Google Nexus 10 tipped by suppliers, is Google making a 10-inch tablet already?

by: Chris SmithJune 29, 2012

The Google Nexus 7 has just been launched at this year’s Google I/O edition to target one specific Android tablet, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, but the company may soon unveil a device that will take on the other more important “enemy,” Apple’s iPad.

Google has not confirmed that’s working on a 10-inch tablet yet, not that we’d expect the company to mention such plans at this time, but it looks like Digitimes has learned from certain suppliers that the Search giant has already ordered 10-inch displays.

Apparently AU Optronics and Wintek are going to provide the 10-inch panels to Google, but I’m sure neither company will confirm such details. Moreover, considering Digitimes’ hit and miss track record when reporting on upcoming devices, we’ll take everything with a grain of salt for now. That’s not to say we don’t expect Google to make a 10-inch tablet in the future. In fact, that’s probably going to happen since, let’s not forget, Google did acquire Motorola, and the company does make a few Android tablets of its own.

The Taiwanese publication has also revealed in its report that Wintek is now the largest touch panel supplier for Google, according to the same sources. The company shipped 500,000 units of one glass solution (OGS) touch panels for the Google Nexus 7 this month, with total OGS shipments topping one million units during May-July. If that’s true, then it means Google plans to sell quite a few Google Nexus 7 units in the following months.

Anyone interested in a Google Nexus 10 tablet or is the 7-inch version just perfect for your mobile computing needs?

  • Robhimself79

    As long as it has a minimum of 32 gb of storage… or an SD slot. I love the idea of a decently priced 10″ tablet.

  • Rhys

    Definitely interested in a 10″ google tablet. Will follow with interest!

  • Timothy Oliver

    I would DEFINITELY be interested in replacing my current Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 with a Google 10″ tablet. There would be the likelihood of future updates, and an actual Google experience. I hope they will make it possible to take notes on this thing so I can drop pencil and paper notes. I hope they give some consideration to making it corporate friendly also.

    • SherriDalton


  • Definitely interested in a 10 inch tablet from Google. It will suit my needs way better than the nexus 7. I was going to buy N 7 just for the JB experience but after the above news I will definitely wait for the 10 inch variant.
    Great News!

  • chathu

    Its good if it’s a “Wi-Fi+HSPA” device.

  • Alex Ohannes

    I would probably buy this, if it had a micro sd slot, right now, i am currently looking to buy a Motorola Xoom.

  • I would love a 10″ google tablet

  • I would buy a 10″ google tablet

  • nik

    If it has SD card slot and HSPA connectivity superb.

  • Cyberhero10

    As long as the ten inch tablet has a micro sd card slot, hdmi, a rear facing camera, god design and display. And a keyboard dock if possible. If so I am definetly in

  • James Norman

    I’m not getting the Nexus 7 because I want a Nexus 10. I know a few people in my family are doing the same…

  • Jayforce

    10 inch, 8 inch… Anything bigger than a 7 inch would be awesome. Of course a must is a sd slot, usb port, HDMI and a back cam

  • Dillon Lees

    I’ve been waiting very patiently for Google to release a 10.1″ tablet. I’ve been holding off buying the galaxy tab for one particular reason: I want jellybean! Yeah, the galaxy tab will probably get JB and I dig the touchwiz UI but there’s nothing like being able to check out the OS updates as soon as they’re released. I just hope the motorola acquisition doesn’t screw with Google’s relationship with Samsung, who is probably their strongest ally is bringing down the market share of those crappy iPad 2’s… stupid designer item. What can you do with the darn thing other than say you have one?

  • Dave Davis

    Like my Nexus 7, in fact I love it. I’d also buy a 10 inch to replace my Xoom but the 10 would have to have everything the 7 has plus a micro SD slot.

    I hope they can price the 10 so that it can grab a bunch of iPad market share.

  • Tom

    7″ Nexus tab is too small for my needs, a 10″ one would be perfect.

  • Everybody I know that has an interest in the 7″ is waiting for a 10″.

  • Aqdas Rauf

    7″ is just too small for reading full size PDF books. Going to wait for the ‘Nexus 10’. Plus Android needs a solid contender to the iPad.

  • Lerang (The Netherlands)

    My Nexus 7 would love a big brother …

  • stavros karpathakis

    I would buy the nexus 10” the same day