Google Nexus 4 International Giveaway!

by: Darcy LaCouveeNovember 5, 2012

Free Nexus 4. Wait, let me say it again. We’re giving away a free Google Nexus 4!

Update – Winner Announced

So we had a few gamers this time around, and so had to double check that they had filled out their end of the bargain! A big congratulations to Tyler Miller! Good luck next time, everyone!

We all love Android, right? Well, why not give some sweet hardware away? All of us here at Android Authority live and breathe Android to the core. We’ve worked hard since we started to create – for you – great quality content, every day, that not only is informative, but that is entertaining, and that keeps the Android ecosystem on its toes. And we’re not slowing down any time soon! We live to serve all of you, and want to give back because you honor us with your time.

With this in mind, we thought it appropriate to give away the latest and greatest device, the Google Nexus 4!

Follow the easy instructions below, and enter the running for the Google Nexus 4 !


  1. Subscribe to us on our social channels, Google+, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter.
  2. Let others know about this giveaway by sharing the post on your social media channels.
  3. Check out Android Authority On Air, and listen for the secret code! There will be two chances to get the code, as it will be held separately. The show is held every Thursday, at 930pm EST, so check it out for more chances to win!

For those of you interested in getting the best chance possible, do as many as possible for the best chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Always let us know how we’re doing by commenting down below! Follow us, talk to us, check us out. We do this for you each and every day, and we want to make Android Authority the best Android site in the world! Good luck on the giveaway!

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  • Gurvinder Singh Kular

    this thing is awesome!
    man i want this one!

  • Adie Bhatt

    You are awesome guys love you !

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    I want this nexus so bad!

  • Gorga Naibaho

    Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck to everyone, although I hope I’m the one to win!

  • Nacho Defiant

    Awesome giveaway guys! would love to get a Nexus 4 :D

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    Lol, Nexus 4! Am I the Lucky One ?

  • Dorin Procopciuc

    You’re the best! Will be awesome to have a Nexus 4!

  • Borce Georgiev

    Great for those who live outside Google Play listed countries :)

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  • arcwindz

    14 days! Just perfect, I am winning this one!

  • felipe vella

    It`ll be mine!

  • Dan

    tweet about this giveaway there is a tricky part where u guys should check it! “Samsung Galaxy Note II Giveaway”? lol

  • Franz Castillo

    Man…I wish I could win

  • Mayla Lagrimas

    Hoping…<3 ;)

  • Dan

    one more thing, did u guys noticed the link is galaxy-nexus-4-international-giveaway??

  • Sergio García

    Thanks for that! Hope I can win it! :)

  • Tâm Nguyễn

    im never going to win =)) unlucky all the times

  • Dave McDaniel

    Fix the Tweet lol

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    I need this phone :'(

  • Emil Sandev

    Ok This is pretty cool. Good luck to everyone and i hope i win.

    Thanks boys.

  • Harish Kotra

    Damn, that’s seriously a good find.

  • Nicklas Zetterberg

    Uh, I forgot I had used rafflecopter on facebook, so when I used it with my email I got the entries on both “accounts”. Does it count as the same account when it’s on the same gmail-adress or what?

    And yeah, link says Galaxy Nexus 4. :P

  • Pegasus195

    I have been collecting money to buy a nexus, then this came up and i hope to get one!!!! BTW, Happy 5th Birthday Android!!!

  • Ima Diaz

    I really Want That NExus .. :/

  • sagar makkar

    what a great giveaway…
    thanks AA..:)

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    Thanks, hope to win a nexus, lol

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  • Tu Nam

    It is a good one, very good one !!

  • aCe manayan

    This one is MINE!!!! >:D

  • Eric Rodriguez

    LOve the YouTube vids, Android PhanBoi!!!


    Count me in on this one, I need a Nexus 4 to start rooting and stuff. – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)

  • Alain Lafond

    A day without reading Android Authority is a sad day. Mean that I didn’t had access to technology…
    Hope the contest ends before I’ll buy it, it’s an awesome phone… Amazing…

    • Out of the Park Apps

      Let’s hope Google steps up their merchandising or you could be waiting a whiiiiiiile.

