Google Now adds World Cup information (update: widely available now)

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 6, 2014

The football World Cup is starting in just a week, and Google wants to help you stay on top of all the games with some helpful Google Now cards.

Just like it did with the other big sports event of the year, the Winter Olympics, Google is feeding FIFA World Cup info into its Now algorithms, as discovered by redditor cheeto0. Here’s a video by cheeto0, showing part of the functionality:

You can inquire about a team’s upcoming games, results, and standing in its group. Asking “when does USA play?” shows the time and location of the game, the opposing team, and a link to a “match preview”, which we assume takes you to a Google News page.

We haven’t been able to get the new feature to work on our devices, but it’s probably just a matter of time. Two commenters (from the UK and Hungary) on the Reddit thread reported that feature works for them as well.

Update: it’s live for all users now, as per Google.

world cup google now

How about you? Try asking Google Now about your national team (assuming it’s qualified…) and let us know about the results.

  • Silviu

    i like the last part…”assuming it’s qualified” :). i know the feeling as a romanian like you :)

    • Bogdan


    • Luka Mlinar

      Shame about that 3:1 with Greece. :(

  • M4dFry

    Don’t work in Italy … i hope it’s qualified, right now …

    • Stas

      Tried today. Works well.

  • Renato Ribeiro

    Here in Brazil it doesn’t work….

  • Dan

    Doesn’t work yet from Germany (Base, Galaxy S4)

  • Craig Picton

    I’m in UK too but still no luck with results yet :(

  • Aravind Arsenal

    Thanks for calling it football instead of soccer

  • Jay

    Doesn’t work.

  • Patacon

    Doesn’t work in Colombia (Spanish language)

  • ksavai

    Not working in India either… yet

  • Works for me in Pakistan :)

  • Ítalo Scala

    works well in portuguese