Google Now for iOS in Apple court, hints Eric Schmidt; Apple says it doesn’t have it in the App Store app approval queue

by: Chris SmithMarch 21, 2013


Google’s former CEO and current Chairman Eric Schmidt on Thursday said during a Q&A session at the Google Big Tent Summit in India that the Google Now app for iPhone and iPad is essentially in Apple’s court, hinting that the app could be stuck somewhere in Apple’s App Store app approval queue.

Without expressly confirming that Google Now for iOS is waiting approval from Apple, Schmidt did say the following when moderator Alan Rusbridger asked him about the app:

You’ll need to discuss that with Apple. Apple has a policy of approving or disapproving apps that are submitted into its store, and some of them they approve and some of them they don’t.

But Schmidt didn’t deny the app or Google’s interest in bringing Google Now to iOS or other mobile operating systems either.

We’ll remind you that it was only a few days ago that a Google Now app for iPhone and iPad app was revealed by a video posted on YouTube, and then pulled, which looked very much like the real deal. At the time, we wondered whether the app will soon be available in the App Store, but Google didn’t announce anything officially.

Google already has a bunch of apps available to iOS users, including Google Voice, YouTube and Google Maps, so it would make plenty of sense to see Google Now also launched for iPhone and iPad, especially since the app could help Google bring in more ad-based cash to Google’s coffers.

But it turns out that the app has not been submitted to the App Store, according to an Apple representative that talked to The Verge. Apparently there are no Google apps in the review process at the moment:

In fact, a company representative tells The Verge that not a single app from Mountain View is currently in the review process — let alone trapped in limbo. That would include both new applications and updates to existing software, meaning even if Google Now is to eventually arrive as a new feature of Google’s Search app, it has yet to be received by Apple’s team of reviewers.

That certainly goes against what Schmidt said just a few hours before Apple clarified the matter, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens with this one.

Do you think that Google Now should be an Android-only feature or should Google also expand to other OSes, iOS included?

  • It should be available on any OS. Not just android..just like their other products. It’s really not even that serious..more money for Google. No point in faulting the consumer because of their phone choice. Some ppl simply prefer iPhone but only use mainly Google apps..

  • companyemails

    I personally think it is perfectly fine for google to make its apps available for IOS. If anything It would be an improvement over siri in some ways. As I see it while I love Android and think that Google’s apps work better there an on chrome/chromeOS, My real interest is the interconnected Google ecosystem. That I want access to regardless of which platform I happen to be on.

  • Guest

    Well does google or on OSX? or does it not? Perhaps it would be a good idea if both mobile devices and computers are consistent.

  • Well does google work on OSX? or does it not? Perhaps it would be a good idea if both mobile devices and computers are consistent.

  • Shahar Amin

    honestly i don’t mind it going to iOS, but what I would like is, i would like Google to make there design language for android better