Google debuts Nexus 7 Android 4.1 tablet, check out the presentation video

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 27, 2012
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As expected, Google just announced its first tablet carrying its own branding, the Nexus 7.

Built in collaboration with ASUS, and presumably based on Nvidia’s Kai platform, the Nexus 7 is a 7-inch device powered by a quad-core Tegra 3 processor clocked at 1.3GHz. The device sports an IPS LCD display with a 1280 x 800 resolution, 1GB of RAM, 8GB or 16GB of internal storage, and a front facing 1.2MP camera.

The Nexus 7 will run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The Nexus 7 tablet will cost $199 for the 8GB version and $249 for the 16GB version. It will be initially available from the Play Store in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Here’s the Nexus 7 presentation video:

  • DOA

    What!? No microSD? Only 16GB? If it
    were 64 sure, 32 maybe… but only 16GB and no expandable storage? I
    soooooo wanted to buy this thing,,, I have been waiting cash in hand for
    months… and now, after seeing how much it’s different from the ASUS ME370T
    specs, I can’t bring myself to do it. Sorry Google, I’ll pass on the
    Nexus 7. Hopefully ASUS releases the ME370T soon; I really want a good 7
    inch android tab.

    • AppleFUD

      OK. . . apple fan faining wanting an Android device or seriously believe that for $199 they can put out all that you expected? Hey, you can always buy a base ipad for a few hundred more. . . and no it won’t have and SD slot either — ever hear of the cloud, external HDD, etc? Not to mention there are many Android tablets available that meet your spec requirements.

      . . .

      For the price it’s a pretty good device from the specs I’m seeing however, I will reserve judgement till I get some hands on. Nonetheless, at least we have an option for a Nexus tablet.

      • BackAtYou

        Cloud troll. You don’t need to be an Apple fan to want microSD slot on tablet. Actually, most Apple fans don’t even care about microSD. It’s the Android hardcore that does. Cloud is not available at times due to not having WiFi access at all the time at all area. Being able to carry your own data, or rather having the capability to do so is great. And what’s the point of portability for 7″ tablet if you are going to lug around an external HD with extra wires when you can easily insert a microSD? Just as you have right the to ‘reserve your judgement’, so does others!

        • AppleFUD

          And that’s why the Kindle Fire is the most popular Android tablet to date, and why the WiFi 16GB ipad is so popular?

          You are acting all butt hurt over nothing. There are a butt ton of Android tablets to choose from, thus your negative rant is unwarranted and comes off as an apple shill trying to disparage a competitor that is putting out pretty much a product that matches specs at a much better price.

          What, you can’t find a 7″ Android tablet with an SD expansion slot?

          Google is producing a product they “believe” in for certain reasons, just as apple & Amazon do. If it isn’t the right one for you, that’s too bad, but no reason to get all butt hurt over it. You have choice, exercise it!

          • DOA

            First things first, AppleFUD… I am no fan of Apple, I don’t own
            a single Apple product, and I loathe iTunes.
            Now that that’s established, if there was a great selection of 7 inch
            Android tabs to choose from I wouldn’t have bothered to comment. I’m going to back up BackAtYou on this one,
            asking for a micro SD is not even a stretch for any serious user. Sadly, the fact is the 7 inch Android offering
            is abysmal (I own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and I hate it). I can certainly find what I want in a 10inch,
            point of fact I own a 10inch ICS tab, but I want to have my “ICS” and eat it
            too. I want all the specs that were
            demonstrated with the ASUS ME370T and I am willing to pay $300 for it.

          • AppleFUD

            In other words. . . You want them to build *exactly what you want* and to ignore the competitive & economic reality and their business goals.

            Good luck with that.

            Here’s a 7″ tablet you might like: has an SD slot for you and only $100.


            Seriously, all the bitching and moaning going on over the SD slot is the same BS we heard when the Kindle Fire was announced — seems to me like a bunch of butt hurt apple fans are out spamming anything and everything about this table to make it look bad, and trying to do the same with Android Jelly Bean.

            And the Kindle Fire went on to be THE best selling Android tablet, and apple doesn’t offer any SD expansion on any of their iOS devices. . . FFS! And the iPad is outselling all Android tablets! You want what you want but that doesn’t mean Google has to make it or all this BS needs to be spewed every time an Android tablet is made without x, y, or z. . . Seriously, it just isn’t that big of a deal. If what you want isn’t available. . . maybe it is YOU! or maybe tablets just aren’t where you would like them to be just yet — cause $300 sure the hell isn’t going to get you no 64GB anything especially with an HD screen and decent SoC!

            Seriously, make a reasonable comment. “I need more memory so this tablet just won’t work for me.” NO! We get a comment that reads like an apple shill spamming anything and everything Android in an attempt to make anything and everything Android look bad. . . While you may not be an apple fan, you sure do sound like an apple shill in your initial comment as reasonableness left quickly.

            Guess I’m just sick of all the apple shills constantly trying to bash anything and everything that isn’t apple. . . and to top it off we have butt hurt Android “fans” (such as yourself) bashing everything Android because they aren’t getting everything they want when they want it. . . .

            FFS. . . I’M DONE! Don’t bother replying as I won’t revisit this post/comments — not worth my time to read this BS anymore.

