We have recently reported not once, but twice, on the potential release date of the hottest Android tablet in town, the Google Nexus 7, and we’re about to tease you some more with potential release dates. Well, technically it’s Google that does the teasing as the company has updated the ship date on the Nexus 7’s Google Play page from 3-4 weeks down to 1-2 weeks.

That means that Google will make that mid-July launch it mentioned during the Google I/O keynote, so in case you have already pre-ordered the device, you should be hearing from your local delivery service in a matter of days.

However, we still don’t have a fixed launch date for the Nexus 7, and the device is still available for pre-order from Google and third-party retailers in several markets including the U.S., Canada, Australia and the UK.

What’s worth noting is that Google is not mentioning any Nexus 7 sales numbers at this time either. The company did reveal after the tablet’s announcement that the first pre-order days brought big sales without actually saying how many Nexus 7 tablets were sold in the first days.

With that in mind, does this ship date change from 3-4 weeks to 1-2 weeks indicate that sells aren’t as strong anymore? With such hot devices, we usually see supply constraints and delayed launches – just try to pre-order a Verizon Galaxy S3 online and see what happens. But this doesn’t appear to be the case for the Nexus 7, as the device is not sold out yet.

On the other hand, Google may have prepared well in advanced for high Nexus 7 demand and the Search giant may be sitting on plenty of Nexus 7 stock to go around.

We’ll be back with more updates on the Nexus 7 ship dates once we have them. In the mean time, continue to keep us in the loop regarding your Nexus 7’s delivery notifications by using the comments section below!

  • WestIndiesKING

    i fear with a 4 month window to design and build this thing that its not stocked enough to believe that Google stocked up on a enough of these for a large launch. I am hoping they sell 5-10 million of these tablets thou. It would definitely help breathe life into Android tablet ecosystem and get some more tablet specific apps.

  • casinrm

    The ship date changed to 1-2 weeks because it’s a few weeks later than when it said 3-4 weeks.

    • Chris Smith

      You guys are smart.

    • DB

      I called the Google Playstore this morning to ask about my Nexus 7 order and they said the shipping process would start today!

  • Christopher Riccio

    I was going to say what casinrm said. It said 2-3 when I ordered mine the day they announced, now it says 1-2… a week+ later. Has nothing to do with sales.

  • intllove

    Let’s think about this: Google likely has a batch ready to ship, pending any major glitches or defections reported by developers who snagged pre-release versions (which would require a software update or manufacturer reburbishment), they will be shipped shortly. Based on the number sold, Google will likely order future batches based on the anticipated demand. Sounds like a solid business plan to me. Initially, why build more than you can sell?

    On another note, I’m excited and can’t wait to receive it! Doesn’t seem to be any major software or hardware issues thus far, so the first batch should be shipped sooner than later!

    • HookedOnTabs

      you may be spot on, as the 4.1.1 updated has been posted

  • dan

    Do Google ships faster than people pre-order from Staples?

    • Kman

      I sure hope so

    • CK

      I ordered it from Staples, they said Google ships directly to the buyers.

    • HookedOnTabs

      Yesterday, Office Max employee, posted an Office Max inter store memo, seemed to say you could pick one up at selected stores on July 12th, this will surely make some pre-order Google buyers pretty miffed, right?

    • If its available at Staples tomorrow, a lot of people will be (rightfully so) very angry…isn’t the point of a pre-order to get something as soon as/shortly before release?

  • i’ve pre-ordered two of them, one for me and one for my husband, anxiously waiting to get them, can’t wait!!

  • Steven

    They didn’t have 4 months to make this tablet. This was already developed by ASUS and disappeared after they announced it. Then the Nexus 7 came with the same specs. Just stock w/out any overlay.

  • Well, judging by Google’s policy of not charging until the unit is shipped, it looks as though mine is on the way to Australia as a payment has been taken from my card. The receipt states 2 day shipping so it may arrive on my doorstep very soon.
    Fingers crossed.

    • gadgetcamel

      When did you order. Also sitting in Australia, but CC has not been charged yet.

      • Order date 3 days ago.

        • gadgetcamel

          Lucky you. I ordered 29Jun, nothing that indicates shipment showing up on gmail or wallet or CC ! Hope they don’t do it Alphabetically (Z)

    • Debit card or credit card? They “preauthorize” the charge as soon as you order, and on a debit card that will sit on your account for a while, but for a credit card it wont.