  • Matt Sabs

    Awesome design on this thing. Can’t wait to try one, or get one!

  • Chirag Thakkar

    really nice…AA is always the only one to giveaway phone which not even relesed.And u get ur phone with evryone buying new …For Free :-)

  • malibu

    Right!!! Android authority basically walked me the through rooting my nexus7.. then had the rom cookies and cream 1.3 ..thank u!. Ps.. I wrote a comment on the c@c page.. you can’t flash gapps that way.. going back to step 9 and 10 Nope.. just reboot with the new rom.. then go back into recovery.. and just install from sd/zip the gapps.. nothing else and reboot… ps love u guys tho!

  • Osagie Oyegun

    You know you guys could at least have one giveaway per continent?

  • Natale Giuliano Mainieri

    MINE, MINE, and MINE! lol

  • Andrea Rossi

    Fantastic giveaway! Keep on rockin’ guys! :D

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    I can win!

  • Nick

    My nexus one is toast! Plz help!

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    Great work guys. You’re the best source for up to date Android news!

  • Antonio Inuso

    I want it :)

  • Ammar Raza

    I accidentally click Enter on Google currents, and I don’t own an android or iOS device. So what do I do?

  • Daniel Chavez

    I hope i win this time!!!!

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    Best of luck to everyone :)

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    i am in pls

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    I love you, Android Autority :)

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    I’m in o/

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    allez bonne chance et que le meilleur gagne ! Android authority you rock

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    amazing love android authority i check this site every 10 mins for anything new in the android world go android!!!! WOOOO!!

    • Clayton Ljungberg

      Great comment, thank you for the support!

    • aCe manayan

      been doing that for a couple months now since i heard about android authority from a friend of mine since then am a FAN :))))

    • Justin Philip P

      The same always visit this site specially for the war between apple and android

    • Adam Eldin

      Haha thanks guys, I need this thing lol my old phone broke

  • Friðberg Leifs Jensson

    I couldn’t say no to Nexus device

  •александр-гуров/100000066156169 александр гуров

    I hope i win

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  • procoder

    i am at the top of this list..r u…like it..

  • Love Smile

    no chance but still try

  • Mr N™

    Ahhh, Nexus 4 goodness, I just love Nexus , the only pure vanilla rom.

  • Vyrlokar

    I assume that the code will be in the NEXT 2 Android Authority on Air episodes right?

    • Nicklas Zetterberg

      Most likely, yes.

    • Darcy Alexander LaCouvee

      Yes, exactly. Good luck!

  • Andreas Reitzel

    LG hardware with pure vanilla android software, how can you not want that?!

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  • Kean Loong Mak

    COOL! Nuff said.

  • mactheburger

    To quote the guy doing the unboxing. Its big its black its beautiful

  • AndroidBrian

    If I win, that would save me some serious coin.

  • Pete

    An international giveaway of which we have to be up at 2:30am to enter (UK Time). You should make it a US contest as your gearing it towards the US with the time’s

  • Alex

    GOD plz let me win this!!!!!!!! Thanks Android Authority

  • Neil Coutinho

    I love you guys ! I have never won a giveaway but fingers crossed ! Cheers guys ! Thank you

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    Looks good

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    I have listened to the android air to get the secret code. No code given What happened ?

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    Well, at least I tried :D

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    You Are Awesome ! I want an Android phone, plz :'( ?

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    You all are one of the best source of daily android news.

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    This be one of the greatest giveaway on the internet and its all thanks to the greatest blog on the net, Android authority.keep up the good work, i am addicted to you.

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    Just want that beauty..

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    Great contest guys.

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    I never win any contests. But that doesn’t stop me from trying!

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    dat nexus 4


    Why do I have to put my life on a social network to enter a contest. Stupid Facebook :-(

  • Osvaldo

    Great!!, thank’s’…by the way if we see the podcast later, can we see o hear de code?..

  • Josh Melling

    Love it! love You guys!

