Google Nexus 4 and friends will go on sale on the U.S. Play Store at 9AM PST

by: Bams SadewoNovember 13, 2012

U.S. readers, are you having Nexus-envy seeing the new Google phone and tablets arriving on Google Play in other countries? You won’t have to wait for too long, since Google has confirmed the time of when the latest Nexus devices will be available for purchase in America.

According to Android Police, who called the Nexus support line, the race to buy the Nexus devices on Google Play will start at 9AM PST today, or in a little more than four hours.

So, for those in the U.S. who have been frantically pressing the F5 button on their keyboards to no avail, we suggest you try to get a few hours of sleep now. Hopefully, you’ll wake up just in time to make that purchase.

Your Nexus options range from the beautiful Nexus 4 smartphone — 8GB for $299 and 16GB for $399 — to the Nexus 10 tablet — 16GB for $399 and 32GB for $499. Lest we forget about the Nexus 7 3G, which can be had for $299.

Are you ready?

  • That is absolutely horrid release time? IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY!? WHY GOOGLE, there is no goddamn way I can get it before it sells out now. EFF YOU GOOGLE, fix your device release strategy!

  • k

    this time includes canada right?

    • I would like to know the answer to this question as well. I assume it would since we are in the same time zones as the US, but not sure.

    • Jared Busch

      this includes Canada, yup =) what scares me is that the devices being shipped to Canada are coming from the same location in the US, so basically the two countries will be competing to buy this device, hopefully they have 2 countries worth of devices to go around…fu***** google…

  • I can’t buy it :(

  • Jared Busch

    you mentioned in the post above that the price for the 16gb nexus 4 is $399, but isn’t it supposed to be $359?

    • sagar makkar

      its 349 usd i guess..

  • Michael Agnino

    I called and have confirmed it includes Canada. 12:00PM EST

    • it’s 12:10 and i can’t see them available, the 8Gb was available for a couple of minutes, and now it’s gone… still showing coming soon

      • people are saying they have bought them in canada, but mine still says coming soon…

        • KM

          That’s because they already sold out (within minutes of the “early” launch”) and the status reverted to “coming soon”. I was able to get a 8GB and I know others managed to snag the 16GB versions too in Canada.

          • Someone on another site claims they called google and were told that it isn’t sold out but that their system crashed.

      • tman

        There was no change in the 16GB at all…

        And what if you signed up for a notification email…that never even got emailed out…

      • KM

        That’s because they were available at around 11:40 am EST and then sold out within minutes….

    • tman

      Really? I’ve been refreshing the Canada store since 8:50am PST… nothing

  • TheGuru

    This is kind of aggravating. I had stayed up ’till 3am EST waiting for this thing to launch and now they tell us? :(

    • dav94

      yea a lot of people did

    • Jay

      Ha! Same here.

    • Kevin Mccutcheon

      yeah your not alone in this one bud

  • Prox

    I am very stuck between the 8GB and 16GB. I do not keep movies or music on my phone. My Gnex has 16GB RAM 13.33GB usable for storage and I use 3.47GB, . 1.28 GB for apps 2GB for Photos. If I continue on this Pace with a 8GB phone I will have 1.87GB free after photo and apps sync. What shall I do?

    • Jeffrey Matthews

      Buy it anyway and learn to love either Google+ Photo Sync or Dropbox photo sync.

      • Prox

        I do use the Google+ Photo Sync, I should probably delete old photos off my phone. Good idea

    • Get the 16gig anyway. It’s like condoms. Better to have and not need than to need and not have. Plus it will help if/when you sell the device.

  • blabbityblah

    Does anyone know if they will also be available in brick and mortar stores at some point today? When the 32g Wifi version Nexus 7 came out, it became available at stores like Best Buy on the same day.

  • Enrique Llanos V.

    Still can’t see the devices being sold in the usa play store, is it just me? correct me please if im wrong :(

  • Wmgallagher

    N4’s are up in the canada play store. just ordered 2 with no hitches

  • Mehrab Kooner

    This is wrong I bought mine a 830AM PST

  • ha

    its up!!!

