Good news, Google Now is now less dependent on an internet connection

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 3, 2014

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Driving through a tunnel, hiking on a mountain, riding the subway, or just enjoying a beer in an underground pub. These are all situations when you might not have an internet connection, thus making it impossible to check your helpful virtual assistant Google Now. But that’s changing with the latest update to the Google Search app, which incorporates Now.

As the Search team announced on Google Plus, your cards will remain accessible in Google Now even when you don’t have an internet connection. All you’ll need to do is update Search to the latest version, which started rolling out on Wednesday and also added parking reminders to Google Now’s sprawling set of skills.

With this change, Google is trying to alleviate a problem that’s hindering its plans to make a truly intelligent virtual assistant accessible to all, and that is lack of always-on connectivity. Google relies heavily on its cloud to provide valuable services to users, but the reality is we’re still far from truly ubiquitous internet. Let’s hope high-altitude balloons, solar-powered drones, and citywide 1Gbps fiber networks will change that in the next decade.

  • Ryu

    Does it still suck all of the lIfe from your phone? I usually lost >20% battery each day from it even if I didn’t look at anything.

    Haven’t used Now for months, though.

    • Guest123

      Yes! Between google Now and Play Services you can surely expect a massive hit on battery life — even without any sync or location turned on for google stuff. I just stopped using it and freeze the rest of google’s crap on my device.

      • Azeem

        Thus ruining the point of an Android device.

        • thartist


          • virginia662

            my Aunty Grace got a nearly new blue Kia by
            working part time from the internet. look at this now C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

      • Strange that has not been my experience nexus 5 that I have had since the first week in November. And it’s battery last all day and some usually has 30-40% at midnight left .

      • K2

        Without the internet, i doubt the battery drain will be that much.

    • Seriously? Xperia E with CyanogenMod 10, I easily get a day and a half, and Google stuff uses practically none of my battery.

      • Ryu

        Yeah, dunno why.

  • Paco Inurreta

    I really havent found a good use for Google Now. I also found that it considerably drains my battery and thats not a good thing.

    • Lucas Teixeira Gouveia

      I used to think line that, until it suggested a new bus route for me, and a better, waaaaay better, than the one I was using previously.

    • Otto Andersson

      Agreed. I live outside America, in a country that doesn’t use Google maps much. However, when I’m in America, Europe or some parts of Asia, it becomes super useful. I especially use it for bus routes and seeing if filipino cab drivers are running the meter

      • Paco Inurreta

        You meant outside of the US cause in Mexico (also part of America) it doesnt work at all or at least I havent really found it usefull like the “reviewers” make it look.

        • Otto Andersson

          Yeah outside the US. I have never been to Mexico. I’m really surprised that it isn’t useful there.

          As for me, I don’t watch sports or TV and that seems to be a big part of it

        • cellabonez

          i live in jamaica and as much as it doesnt give me bus route but it keeps me up to date with everything else it does even though it doesnt tells me if there is any delays with traffic it works great, especially since we just got location reporting and everything enabled play store

  • Owen

    I live in Malta and I, along with most Android phone users that I know, cannot use google now at all, let alone with out internet connection!!

  • K2

    Smartphones not having to depend on an internet connection to be smart?…..its awesome. I hope google continues working on this kind of functionality.