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    Hope i can win!! Freebies are cool^^

  • Armando G. Mondul

    Why there’s no Android Authority’ Android App???

    • Clayton Ljungberg

      There is :)

      • Nicklas Zetterberg

        Is there any app for iOS? I’m stuck with my iPod Touch until christmas.

      • DroidDoes17All

        Downloading right meow!

  • Sotiris Karagiorgis

    wow amazing giveaway!!! fingers crossed. Great work AA

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    Ah, amazing! I can’t wait for it!!! :D

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    You should give it to the guy just below the message above me!

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    Amazing device! would love to have it.

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    Lots of chances here. Thanks guys :)

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    Awesome ! Need a new phone!!

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    Pretty much check this site every day for updates on the Nexus 4. I guess this counts

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    Android Authority is the best Android website! Very informative, has awesome articles and prizes. Hope I win this time! :D

  • Alisha Taylor

    I feel that the Nexus 4 phone is going to put significant price pressure on all manufacturers as it now has the retina display, but at a higher resolution and bigger screen than the iPhone. Not to mention the other hardware specs are all up to par with everything else out on the market.

  • blowntoaster

    only site that gives away brand spanking new toys as they launch.
    Android authority is the first website I open each day. Keep up the good work.

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  • 1eyefighter

    Congratulation to the lucky one who will be wining this Mighty and AndroidNE-X piece of technology….Take care…

  • 1eyefighter

    Congratulation to the lucky one who will be wining this Mighty and AndroidNE-X piece of technology….Take care…

  • S2556

    good luck!
    thanks android authority!

  • Errol Tobing

    Great news update on the Android world..

  • Elia Haj Elias

    i wish i win this time :)

  • BrainOfSweden

    I just got a Galaxy S2, and I’m really happy with it, but I can’t resist this awesome giveaway, big thanks for making it international. So far, I have all the entries except the secret codes.

  • Tahir Mushtaq

    Android Authority On Air will be at 4:30 am at my location, damn i not gonna sleep today

  • Craig Lawrence

    dont have a mobile device that can support google current

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    im addicted to this site, im on it everyday, this and that one is new but its a good read

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    this site is fantastic im on it about 10 times a day, its great that you guys constantly have new info for us :)
    iv’e just started

  • Konrad Gapinski

    what are the chances of winning?

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    Two Latest Request is confusing on me :(

    Listen to Android Authority on Air [1st chance]
    Listen to Android Authority On Air [2nd chance]

    Which one is it?

  • Adie Bhatt

    The only site whose giveaways feel legit rather than others just want to attract more traffic. Love Android Authority.

    • Michael Lee

      They’re asking you to share this with your friends and for you to watch their podcast… :P

      Even though they want more traffic still doesn’t mean they’re a bad site, though.

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    thanks but its 330am in Western Europe

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    Select me !

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    done 14 points you guys rock ive seen almost all of you vids keep it up guys

    • Josh York

      You mean 12? The last code won’t be released till next week. ;-)

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    I need to win this. I would love a Nexus 4 from Android Authority

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    Starting to love Android authority more and more. Love the podcast, learn so many new things

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    I got the secret code! :3

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    I loved that you guys mentioned about your Indian fans at youtube live onair.

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    giveaways are always awesome

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  • $/G/R !

    Guess Christmas is gonna come early…AA’s goona be our santa claus

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    Thanks for the Nexus 4 AA :D

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    Pick someone, who can’t order this amazing phone from Play Store cheap in his country. For example me :) Plz :3

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    I live in Egypt .. if i win would u deliver it to me … ?

  • Michael D

    I NEED this phone!

  • Howard

    The iphone 5 has gsm, hspa, and lean support. I see this nexus which can not support LTE becoming obsolete within two years

    • Howard

      Meant LTE, not lean

  • Chris Chavez

    Can….. I enter? O_o

    • sagar makkar

      y not this giveaway is international irrespective of AA , AP or PHANDROID…:P
      anyways you r the best writer there chris..keep up the good work:)

      • Chris Chavez

        Fine, fine… You win. ;)

        • sagar makkar

          lol thanks..;)
          i should get total of 15 entries now..:P

  • Andreas Stevan

    So, I live in Indonesia. Is there any chance for me to win the device?