  • Antonio Song

    it’s on sale now!

  • wmgallagher

    Canada Play store 8gb back up. says add to cart

  • derekrock

    In Canada. and just ordered the 32 gb 3g version for $363.16 CAD (taxes included). I am yet to receive the confirmation email though. Hope it goes through as I got a confirmation number.

    • wmgallagher

      i ordered two N4s 16gb and the conformation took about 25mins or so, from the canada play store. youll get the conformation although it dosent seem real until you do

      • derekrock

        Good to know. Thank you

  • is it available? can’t seem to buy them

  • crustysmeg

    gah it still says not available wtf canada. is anyone able to purchase it yet?

    • tman

      Yeah….im still refreshing…

      • Apparently they are gone. I had a meeting and wasn’t at my desk at 11:30, so I’m going to have to wait apparently.

    • wmgallagher

      i purchesed at 11:35 and got 2 N4s 16gb. now it looks like there sold out since about 11:45

  • tman

    Ive been refreshing the Canada store for 10 minutes, no change in the status of coming soon

    • same here…

    • Hi

      that’s because it went on sale at 8:30 and is sold out now

      • tman


        • Hi

          yup i got screwed too. i called them last night and they said 9am.

  • q

    wtf are you guys talking about the phones not available in canada yet? i’ve beeen on the site thousand times it still doesnt show!!!!

    • ^this

    • wmgallagher

      they were at they canadian play store at 11:30. i ordered 2 16gb n4s and got my conformation, then 10 mins later they were gone.

  • tman

    So much for the notification email saying that it was available…

  • Not showing up for me in Canada. I have a page monitor set up and it keeps saying the page is being updated, but it’s only updating the text on the page….

  • Skoty

    fuck im pisseeddd

  • Apparently it sold out in less than 20 minutes in the US. What a joke.

  • q

    i don’t know if people are bs’ing about getting a nexus 4 regardless of the size in Canada but it never showed it available in Canada!!!! this is so irritating!

    • wmgallagher

      It showed at 11:35 est. i ordered 2 16gb Nexus 4s. the page was back to saying Notify me when in stock less then 15 mins later. No BS

  • people are claiming they called Google and they said they aren’t sold out, but their system crashed and should be back up soon.

  • Zack

    Not upto Google’s mark to plan a world wide release which cant create pre-orders/back orders and the site goes bust in 10 mins with no notification…C’mon we know its cheap but this whole release process is being cheap!!

    • Shiva

      yes… this is a dream dream device and google has skipped LTE and made the phone as brittle as iphone just to make it “cheap”. I wud be more satisfied to shell out 100 more dollars for a “no compromise” nexus 4 phone.

  • q

    stupid e-mail notification which was suppose to let us know when it becomes available..sigh

  • D

    It showed up and while clicked to checkout says..error processing try again later …and then …comming soon again…

    • Skoty

      that happened to me

  • D

    When will it be available again? Google ??????????????????? What happen to you ????

  • D

    Guys available now ……Go on

    • susi

      kidding me

  • kush

    and gone

  • I got 16GB!! you have to refresh it!!!

  • kush

    nooooooooo i refresehd when it said it was in stock

  • Django

    Play Store is experiencing some glitches… same thing happened during the UK release… N4’s are not sold out yet. Google is working on correcting this, just keep refreshing every minute or so.

    • kush

      i have been refreshing for the last 30 minutes but will keep at it for a bit

  • kush

    going to order iphone soon this seems like a failed launch for a company like google not to anticipate this . its pretty bad

  • Mark McKenney

    This was pretty sad…for multi-billion dollar company.
    1. Not enough in stock
    2. horrible release time probably the worst ive seen.
    3. Unable to handle the traffic…unbelievable
    Next question is to wait or just move on Lumia 920 doesn’t look so bad…hmmmm