Google Nexus 7 now shipping in the UK, but not from the Play Store

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 16, 2012
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In terms of impact, the Nexus 7 is, without doubt, the device of this summer. The $199 7-inch tablet packs offers incredible value, and all the reviewers, with almost no exception, have praised it as a game changer.

Customers seem to agree. The Nexus 7 has been flying off the shelves and many American retailers have ran out of stock by now, just a few days from its official launch. But the first Google Nexus tablet is also selling in the UK and Australia. The device has already started shipping down-under, while in the UK only Ebuyer shipped out pre-orders last Friday, with other retailers shipping the tablet today. But Google Play Store sales are yet to be honored.

According to The Inquirer, the Nexus 7 is now available for purchase from the websites of retailers Currys and PC World. The two retailers have the device in stock, but only in the 16GB version, which goes for £199. On the down side, those who pre-ordered the device from the Google Play Store will have to wait – shipping is expected within “one to two weeks”.

  • Cakeisalie

    on my pre-order here in the UK, my card was charged today and the pre-order has moved from halfway down the previous order page to the top. As cards are usually charged just before dispatch I’m hoping this article is wrong since I wanna play with it

    • Darren Boldy

      My card hasn’t been charged yet, and my pre-order is still halfway down the page. I’m assuming that pre-orders are going out now, in waves, and mine will be sent in the next couple of days (and yours may already be in the post) – and that the ‘1-2 weeks shipping’ on the Google Play store refers to purchases made now (rather than pre-orders). I will be constantly refreshing my credit card account over the next few days to see when the charge comes out though.

      • Darren Boldy

        I ordered mine 4th July. The order has now moved up to the top of my Google Wallet (although the status bar underneath it is still grey, not green like all my apps that have actually delivered), but the money has now been allocated from my credit card.

        • Darren Boldy

          My shipping email arrived late last night (like about 11pm), and the tabet arrived this morning.

    • Brett

      May I ask when you ordered yours?

      • Cakeisalie

        27 June 2012 20:14:40 UTC+1 according to the order page

        • Brett

          Ahh, a week earlier than me. Okay, thanks for the reply dude :)

    • Michael Smithson

      I rang Google today and their pre-orders were starting to ship today. Having said that mine is still unchanged.

      • Theo

        What number did you call?

    • Supes83

      Have you received it now? How long after you posted this did it arrive? My card was charged today but no shipping email as yet.

      • Cakeisalie

        I got the shipping email this morning but I assume this was a delay because following the tracking number it was delivered today at 0930

  • Neil Kirk

    I pre-ordered at the beginning of the month on eBuyer and got mine last Thursday. Totally out of the blue

  • mad Scots

    Ordered mine from google play 27th of june. No sign as yet, although last night my credit card was charged. Won’t be buying via google play again. Apart from them seemingly being the last to ship, they do not let you cancel your order!!!

  • Adrain

    This is the last time I buy hardware directly from Google – Ebuyer are one of my major suppliers and I ignored them in favour of Google Play – WHAT a mistake that was. Google need to fire someone for the complete lack of coordination between Play and Channel. Shocking!!!!

  • Markus

    Ordered mine on Google Play Store (UK) on 29th June. Since then sent two messages to Google address via Play Store. No response whatsoever. Called them (the number listed next to my order) – no answer. Checked bank account – nothing charged. Very frustrating. A simple email saying, “sorry we are overwhelmed” or “we are working on it, be patient etc” would be nice, but nothing. Google is good in Search and Platform (Android), but physical settlement of goods does not appear to function. Shame on you, Google, you should be doing much, much better.

  • Darren Boldy

    So has anyone received theirs yet? I just got a message saying all the 8GB versions will be sent out by 20th July on Next Day Delivery