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    Since I know my bad luck never help me in such a thing but when i made the switch from the iOS to the android OS Android authority ws my first guid

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    18000 to 1 chance to win is still a chance.. :D

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    Use to be on Phandroid, no longer use it ever since I discovered this site.

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    really nice…AA is always the only one to giveaway phone which not even relesed.And u get ur phone with evryone buying new …For Free :-)

  • klyte klinton binas

    i love this contest.XD

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    Kudos how Android Authority overtook established giants in the field for in-depth & first look reportage of all things Android. Indispensable site!

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    Best site for Android lovers! Brazil fans :)

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    I own a old android is a samsung gt-i5500, i think is time to a new one, i’m in love with nexus devices i would buy all but unfortunalety i live in Colombia and google dont have a store right here so i would if i could win this giveaway!

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    Awesome giveaway

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    Hope I win =D will be a BIG upgrade from my lg p500 =P

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    I been fan of Android Authority for years

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    Great giveaways.The only site whose giveaways feel legit rather than others just want to attract more traffic. Love Android Authority.

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    I left T-mobile for Verizon, and this would be a great addition to my return to T-Mobile.
    And back to the Google Nexus Program.

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    Android authority is like an eye opener to me. Go on with the good job of bringing us android news. Love the apple bashing part especially! XD

  • Bambang Hermanto

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    Good luck to everyone who’s entered, especially ME! :D

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    Omg, Nexus 4 (both versions) are already sold out (apparently) in Australia, UK, Spain, …

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    The Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 are sold out! no chance to get one!

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    OMG 16 GB version, is sold out in Canada.
    Will google have it back on sale?

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    Finally a site to getaway from all of those apple fanboy articles.. With awesome giveaways to boot..!

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    I missed buying one today so one for free would be real nice, especially from my favorite android site out their !!!!

    ( me no like android central no more – I dont want a fucking case )
    ( and android and me only have 2 posts a day, come on what am i suppose to do when im bored eh?)

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    4 more days to go guys!!!

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    google is the best software developer I’ve seen, so I would like to have this nexus 4 and because get one here in Mexico is very difficult
    google es el mejor creador de software que he visto, por eso, quisiera tener este nexus 4 y por que conseguir uno aca en mexico esta muy dificil

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I gave up after the third thing. I just remember why I don’t do this site…

  • Samantha Rotta Danneggiata McL

    Your site is soo AWESOME..finally making the switch from blackberry to Android (I know I am UBER late!!)..but yeah…this site has all the news and reviews, updates and FABULOUS giveaways!!!…Still hoping I win that Nexus!!! Keep up the great work guys!!! :-)

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    I didn’t want to enter any sort of giveaway on Android Authority before because the chances are very little. This time, I had a feeling I would win this one. I wanna win this for my brother who had lost his job and everything else.

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    I tried but I am disabled and the screen on my phone is small so I couldnt look at the screen for long thats why i needed the Nexus4 but I just want to thank-you guys for all the contests

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    A nexus, one nexus, One out of ten thousands . Who gonna be the luckier. Suk for u

  • Ashraf Mazlan

    Honestly, I don’t really follow Android Authority previously. There’s a lot of Android news sites and I don’t know which one to follow.

    But hey, maybe this will be the beginning of a great information for me.

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    I can’t do the Google Currents task as I don’t have an Android phone :(

    I fear that I will be disqualified for not completing it :P

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    I can’t live a day without Android Authority :)

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    hope 3 entries wins it for me… I really need to get rid of this Sensation, and Ive been wantng to try a Nexus device for years

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    Guys, I have a Symbian. Please, be merciful :'(

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    25840 to 1 chance.. still optimistically crossing my fingers (and toes).. :)

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    I’ll get this N4 on this giveaway! Or else I’ll have to buy it on January, or whenever it’s available again XP. BTW I’m from Mexico, so Google doesn’t sell or ship Nexus devices here.:(

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  • Barney
  • Barney

    The Bro Code, now at the Google Play Store! Every Bro definitely needs to see this! No joke!

