Google Now can now suggest calendar events based on your emails

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 13, 2014

google now nexus 5

Google is continuing its quest to turn Now into a truly helpful virtual assistant, with the latest update bringing the ability to offer event suggestions based on the content of your emails.

Google Now has long been able to sort through emails for things like flight reservations or shipping updates, and display them as cards for just-in-time availability. Now the virtual assistant is going one step forward by trying to infer events that you might want to add to your calendar based on the content of your emails.

Say, for instance, that you receive an invitation to a party by email. Google can parse the text in the email and tell that it’s about an event that you have to attend in the future. The information is passed to Google Now, where a card shows up asking you if you want to add the event to your calendar. You’re given the option to add the event or to ignore it.

google now email events Via Android Police

It seems that the functionality is currently rolling out to some users; when it shows up, you will be able activate this type of card from the Everything else section of the Now customization menu, accessible through the magic wand button at the bottom of the interface.

For now, Now is only tapping into Gmail, but in the future the functionality may include information from Hangouts and other Google services.

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    “For instance, that you receive an invitation to a party by email.”
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