          • DOA

            @1fb0eb464443e5e339750a6620427ec3:disqus You
            need to dial it back a notch and read what is actualy being said here. Perhaps you are suffering from some PTSD induced by constant contact with Apple fanboys. No one here is bashing Android or shilling for
            Apple. Perhaps I wasn’t clear in the first post… so I will clarify. I don’t
            expect a 64GB tab for $300; I was simply pointing out the limitation of selling
            a 16GB tab with no expandable storage. IF the Nexus 7 had been 64GB (or even
            32) then I could see why they’d choose to leave the microSD out. Obviously, at
            the peeps at ASUS didn’t think that what I wanted in a 7 inch tab is too far
            off base because they pretty much delivered it in the form of the ME370T back in
            January at CES. It had all the specs of the Nexus 7 AND a microSD and rear
            facing camera to boot, all for a reported $250. SO, if ASUS plans on making the
            ME370T available in the near future (and rumors indicate they might) then I
            will be foregoing a Nexus 7 purchase and waiting for the ME370T… even if it costs me $300 to 400.

          • Wow, what a great debate. First let me say I have been an Apple fan for the last several years. Own a 2010 Mac Pro, a 2011 iMac, a 2006 Mac Book Pro, the New Ipad and presently an iPhone 3Gs.
            I had upgraded to an iPhone 4s, but found that phone to be terribly buggy. So I returned the phone and picked up a Galaxy Note.
            I loved the Galaxy Note. It was a better phone in every manner compared to any of the iPhones I had ever owned. However it originally had the Gingerbread OS on it. As soon as I upgraded to ICS, the phone became even more buggy than the iPhone 4s. (It could be that the apps I had download from the Play Store were not ready for ICS. But my return time was limited, so back it went. I am now using my older iPhone 3Gs and waiting for the release of the new iPhone 5.
            The reason I am even responding to all of this is because I am someone whom is locked into any device or OS.
            Rather than buying the soon to come out iPad mini, I would have considered the Nexus 7. And I know the Nexus 7 is built to compete with small Note Pads that also do not have external storage. But it is my opinion that you cannot expect to truly succeed in today’s market by just building the status quo. You must give something extra. Something that adds value above your competitors product.
            One of the best features I found about the Android features was the ability to customize my apps. I changed my mail program. I changed my contacts program and several others. (Loved the live screens.) These are things that cannot be done on IOS.
            Now being a Mac lover, (Would NEVER, EVER go back to Windows.) I did have some trouble syncing with my Mac. I had to use apps called Kia’s and DoubleTwist. It was a real pain in the butt. But it was possible.
            So as should be self evident, the reason I find the Android OS to be better than Apples IOS is because of the custom-ability of Android. But by limiting me to 8 – 16Gb, I would find that very limiting to the apps I could install and use. Or to the music and videos I could install.
            I am not saying that it is not the makers right to build it the way the want. But I do not see an advantage to this product over others in this price range. And this product would severely limit me in it’s use. It is a non starter for me. A simple inclusion of micro SD would have had my credit card out. (Even if it was up to $25.00 more.)
            Once the iPhone 5 is out, I will purchase that and give that 2 weeks to prove it is a true revolution in phones. If it does not greatly impress me,……I will take it back as well and be a Galaxy S 3 owner.

          • AndroidBrian

            Im a huge Android fan and I also think it sucks big time! Google is slowly turning into apple. No SD on a tablet w/ only 16gb? I cant put any HD movies on there! The cloud is horrible! Why would you want a movie collection on the cloud for a Tablet with only WiFI? If I have WiFi Im at home and Ill use my TV! Its suppose to be a portable device. I was going to buy this as well but now Im not.

            I said Google is turning into apple is because there all about making money now instead of whats best for the consumer. Its simple why Amazon and Apple dont use micro sd cards. So your forced to purchase Movies and Music from them! Now Google is falling in line and being just like them. Google devices use to be about freedom and choices. Now if you buy a google device and want to listen to music or movies you better buy it at the Play Store because thats the only way youll be able to have a collection over a pathetic 8gb-16gb. Google isnt making the BEST and most inexpensive device they can with this tablet. There making a vehicle for you to purchase more. Once you purchase media and crap from them youll be stuck with them forever. Then you will become sheep just like Apple users. We cant talk crap on apple anymore because Android is trying to be just like them now.

        • AppleFUD

          BTW. . . it has been long rumored and pretty much confirmed for a while now that this tablet would NOT have an SD expansion slot in it and that it would be a “budget” tablet similar to the Kindle Fire. . . there really isn’t any surprise here whatsoever, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple months. This thing is all about price.

          • LanceMiller

            Then why didn’t they just keep the $25 gift card money & use that to fund the upgrades that a lot of people are begging for.

          • Donow

            A $25 gift card is not $25 cash. The games you could buy with $25 probably actually cost pennies, if that. So there is no $25 cash available to have been used on hardware upgrades.

    • Mei

      I agree no microSD slot is a deal killer (even if they give $25 for Google Play purchases with tablet purchase). Also, cheap Tegra 3 chip (Nvidia using cheap parts to keep price down; wonder how well it will hold up).

  • LanceMiller

    If the cost factor was why they didn’t add a microSD slot & another 8gb of storage then why didn’t Google just keep the $25 gift card money & use that to fund the much needed upgrades. This would have set the Nexus apart from other 7″ tablets & along the way made me a buyer. As it stands now I’m forced to keep looking. I so wanted both the Nexus phone & tablet but with both of them getting the short end of the stick, when it comes to current market needs / wants in terms of memory & external storage, I like so many others are looking elsewhere. Honestly, when I saw that the base model came with just 8GB of memory I had to check my calendar & make sure it wasn’t year 2005.

  • sovereign

    Its a pitty. No microsd slot. Makes it kinda worthless. Better to spend your money on a 10.1″ referb android tablet.