Folks, this is an epic show-down, and what you are about to read below will demonstrate that both the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Nexus Prime are two of the greatest smartphones – Android or not – to ever come into existence. We cover all of the important categories, so you can get the whole picture. Read on for more!


Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung’s Galaxy S2 has finally landed stateside, on both T-Mobile and soon to come to AT&T. A mega-hit in Europe and Asia, Samsung’s follow-up to their first Samsung Galaxy S is the kind of second version we love to see. Dubbed the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic Touch 4G for T-Mobile (too long, we know) it features an incredibly thin profile, and is one of the lightest phones on the market. Additionally, it is packing an incredibly vibrant 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, and has excellent optics via its 8-megapixel camera, and is currently the most powerful dual-core Android phone on the market, courtesy of its Exynos processor.

Nexus Prime

The Nexus Prime has not been publicly released, and very few in the industry know about it definitively. That being said, there’s been a steady stream of rumors leaking our way over the past several weeks which point to a October 11th unveiling, a 4.6 inch 720p Super HD AMOLED display, and a bunch of other specs to die for. The jury is still out on whether it will receive a 1.2Ghz or 1.5Ghz dual core, but honestly, it won’t matter. With the alleged performance updates to Ice Cream Sandwich, we have no doubt that this device will be lightning fast. Additionally, it will be like all the other Nexus devices – first in line to receive updates fresh from Google, which is a huge plus in our book.

Spec-For-Spec Battle

Phone Nexus Prime Samsung Galaxy S2
OS Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0 Gingerbread Android 2.3.3
Processor Dual-Core Texas Instruments 1.5 / 1.2 GHz CPU Dual-core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor, Mali-400MP GPU, Exynos chipset
Carrier Verizon Exclusive Possibly Other Carriers Later T-Mobile, AT&T, Telus, Sprint with a 4.5 inch variant, with same specs
Price $299/16GB $199
Internal Storage 16GB, with SD Card 16-32GB with SD Card
Display 4.6 Inch Super HD AMOLED 1280×720 Display 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus 800×480
Camera 5MP LED Flash 8MP LED Flash
Video 1080p HD 1080p HD
Front Camera? Yes Yes
Memory 1GB 1GB
External Storage? Unknown Yes, microSD
App Store? Yes, Est. 350,000+ Yes, Est. 350,000+
4G Capable? Yes Yes
Weight unknown, probably approximately 150+ grams 116 g
Height unknown 4.96 inches
Width unknown Width- 2.6 inches
Depth 8.8 mm 0.35 inch
Release Date Early November 2011 May 2011
Battery 1750mAh Talk time: Up to 8 hours on 3G 1650mAh Talk time 8 hours, one day heavy usage, two days moderate


Samsung Galaxy S2 

The Galaxy S2 is considered the reigning performance champ for Android phones

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is no slouch. I’ve had over 10 media intensive sites, all with flash loaded and playing in Dolphin going, while I have music streaming, a torrent or two downloading, and two games (Tank Hero, Robo Defense) in the memory, and the device never stuttered for a second. In fact the slowest thing about the Galaxy S2 is me. Devices of this caliber are simply some of the most responsive and powerful mobile devices ever devised. Let’s not fall into the megahertz trap folks – a few extra clock cycles makes no difference at this level. Coming from a Motorola Droid and then a Droid 2 Global, I have to say that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is simply unbelievable. How will it stack up to the Nexus Prime? Well, realistically, the key differentiator will be the software. Ice Cream Sandwich is said to built with dual (and more) cores in mind. It’s a highly scalable OS, and will likely result in a whole new level of responsiveness for Android devices.

Nexus Prime

Oh Nexus Prime, when will you come? There’s been some controversy in the blogosphere over the past 24 hours about whether or not the Prime will be receiving either a 1.5Ghz or 1.2Ghz, but honestly, it doesn’t matter. What matters is software and RAM, and the Prime will have the best of both. Being that this is the latest reference device from Google, and that Honeycomb was a bit of an unfinished product when it shipped, we know fully well that Google and Samsung have put everything they have into this one. Samsung has positioned itself as one (if not the) of the top manufacturers producing Android devices, and the Nexus Prime will be no exception. Expect blazing fast performance on par or better than the Samsung Galaxy S2.


Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2 – despite not being qHD, or a 720p display – is still amazing. Coming from LCD, it’s still a treat on the eyes. It works beautifully in direct sunlight, has butter smooth operation in all areas, and is power efficient. Go and find one of these displays and have a look for yourself. Pure, rich blacks, saturated colors – every time I pull it out it practically puts a frown on iPhone owners faces.

Nexus Prime

The Nexus Prime has the same technology that is in the Galaxy S2 – but (potentially) of the PenTile matrix variety. While nowhere near as bad as PenTile in LCD’s, it’s a difference nonetheless. Still, these are truly minor criticisms, as this will be the world’s first 4.6 inch 1280×720 Super HD AMOLED Display. And for that, it’s going to be the most amazing display on any phone out there – including the one found on the iPhone 4/4S. Think Galaxy S2, but better. Still, for some 4.6 inches could prove to be too large.

