Google Now reminders can finally be set with just your voice

by: Andrew GrushMay 23, 2014


If you’re at all like me (Read: extremely forgetful), Google Now is a lot like a brain-extension, helping you to remember the tasks that odds are you’d forget without its help. Reminders are extremely useful for a variety of scenarios: whether you simply want to remember to pick up an item at the store, whether you want to be reminded of a specific time to call someone, and the list goes on.

Of course, setting a reminder using Google Now and your voice hasn’t been as smooth as a process as we’d like — until today. Previously if you asked Google to set a reminder you’d still have to make a manual tap to actually set the reminder, not a big deal granted, but still an extra step. Starting today, Google has turned on a server-side change that allows you to guide the entire process by voice with no need to touch anything.

Overall, this isn’t a massive change, but it’s still a welcome one. We also wager that many of these hands-free voice improvements we’ve been seeing recently are Google’s way of getting their ducks in the row for the upcoming release of Android Wear-powered devices. Here’s to hoping this is just the beginning.

  • dogulas

    Now if only reminders could be set without a (reliable) data connection. Why in the world does it have to do a search for “add a reminder” even when it’s not by voice search, but rather tapping the “add reminder” button? Can’t Google just bake that in? Does the servers’ response need to check each time and vary it’s instructions back to the phone every time I want to add a reminder? Seems like they should put those instructions right into that add reminder button rather than having it ask the servers what to do ever single time.

    • Otto Andersson

      Agreed. I look like a major lower when I confidently tell Google to do something and it returns a server error message. But you know Google. Everything has to be always on and connected to the Internet even if the world isn’t technically there yet.

      It’s always when I’m in a basement and trying to set a timer for my laundry by voice.

  • Google introducing new things in coming days…this is also a good thing

  • OreoGoPogo

    If I can do this without internet connection,
    That would be great

  • Being fairly new to Android (but hardly to computing), I’m still a little mystified by “Reminders” vs. Google calendar appointments and clock alarms. When I set a few reminders when I first got my X nothing really noticeable happened at the appointed times. So what IS the reminder and how obvious is it you’ve got one? I.e., if it’s just another silent entry in my swipe-down notification screen – which I don’t check every ten minutes – it seems like it’d be way easy to miss one (or a bunch over time) with everything happening there with facebook pings, minor app update notifications, etc., etc.

    Also, OK Google does let me set an actual alarm in the clock app with my voice, and get to my calendar with an appointment partially set with my voice, so why would I want a passive reminder (if they’re passive) instead of that…??

    Also also, can reminders be proximity-based, e.g., remind me to water the spice garden when I get home?

    Thanks for any help out there….