learned, the Nexus 5 is more about Google Search services (Google Now included) than any other Nexus before it, not that it’s a bad thing, especially for Android users looking forward to such an Android experience. However, some of those Google Search feature – essentially the new launcher – will be a Nexus 5 exclusive for now, at least officially, so it’ll be interesting to see whether these new Google Now features will be available for everyone else or not.

However, we’re certainly not surprised to hear that Google Now is getting smarter. We’ll be waiting to see Google’s announcement next week to tell you more details about this apparently imminent Google Now update.

Wired has also learned that the Nexus 5 will get a camera update that will fix existing issues with it – check out these posts for camera comparisons with the Nexus 4 and the iPhone 5S.

  • Junaid Ansari

    Honestly, I love my White Nexus 5. Its awesome, battery life is still somewhat disappointing but still. The device is amazing!

    • APai

      is it very bad or is it okay? (is that from heavy/ moderate usage ?)
      I’m still wondering whether to pick this one

      • cmbeid

        I am getting double the battery than my last Nexus. Granted, that was the Galaxy Nexus…

        • APai

          okay, but was it that the galaxy nexus was kinda spent in the last few months ? the battery reduces in capacity as days go by right ?

          • cmbeid

            Used to get about 1.5 hours of screen time on my Gnex. I get about 3 on my Nexus 5.

      • Junaid Ansari

        Ok, so I left it on last night and woke up and the battery went from 80% to 50%. Later I checked why this happened is because Clean Master took up 50% of my battery over night. So far. Its alright, I haven’t done heavy video watching on it but did listen to music and watch some Youtube videos here and there. The screen is on all the time so its pretty decent. Just not very great.

        • Nickan Fayyazi

          Yeah, that isn’t normal. On my Nexus 4 with Android 4.3, I lose about 1% of battery per hour on Wi-Fi when not using it. The N5 should be about the same if not better.

        • APai

          thanks for the info, perhaps it should have had at least 2600-2800mah ? so daily charge it is. damn, the last few phones have been the same for me.

        • Cole Raney

          Do you not charge your phone at night?

          • Junaid Ansari

            Well I just got it yesterday so I didn’t do it. But I usually do charge over night.

      • McHale72

        I regret buying mine. My Lumia gets 3 times the battery life and 10 times better pictures. I can’t use the Nexus 5 as my daily phone because it won’t last during my 8 hour work day unless I don’t use the phone for anything. It’s ridiculous.

    • Tony T.

      Be patient, grasshopper. Devs are already beginning to make alpha builds for custom ROMs. We’ll have highly optimized ROMs and kernels in the coming weeks. Then, the N5 should be pretty darn good with battery life.

      • Junaid Ansari

        Trust me, I only use Custom ROMS on my Nexus Devices. The first thing I did when I got my phone was ROOT it and get all my data/apps back. Waiting for CyanogenMod to release their nightly builds!

    • AndroidIsHeaven

      Enable ART, and see if that gives you a bit more juice. It should! Dalvik is great technology, but ART should give you native speeds, without the developers having to change a darned thing!


    The Nexus 4 had better get full Kit Kat functionality with the 4.4 update. That’s the whole point of buying a Nexus device, Google.

    • Tony T.

      Agreed. I have the Nexus 5, but I think all Nexus devices supporting 4.4+ should get the same functionality. Afterall, not everyone can afford to buy a new device annually. All Nexus devices should be treated the same going back at least two years.

      • BDPSU

        Hardware-wise the N4 can handle it.

        • Dimitar Gospodinov

          The low power core is missing and the “always listening” feature is sucking battery like crazy

          • Richard Borkovec

            The only feature I don’t care if my N4 gets is the “always listening” one, but other than that it better get all the rest of the features!

          • Ryster1

            Umm it’s not always listening like the Moto X, only when the phone is on certain pages like the home screen. So if you don’t want it “sucking juice” don’t leave the phone on the the homescreen, for example.

          • ziplock9000

            Only in unofficial N4 4.4 ROMS.

          • Dimitar Gospodinov

            are there official ROMS? ;-)

          • ziplock9000

            Soon yes. Some think within a week. One which will be made for the N4 not ports from the N5 that has a different CPU infrastructure.

          • Dimitar Gospodinov

            Google will release 4.4 for all but the oldest nexus but the “Ok Google” will not make it because there is no low energy core present in the older CPUs…that is what I was trying to say with my comment…there is no doubt 4.4 will be released very soon…I hope other OEMs follow (cough cough Samsung cough) very soon

          • ziplock9000

            There’s rumours that it’s more than just that which is missing. The new launcher (yes I know it’s integrated with search) may not appear for the N4. Of course it’s just rumours.