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    Best android site ever! I found out about it thanks to your drop tests on youtube and since then I’ve been visiting the site several times a day every day! :D

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    Hi I am still waiting for the Nexus 4 droptest. I check youtube every couple of days and its not up.

    Whats going on?

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    Reppin for Jamaica!!!…Hope I win!!!! :-)

  • Kaushik Pasi

    So why am I here? Not to say how incredible is the Nexus-4 nor “Chane ke jhad pe chadhana” meaining praising till sky’s limit. I just want to share my experience here. I took my first android {directly GB :( } a year ago and have been a regular visitor to android authority. i learned to root my phone from here, learned many tweaks. I would say that this site in particular has been a daily dose in my life (along with Google of course lolzz). Then I got to know about the Nexus devices and boy…….I wish everyday to atleast use that device once, if not mine may be my friend’s. I am from India and I have become a BIG Android Fan Boy since I knew Android’s potential but I am very sorry to say that though there are android users in India but hardly anyone has a Nexus device :( I wish to see all my friends, family members and other users here to use android really. I realized this a year ago when I wanted to use some apps like Whatsapp but there were hardly 10 people from my contact list that were using it, now many use but when u ask them which new phone us got, they say Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, no Nexus. :`(
    I am doing Engineering and wish to see all my friends use Android probably Nexus, atleast and hope who knows if we get one from android authority…….fingers crossed

  • daveloft

    Can’t wait to win :)

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    1 minute and counting.. may the best android fan win!

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  • Ahmadi Arismaharto Joedawinata

    This site has been the first tab on my browser every day ever since the first time i found out about this giveaway.. I’m scared like a child waiting to see the result of his report card.. Yikes..

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    • Benno Norton

      Yeah, Who won?

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    Man, I’ve been seriously obsessing about the beautiful LG Nexus 4 for way too long! I can’t wait to hear about the winner and I really hope it ends up being ME! LOL :D
    Greetings to you, guys, you do an amazing job!

  • Samantha Rotta Danneggiata McL

    y did i think you would reveal the winner right after!!!??? SMH – Bed time for me!!!

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    • aCe manayan

      Yes we are real…how about you? are you real?

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    Got to the second rule and said F’ that. Lame.

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    Yah. Tidak sempat memasukkan kode rahasia yang terakhir :(

  • Vaibhav Dange

    Whhoaa! This giveway is goin’ to be awesome! :)

  • Rhia Vega

    Is this for real?I never really won anything…yet it wont hurt to try

  • zack

    When we will know who win?

  • Gurvinder Singh Kular

    fingers crossed!

  • Martin Barilík

    This contest is no longer accepting entries. U kiddin me ? :-/ Why u released this news on g+ until now?

    • Bambang Hermanto

      It was released a week ago :) now we’re just waiting for the announcement

  • Espen

    Announce the winner already!

  • chriskirza

    great.would love to win the nexus 4

  • Aru Merugaru

    And the winner is…

  • Belén Cebrián

    Good to know I’m not the only one here losing my patience XD I don’t think it will take a long time to announce the winner but surely we’re pretty anxious! And those annoying Google Play’s failures are not going to help getting a Nexus 4 soon, so… good luck everyone! *Fingers crossed too*

  • Győző Zachár

    Fingers crossed :)

  • Wude

    Congrats Tyler, Tomas H.!
    Now for the rest of us (if we’re interested), we must head to the Nexus 10 giveaway :p

  • Nicklas Zetterberg

    What, were there 2 phones?

    Congratulations to the winner(s) anyway!

  • Alejandro L. Zuvic

    Oh, now I hate you!

    Nah, just kidding. You’re amazing, keep this way!

  • Ahmadi Arismaharto Joedawinata


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    Soooooooooooooooooo Disappointed!!!

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    after knowing the code, what after?

  • Arvind Katiyar

    Very active on Google+,some very intresting topics and comments.

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    The best giveaway site for an android lover and now you getting Google nexus 4 device. You guys are amazing.