      • HookedOnTabs

        Actually some times I mention to a merchant that I have a debt card, and they say, doesn’t matter, it is easier for us here, to run as credit, and they do it as credit. just sayin

        • napppppppz

          Because its cheaper sometimes depending on who does there cc machines and what amount the transaction is

    • Alex

      Oh good, another Aussie, my receipt says 2 day shipping too and above that I ordered mine on June 28th so it should be in the first wave of shipments but I haven’t gotten an email yet confirming it and I’m not sure if the money’s been taken out as it was a gift for my birthday so, I’m not sure what’s going on :/

  • ruit

    I cant wait for this i keep cheking my account to see if they have withdrawn the money so that i can count down the 2 days for shipping.

    • jadid

      Hahaha!!! So do I!

      • me too, it’s suffering to wait so long^^^

        • jadid

          Oh man, Google just took the money out of my account, Yea!


    I just talked with a representative from Google customer support and he said the tablet was shipping in the next 5-10 days. Sux cause I’ll be out of town for a week.

    • Kurt Edens

      5-10 business days is exactly the same as 1-2 weeks. They simply told you what the site says. Doesn’t give any concrete info. Could ship tomorrow. Or could ship in 2 weeks. The money was taken from my account. On Tuesday though it could just be on hold.


    Does anyone know if they would hold the package if I’m not there to pick it up.

    • #1 Nexus Fan

      This is what I would do. Once you get UPS tracking information, go to UPS.com and see if you can authorize them to leave it without signature. If not I would put a letter on my door with tracking number and state that you authorize them to leave it at your door, and put your signature on it with a date. It has worked for me before!

      • TRINITYX19

        Let me rephrase that question. If I’m out of town for the week and they deliver it when I’m not there would they be able to hold for me (hence needing a sig). I don’t won’t anyone to steal it.

  • Guest

    I know when it will be released!!! I called Google and they said if you are in wave one of shipping (before July 1st) then they will start shipping TOMORROW!!! Unfortunately, I ordered mine July 6th, and the guy said that the second and third wave will ship soon, with the second wave starting Friday or Monday. This anticipation is killing me!!!!

  • Lincoln Quick

    I just called Google and the representative told me that Google will “begin shipping in the next two to three days”. I can’t wait!

    • jadid

      Thanks! I’m anxiously awaiting my Nexus!

  • Dana Sorensen

    “With that in mind, does this ship date change from 3-4 weeks to 1-2 weeks indicate that sells aren’t as strong anymore?”

    How’d you come to that conclusion? Time passes. Get used to it.

  • Kenny

    i spoke with google this morning and they said the first shipments are being sent out today!!! they could not tell me if i was on the first batch :( i ordered it on the 27th so hopefully i will be… BUT GREAT NEWS OVERALL!!!!! YAY NEXUS

    • #1 Nexus Fan

      Are you Kenny K? If so you are bringing good news on every article here! I hope this is right cause I am a fellow June 27ther so I am looking for that email. Everytime my mobile vibrates I am hoping for that “Order has shipped” email. PLEASE LET US GET IT TODAY. If that stupid magnet trick delays this due to Google legal concerns Im gonna be maaaad!

  • Charlie G

    UK retailers (Currys, etc.) are showing the Nexus 7 as being available in-store from July 19th onwards, which suggests that units ordered from Google Play in the UK will receive their units on or before that date.

  • Victoria

    Egarly waiting for Google Nexus 7 to arrive in the market. But the delay is bad. What is the reason behind delaying the shipping process? Which shipping company is looking after the shipping procedure?

  • Joe Randal

    They said they would bill when it shipped, I just got billed yesterday a.m.

  • Call 1-855-83-NEXUS!! They said all pre orders are going out today!!

  • David Sapsford

    Have emailed google 3 times about shipping and have only asked for an approximate shipping date. They have not answered any emails. A bit slack on their behalf that they will not even acknowledge my emails!!! Anyways, lookin forward to playing with this new tablet & google play.

  • daniel1212uk

    to day 17-07-2012 say Ships in 2 – 3 weeks. not wait that long