Google Now’s voice commands brought together in a useful infographic

by: Andrew GrushNovember 16, 2013


When Google Now first arrived with Android 4.1, many folks referred to it as the Google alternative to SIRI. In reality, Google Now is much more than just a simple digital assistant, levering the full power of the web and Google’s services to provide an experience that is worlds above the competition.

Google Now is a voice-driven tool that goes beyond simple questions and web searches, providing notes and reminders, navigation information and so much more. The only major advantage held by SIRI has been its ability to ask for clarification on questions it doesn’t understand, but even that’s no longer the case thanks to a new Google Now update.

As you may already know, the updated Google Now will ask you for additional information in instances where it is needed.

Of course to really take full advantage of Google Now, it’s important to know exactly what it’s capable of doing. To give us a better idea of what’s possible with Google Now, Trendblog has put together a useful list of some of the key Google Now commands in a brand new infographic.


As you can see, the possibilities are nearly endless with Google Now, and things are only getting better with each Android update.

So how about it: what Google Now features do you use the most? What new functions would you like to see come to the voice-powered search assistant in the near future?

  • dogulas

    Reminders based on the next time i arrive at a location are super useful for me. Having a reminder the next time I am with a certain person would be awesome. Also being able to set reminders for someone else that has given me permission to do so.
    “Remind ______ to bring _____ when she gets home, and to pick me up at 7:00.”

  • Hanshen Jordan

    so how to see more voice commands list? i’m getting curious.

  • mmo

    If they change the Google now voice to Jarvis’s actual voice it would be perfect

    • Brian Shieh

      maybe when you say Okay Jarvis….

  • Love the easter eggs xD

    • Riki Sutton

      What are the eater eggs supposed to do? The only ones that worked for me was “do a barrel roll” and “what is the loneliest number”

  • Low IQ

    This works so nice Now….Now…

  • Daryl Bennett

    Forgot konami code under Easter eggs

  • Mike

    this would be useful as a PDF

  • Frutke

    Try “sudo make me a sandwitch” instead.

    • jfiosi

      I see what you did there with sudo. Bypass the middle man and go straight to the root of things, eh? And, a sand witch or a sandwich would probably be equally difficult for it to make, but I wouldn’t mind having that sort of capability! How about pizza instead?

  • Khairul Rizal

    Android voice search has already evolve even before SIRI. I dont know why people keep thinking other wise.

    • jfiosi

      Because some SIRI proponents (and I am also including certain websites that are SUPPOSED to stay neutral in reporting these things) are always trumpeting SIRI’s capabilities, while Google voice users are (mostly) quietly going about their day using the evolving voice technologies, despite the occasional hoarse voice and all.

  • Anon

    Google Now is little use to anyone outside of the States. I’d rather do everything manually than wait for Google Now to comprehend my voice, that too wrongly.

  • xybur

    If you say “track my packages” it will give you a list of all of the things you’ve recently bought and have tracking numbers for

    • thomashouseman

      Doesn’t work for me :(
      Just opens a generic UPS tracking site.

  • Things I never rarely noticed, but the article provides information interesting to the reader. Sometimes the changes will be good and also the existence of certain restrictions.

  • John

    I find “how do you spell [word] useful

  • You missed the best easter egg of all: “What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?” by far my favorite. And “What is (celebrity’s name) Bacon number?”

    Ian Francis

    • Todd Smith

      “When am I?” Is the best.

  • roiji

    missed the app opener command?
    “Open up [app name]”

  • Chuck

    Google Now is of little use for me because most of the things didn’t work for me:
    – package tracking by forwarding the email
    – commute time when I am not taking the nearest train station
    – weather is always off by 10 degrees

    They only thing that works is the reminder.

  • Leonardo Baez

    meh… more than the half of the commands only work in english.

  • Me

    I know you have ‘listen to my TV,’ but another voice command is ‘what’s on my TV.’

  • B.J. Davlin

    I reallllllllllllllllly wish that the voice response for Google Now had it’s own volume settings. My phone is silent 24/7 because I have a Pebble watch, but I have to have the notification volume turned up to get Google Now talking to me at full volume! Uuuuuuuugggggghhhhhhhh.

    • If you use Tasker, you could use it to turn the notification volume on when Now is opened and turn it off when Now is off

  • wissam

    check out this list of google now commands with examples

  • Gorebash

    What’s bs is things like what is this song work on wp7 in Canada and not Google. Come on get with it. Canada. Same with TV and video :/ and that phone is completely out of date.