You read that title correctly. After months of anticipation, the Google Experience Launcher –now called the Google Now Launcher– has finally made its way to the Google Play Store. Practically everyone saw this coming so it was really a question of when and not if.

Since many people are probably already using it via CyanogenMod or thanks to some easily downloaded and installed files, a lot of people already know what to expect with the Google Now Launcher. For those who don’t, here’s a quick list of some features.

  • Google Now is a part of your home screen. After activating it in the launcher settings, you simply swipe left of the main home screen and it’ll be there waiting for you.
  • Saying “Okay, Google” while on any home screen should automatically open the voice search for everyone.
  • Instead of a pop up box, long pressing the home screen allows you to add widgets, wallpapers, or enter the launcher settings.
  • A larger viewing area thanks to translucent status and navigation bars (where supported).
  • It is only available currently for Nexus devices and Google Play Experience devices. Unfortunately, we don’t know when it’ll be available for everyone.

Google Now Launcher
There are other changes as well. The Google Now Launcher is famous for its large icons which have received both praise and criticism. Another interesting feature is the launcher will delete any home screen you’re not longer using. So if you only have apps on two home screens, you’ll only have two home screens (plus the Google Now screen). If you want to see it in action, we reviewed the app when it was first available to people as a separate, non-Play Store download and you can view that video above. Get it on Google PlayDo note, it is from several months ago so you can disregard all the parts about bugs because those have been fixed. If you want to download the app, click the Google Play Button!

Joe Hindy
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  • Ryan Miller

    When will it be available for all?
    I’m a Note 2 user

    • Grasshopper239

      Ppl are reporting being able to install on a number of non- nexus devices, particularly those running CM11 or other 4.4 aosp roms

      • Ryan Miller

        So far it’s not compatible with the Note 2.

        I’ll update if / when that changes.

      • JosephHindy

        In many cases, it’s pre-installed. Like on CM11 (at least for the Note 3), the GNL is the stock launcher when you first boot.

        • rogue3

          Is that true for other builds? I’m still on 10.2 (11 isn’t quite ready for my Galaxy S3).

          • JosephHindy

            No, the launcher is made for Kitkat so I think they only included it on Kitkat builds.

    • JosephHindy

      I dunno. Hopefully soon!

      • Ryan Miller

        Thanks and thanks for the alert that it’s being released..
        Nexus products working fine with the launcher (of course).
        I’ll share when the Samsung products are able to download as soon as they are compatible

  • zombieman

    “This app is incompatible with all of your devices”. Gee Thanks Samsung and Google. I’m on a Note 3.

    • JosephHindy

      Google, thank Google. Samsung has no say in what devices Google makes their apps compatible with.

      • Piotrek Rogulski

        Yes, I think I’ll be compatible with Nexus only :-)

  • Nathan Sassaman

    I find it is not available for my G2 that has 4.2 Jelly Bean.

    • YellowDevil

      LG G2 also has compatibility issues with the popular game Asphault 8. STILL TO THIS DAY. If the S5’s back wasn’t so ugly, I’d swap em

    • JosephHindy

      Only devices running Kitkat ;) and of those, only Nexus or GPe devices.

      • Nathan Sassaman

        Doh! Getting that in Late March hopefully

  • Piotrek Rogulski

    Well, I don’t see it in Play yet :-( Wish it will be soon

  • Shawn Paul

    This is nothing new it’s been on the nexus 5

  • Shawn Paul

    This is nothing new it’s been on the nexus 5 well I guess it’s new to other devices….

  • Jayfeather787

    This is awesome!!!

  • Suthan Sivekumaar


  • Ricardo Barato Pazini

    How come it’s not compatible with Moto X? Looking forward to it. Running smoothly on Nexus 7 though!

  • mav774

    there is a version out there that is compatible, it is labled as just “Launcher” on my note 3. I downloaded it some some time ago.

  • Bakabanana

    I wonder when they’ll fix the big blurry icons issues in Nexus 4 :/

  • nazadder

    I dont like it. Full stop.

  • jay

    Sucks that my note 3 isn’t compatible :/