Study finds that Google’s Nexus 7 commercial is more effective than Apple’s new ads

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 4, 2012

google nexus 7 camping commercial

If you watch TV regularly or if you like to read tech blogs, you are probably aware of two ad campaigns from two major technology companies that have been airing for the last weeks.

First, Google has launched a minute-long commercial for its new Nexus 7 tablet, called “Camping”. The spot features a father and his son, spending quality time together, seemingly in the wilderness, accompanied by a Nexus 7 tablet. The two protagonists use the Nexus as a compass, to play some chess on a rainy day, or to read The Little Prince before going to sleep. Overall, the ad conveys a feel-good message, showing how the Nexus 7 can make life better for its users.

Here’s Google’s Camping spot:

The second major campaign is Apple’s “Genius” series of ads, which feature a young Apple Store Genius that helps out hapless people use their Apple products. We have a guy that he thinks he bought a Mac (it’s actually a PC, imagine the horror), an exec that needs to prepare a presentation on his MacBook to get back in his wife’s good books, and a father that wants to document the birth of his child,  by using off course, Apple apps. Apple’s three new ads were panned across the web, and some even went so far as to call them embarrassing and dumb. The main gripe seems to be that Apple always boasted that its devices are easy to use, which is the complete opposite of the pitch in the Genius campaign.

Check out Apple’s new ads yourself.

A study by Ace Metrix, a company that specializes in measuring the effectiveness of ads, has found that Google’s commercial has been received better than Apple’s campaign. Of the three Genius ads, only one managed a score in the upper half of Ace Metrix’s effectiveness scale. Google’s ad had a better impact, with Ace Metrix giving it a score of 662 out of 950. For comparison, before the Genius campaign, Apple’s commercials scored an average of 620.

Which ad is your favorite? Do you like Google’s Camping commercial? Do you think that the negative reaction to Apple’s ads is exaggerated? Let us know!

  • Terrence Greene

    Else where on the internet some one mentioned that apples adds are trying to express that their is support and help to be found for their customers in need. Unfortunately i feel these commercials as a result of their exaggeration is making their products as a whole seem confusing and hard to understand. Its nice to know support is available but i’d perfer a add that simply shows how easy it is to do all the functions you want it to do. Being an apple product so focused on ease of use its surprising these kind of commercials have surfaced. if anything i would have expect the whole genius support stuff to be a 3 second mention on the back half of a classic apple add.

    That being said I love the google add. I would have fully believed it to be an apple add if i was standing another 10ft away from my screen (if you know what i mean). But in classic apple style it showed how easy and integral the tablet is and can be to your daily life even in the great outdoors of your own back yard.

  • Vijay Gopal Marupudi

    The apple ads are just plain stupid! No-one in their right mind would be so stupid not to figure out the difference between a Mac and a PC!

    • Mike V

      I run a small company that repairs computers and let me tell you this statement is completely wrong. Lots of my clients dont have any idea the difference between the two. No lie. I remember doing a phone call where I asked the windows version and they said XP. After trying to talk them through a step by step process to remedy the situation I had to give up and head over to the clients house. Upon getting there and walking up to the computer it of course had a big shiny apple on the side. She was agreeing with everything I said. Even when I asked if it had a start bar. Some people are stupid enough dude. Oh it would make you weep for mankind.

  • AndroidBrian

    Everything apple is over exaggerated. there not bad but the nexus commercial wins. It’s just better commercial.

    But in all honesty i think all android users should buy a ipad over a android tablet. Why have a bigger version of your phone? If you have a android phone a ipad will be that much better simply because all of the different applications it will provide. same goes for iphone owners, android tablet will provide a different experience than ur iphone.

    • Osagie Oyegun

      Sorry but all this talk about apps is just tedious. I mean I am tired of installing and uninstalling them already. I use the basic collection of google services on my phone and just a few other apps like whatsapp, beauty picture … 1000 apps no one needs. Look at the apps top 20 lists, few movers there because people have generally decided what is necessary. Many people have big hands and not the best eyesight so phones like The Samsung Note and and the Nexus 7 make for attractive ultraportable entertainment and communication tools. The Nexus 7 in particular threatens dedicated e-readers at that pricepoint and is so much more manageable for long periods in one handed use. To me the ipad is clearly overpriced considering that tablets are mainly entertainment tools. Sells well everywhere people can lease-purchase it, but where you have to pay cash over the counter it is a different story. People think harder then.

      • AndroidBrian

        Apple will just offer a different experience. Why by a Nexus 7 when you have a Galaxy Note? What does the Nexus 7 offer that the Note doesnt? 2 inches bigger is worth $200-250 to you? You can read books and watch movies on your note just as easily (in better resolution may I add) and store more of them with micro SD slot.

        I personally dont understand why people buy bigger versions of there phones. If you have a low end Android I could understand….. Just me I guess.

        • Mike Verdone

          Why would I buy something different? I have a Galaxy S for a phone and I went out and bought a Samsung 8.9 tablet. Why would I buy an iPad? Anything I purchase on my google account can be used on either peice of equipment if I so require. They easily talk to each other. I sit on my toilet and text from my tablet through my phone for example, maybe I could setup the iPad that way but why run a completely different OS? iPad doesnt really offer anymore apps. When it does you can bet there is going to be an Android version out or something similar.

          I love Macintosh, I was a fan when everyone thought it would die. Ive always owned a Mac. BUT Android is better. Its cheaper for pretty much the same experiance and the biggest one of all… way more apps, sure theres tons of crap too but you dont have a bunch of Nazis saying what you can have on your device. Maybe you like that Daddy watching you crap but I don’t.

          Oh Osagie. I dont think the Nexus threatins EReaders. They are still much cheaper and simpler for what they do. My dad has an Kobo but would never buy a nexus. Different. Not to me or you but to the simplistic person.

    • lotrgsnAA

      I WOULD DISAGREE WITH YOU! content sharing cannot be done with apple!

  • This two need a study, really ?

  • GBGamer

    I love the Nexus commercial. It always makes me feel happy when I see it on TV.

  • iLove Apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • hw

      what a loser

  • Nice job Google. Apple’s definitely tripping up lately now that ol’ Steve is gone. Time for some change.

  • Jermaine William

    the apple ads seem like they gave it to a bunch of kids to produce. The google ad is way more appealing.

  • Roc

    Yeah Apple’s ad wreaks of insecurity. They should focus on their own game and not what the competition are doing.

  • Cur_Mudgeon

    Pour a saucepan of water (What? 11 ozs.?) on a campfire, leave it smoldering, and go to bed! Du…uh!!!
    2/3 of the country has been in a drought this year. The western states particularly have been plagued by forest fires with at least 2 significant ones in Calif (wherein is Google’s HQ). The Williams fire in Angeles National Forest has been raging since Monday needing 1,100 firefighters on the line….(albeit in California “some” would probably say its providing jobs for people!!!)
    How corporately responsible is that Mr. Google? How is that being sensitive to thousands who suffer loses whether such fires are man or nature made? You get my Cowchip Award of the Year!!!! You need to Mano-Up with a sequel of the Dad scampering out of the tent; whopping himself upside the head while looking straight into the camera saying “I’m so sorry my fellow Americans for being an idiot!” while holding up his Nexus 7 which shows the classic pic of Smoky Bear saying “Only you can prevent forest fires!” whereupon he runs to get a hose at the house and floods the campfire and carefully touches the embers making sure they are “Dead Out”! Eh, his son could chime in to say “Awesome….way to go Dad!” Then I’ll say Thank You!