Google Now heading to Chrome after Android, report reveals

by: Chris SmithDecember 8, 2012

Those Android users that have a handset running Android 4.1 or later (hence a Jelly Bean version) can already take advantage of one of its most interesting features, the smart Google Now search system/assistant that provides custom alerts and results based on certain parameters and search patterns extracted by the company from what’s currently happening in your life.

Yes, that’s both creepy and useful at the same time, depending on how you feel about sharing personal details with Google. If you love what Google Now can offer – or you like what you’ve heard about it while waiting for your own Jelly Bean upgrade – you’ll be happy to hear that Google’s Chrome browser could soon offer the feature. If you feel it’s creepy, you’ll probably have to make sure you don’t use it on Chrome either.

CNET reports that Chrome users will soon be able to get such Google Now notifications in the browser, as the Chrome team has “accepted the addition of a ‘skeleton for Google Now for Chrome’ to the Google browser yesterday.”

Unfortunately, we don’t have any details about when Google Now for Chrome (or Chrome OS for that matter) will be available to the public, but we’ll certainly keep you updated. The good news is that, once Google rolls out the feature for its browser, Android users that aren’t on Jelly Bean yet will be able to get a taste of what this search-based assistant feels like.

  • Juan Amaya

    That’s freaking awesome! I have the new Google Samsung chromebook so I can’t wait to use it on that! Sick!!!

  • Abdullah Naji

    Cool! But my Note II already has it. However, i’d like to have a PC experience of Google Now too.

  • Aziz Farhi

    Weird, Why don’t we get to use Apple’s Siri while Apple or other OSs users can benefit from Google now :

    • Because Siri sucks.

    • Because Google is all about being open and sharing and Apple has a closed system and only allows people on their platform to use their products/services. That is one of the main reasons I am a Google fan, anyone and everyone can benefit from what they provide. That’s how it should be IMO.

      • Marvin Nakajima

        As Apple is all about their UX the reason Siri is not available is probably partly due to their closed eco-system but I think it is also because it doesn’t work well on other systems especially one that supports so many configurations as Android does. That would ‘tarnish’ the reputation of Siri. :P

    • Jim Gribbin

      Because we’re trying to help the underprivileged ;)

  • Lucas Barbosa

    They should fix batttery issues regarding google now. If I enable that think, my s3 battery lasts for only a few hours…