      • Claude Poirier

        if nexus 4 doesn’t get all the goodies, next time I have to buy a phone , I’ll remember

        • mumusen


    • Smithers_Jones

      Only if the hardware supports it.

    • joser116

      I think the Nexus 4 will get all features except for things like the “OK Google” command in the homescreen. Something about the Snapdragon 800 in the Nexus 5 makes this feature doable in the Nexus 5 without using lots of battery.

  • Sreekar Pradyumna

    I just hope Google now will be able to launch on the Nexus 5 even after it is locked by using the voice command.. Like the Moto X.. That would be awesome.

    • Markus

      If it doesn’t drain the battery even more like goggle now does, yeah, then it would be awesome

  • notpoliticalyet

    Google should focus on inventory for the phone instead of sending an update to a device that many don’t have yet.

    • Cole Raney

      I don’t think that those are handled by the same people. Supply issue is likely because of LG not Google.

    • BDPSU

      You think LG would have learned from the N4.

      • smokebomb

        Technically they did. The delay is only a month right now. It took 3 or 4 months for the supply to come back for the N4.

    • Tony T.

      Why can’t they focus on both… It’s not like the software engineers creating new functions for Google Now are the same people who are in charge of supply chain. Also, as stated by Cole Raney, supply issues are likely mostly due to LG. If it were a Motorola device, we could obviously put more blame on Google, but that’s not the case (this year at least).

    • Valtheus

      Probably you shouldn’t blame Google for that, rather all those people who bought 4 or 5 devices and they are selling them through eBay in outrageous prices.

    • Benjamen Meiers

      Fairly sure that different people handle the two things.

  • Bjajjull

    Instead of adding more features they could try to make it useful outside US.

    • Benjamen Meiers

      It is crazy how they can’t enable the hot word detection. It would probably take them 10s to enable it on their side, so it must be some weird regulation or something. That, or they are just US elitist.

      • frederigoxcz305

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        • Douchey McGee

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    • Matt Dowdy

      I’m in the UK and I just select U.S English, also Toggle hot word detection off and back on again and it now works perfectly every time, I’m using a galaxy note 2 with the new Google launcher

    • ziplock9000

      Very true. Here in the UK the Google Now cards are so sparse the whole feature is mostly useless.

  • Mayoo

    The only camera update I want to see is faster HDR+. That feature is amazing!

    • Benjamen Meiers

      Faster? That would just reduce the quality of the HDR.

  • Tejas Jain

    I am not sure if anyone noticed this already, but Google recently pushed an update to Google Text-to-Speech Engine on Playstore. If you read the last line of the description in the attached screenshot, it says ‘ …and many other applications in Playstore’. So basically, these awesome new Google Now features are indeed coming to all android devices sooner or later. (I own a Nexus 4 and I got the new Text-to-Speech update).

  • Christopher Jefferson

    This is getting out of control. Google has now officially gotten into the developer arena for phones. I bought the nexus 4 so I could get the same os as the newest phone or tablet without having to run out and upgrade. Now not only are we not getting the launcher officially, but we’re not purply going to get the damn Google now up date? Wtf Google? This is worse than fragmentation. And I am just about done supporting it. At least the iPhone gets the same damn OS on all phones (except the oldest). I’m tired of this.

    • Jayfeather787

      The launcher might come later, and there might be a play store release. They are currently testing it out on the Nexus 5 to see how people like it.

    • Lazardus

      You do realize that not all the features on iOS are pushed down to all iPhones right?

    • JLishere

      Beware – there is just as much fragmentation on iOS. Major features like Airdrop, 3D maps and Siri are strictly tied to OS versions with no way to obtain them unless you upgrade to a newer device. On Android, most front-facing features are now updated through the Play Store instead (keyboard, search, maps, music) – the most important one being Play Services.

  • Nathan Buffington

    Why didnt it ship with this?! Its only 2 weeks difference

  • Yo

    By Camera update, do you mean an actual camera update, or just some software tweaks?

  • Amir

    I cannot connect the nexus 5 to my pc using windows 7 , please tell me what to do

  • McHale72

    I’d rather they focus on battery life. It’s so bad now, you can only use the new search features for about 20 mins before needing a recharge!

  • number29

    Will this update include the ability to give voice commands from the lock screen like Siri?

  • ziplock9000

    I wont be buying a Nexus again and will completely lose faith in Google if the Nexus 4 is left out in the cold with these features.

  • sluflyer06

    Wonder where this update is?