Other considerations

What we are looking at represent two of the most advanced Android devices in the universe. This is particularly hard for me to write, as I am the proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S2, and can easily say that it is the best smartphone I have ever owned – period. Lightning fast performance, a display that makes everything look incredible, awesome battery life – it’s really everything I could have ever hoped for in a mobile device. My only small gripe would be that I wish the display had slightly higher resolution. One other thing to consider is physical size. I like to think I have large hands, and I often struggle to enter touchscreen text input on a display of this magnitude; but for two handed typing – it’s a gem. I wonder how 4.6 inches of Super HD AMOLED goodness will feel in the hand? The verdict is still out on that one, folks.

After witnessing these brand new leaks of what appears to be the Nexus Prime in the flesh for the first time, I have to say that I am completely sold on Ice Cream Sandwich. As i’m sure you saw in the videos above – it looks incredibly responsive, and boasts significant UI improvements across the board. Considering the Nexus Prime has a significantly higher spec’ed display vs the Samsung Galaxy S2, at 1280×720 on a 4.6 inch for the Prime and 800×480 on a 4.3 for the Galaxy S2 – it’s an easy call – the Nexus Prime is the new Best Android Superphone of 2011.

While we don’t have official confirmation as to when it will be launched, and whether or not it will be bloatware free or not, we do know that is coming soon. Samsung and Google are holding an event on October 11th [UPDATE! It’s just been delayed for reasons unknown], and we know that Ice Cream Sandwich will be debuted for the first time publicly, and will be streamed on YouTube too! For now, I’m going to say that it’s looking like the Nexus Prime has all the makings of an incredible device.

And how about you? Do you think the Nexus Prime has what it takes to be a Galaxy S2 killer? Will it’s immense screen size prove to be too much? Are you excited?

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Also, if you’re a fan of superphone showdowns, then check out our dedicated VS page! Let us know your thoughts!

Darcy LaCouvee
Darcy is the editor in chief at Android Authority. He follows the latest trends and is extremely passionate about mobile technology. With a keen eye for spotting emerging trends and reporting them, he works hard to bring you the best analysis, updates, and reports on all things Android. Darcy lives and breathes the latest mobile technology, and believes Android will be on a billion devices in the not too distant future.
  • I think you must include your own verdict on this comparison .

    • Per_martin_l

      With the S2 one must be careful not to get the crippled European version that lack AMOLED and NFC

      • Guest

        european version got amoled it just doesnt have nfc and lte what actually isnt a big matter here…

  • Gabriel Alejandro Zorrilla

    I do not think Prime is going to be a S2 killer, but an evolution. The main feature in the Prime is 1gb of ram, which will make it future proof longer than S2 (i think, for your review, the S2 can manage a LOT of load). I expect S2 is going to get a price reduction so i may be ending buying it, but 1gb of ram is just nice to let it pass…

  • Guest

    phone is TOO Big!

    • Bob

      you are retarded

  • Jakub Vokaty

    how do you get 1 heavy use??? I squize 6 maybe 7 hours at max on heavy use…what firmware do you have/settings

  • Anonymous

    As long as I get ICS on my SGS2 I’ll be happy..the unlock to camera looks superb!

  • C.

    How likely is an update for SG2 to ICS? I haven’t been following Samsung’s record on updates. Also, how hackable is SG2? Would it be easy to make it a purer Android experience? Otherwise I can’t see the attraction of the Prime (personally). Not sure I really need 720p and the other specs look roughly the same. Probably even prefer the slightly smaller screen. So it seems to come down to ICS and Android purity.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I have been awaiting the release of the Samsung galaxy as 2/Hercules for some months now. I have been hearing about the impending release of the Nexus prime, however. I have been using an iPhone 3Gs for the last two years, and have been very annoyed with being unable to get 3G or 4G speeds using T-Mobile, which is my carrier. Does it make sense to wait for a Nexus prime version that would work with T-Mobile that would get 3G or 4G speeds, or get the Samsung galaxy s2(Hercules) when it comes out tomorrow? Why or why not? Any insight into this will go a long way for me.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

    If the Camera is really a 5MP I will be very disappointed.

    • Ben

      Oh Come on, I know us Android Users love to compare specs on the paper, but this craving for more megapixels is completely ridiculous. There is so much more included in the final result of how good a camera is than that.

    • Aktiwari158

      why you will be disappointed? are u a phtographer or something, and if you are,then buy a camera not phone. fools having no mind

      • Johan Krüger Haglert

        If you’re a photographer you would care less about megapixels and appreciate the better dynamic range and less noise which would potentially had come from having bigger pixel wheels instead :)

  • Ryuhai4ever

    I have been over 6 months now for the Galaxy S2 to be released on T-Mobile and thank God the wait is almost over… until I researched the Nexus Prime and now I am debating on either one or the other. The 720p HD resolution and Ice Cream would be a nice bonus to have but in the end my decision will come down to whether or not the Nexus Prime will include Samsung Allshare. I have 2 Samsung TV’s, 2 Samsung monitors, and Allshare networked in my apartment and the Samsung Allshare feature has become a must have for my phone since owning the original Galaxy S. I know that the Nexus Prime is made by Samsung but do you guys know if it will contain the Allshare app?

  • Ricky

    How could you miss Sprint as a Galaxy S II carrier… lazy reporting?

  • I think it will have 8 Mp camera

  • Anonymous

    Korean phones. Im not giving the Koreans my money. America ftw

    • Jpgamer

      hey retard, are you referring to iphone as the american product?! 60% of the iphone’s hardware are made by SAMSUNG. in fact, all of the hardware was made from asian companies! stupid shit! the only american in the iphone is the OS, and android too is made in the US. so STFU.

      • Anonymous

        Hey numb nuts. Im referring to Motorola. Iphone sucks. And yes, most parts are made overseas, but at least when I buy a Motorola most of the money goes to a company headquartered in the Usa. That’s jobs for accountants, marketers, secretaries, and thousands others. Go buy your fucking korean owners phone but don’t complain when no companies base their operations in the US. Asswipe

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            I own a korean phone btw.

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        • Anonymous

          Motorola = garbage. Pick up any of the Droid phones, junk, they lag, they freeze, and they crash. Comparing a Samsung phone to a Motorola phone is like comparing a Porsche to a mo-ped. I’m all for American jobs, however making things in America generally means overpriced junk. Look at our cars, compare a Ford or Chevy 5yrs down the road to a Honda or a Subaru. If America (of which I am a proud citizen of) wants better competitiveness in ANYTHING, we need to step up. Next time you gripe about unemployment, thank the unions.

    • Johan Krüger Haglert

      Korean phones <3

      I don't wanna support terrorism (by buying American ;D)

      • 1234

        Ahh a German ragging on America, that’s funny stuff. You folks don’t have a great track record you know?


      Please go get an elementary school education before you express any opinion publicly… you do realize there is a North and South Korea right? Do you know anything about South Korea, have you ever lived there, or where it even is on a map, their economic status, their history? Its because of fools like you that foreigners hate us.

      • Anonymous

        Hey fucking retard. Yea, I lived in south korea for 1 year. I was stationed there in the Air Force in 2008. They are awesome people, but id rather buy from an American company than a korean samsung. So go fuck yourself

      • Ahsan10

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      • EH

        This post is about a year old. and I also normally don’t get involved in this childish type of posting. If I were to look above, there is tons of bickering back and forth. However, where did your post come from Reality_Check?
        No one made any remarks about North or South Korea, separately. And to correct you, politely, you should know that when people refer to Korea across the world, not just the U.S., they are referring to South Korea. When they refer to North Korea, they will say North Korea.

        Happy Holidays to all :)

  • malman020

    still sgs2 is better nexus only has a hd display and according to samsung nexus has a 1.2 ghz proccessor and it is still not fast ans sgs2 and sgs2 is still lighter than nexus,and if u instrall ice cream sandwich to it it will be better samsung is still keeping the quality of sgs2 so they can make a big band from sgs3,at last iphone is not gonna be near sgs3,

  • cynic

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  • zion

    Who is the best phone in th world that Supposed to go on sale in the next months (november-Half of January) ? ? Please I want buy the best ….

  • Keepingmygreen

    After watching all the HYPE from all the sites for the Galaxy S2 and then Samsung Rumors the Galaxy NEXUS PRIME and all the HYPE goes on and on about that phone, its really easy to see all the BS these companies are playing on the CONSUMERS. I’m tired of the BS as well as my friends, and its not just from Samsung its all the main providers playing the game of releasing a new device then at the same time rumoring the next – just to make a consumer give them more $$$$ to have the latest. Bottom line- people need to stop buying and make the companies wait for “the CONSUMERS hard earned $$”. If a consumer / buyer can’t see what these companies have been doing then “we say- throw your money away”, but if you want the best- start making the companies give you the best -not just part of the best. I as well as my friends and others will root our phones until they are un-rootable B4 giving a company hard earned $ for an outdated phone… Consumers are in need of a clue fairy or just give me your $ and I’ll tell you what to buy… just like the manufacturers do !

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this article has about as much bad information as fox news. First off, the T-Mobile Galaxy S 2 is just that, the Galaxy S 2… no epic 4 blah blah blah, it has a 4.52in screen NOT a 4.3. And the processor is NOT the exynos (sadly) however the 1.2ghz exynos and the 1.5ghz cortex probably perform the same. I was hoping for a good comparison, not an article full of crap.

  • Lost Galexy

    Ty for this thread. im still stuck with samsung galexy s for a while now cause i kept saying id wait for nexus prime.i decided to go for S2 :) seems much more effective even without the HD & sandwich feature its still sounds better. Thanks again

  • 12343432

    ” The main feature in the Prime is 1gb of ram, which will make it future proof longer than S2″ – – -SII has 1gb as well, as it says above… and as a side note the main feature really is the updated Android version… still either phone is better than iPhone