After seeing plenty of leaked images that confirmed the existence of Google’s 10-inch Nexus tablet a few days ago, we’re now going to show you a very short video of the device in action.

Don’t get too excited though, because at only 5 seconds, the video is hardly going to reveal anything spectacular about the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean device. In fact you may want to look at the leaked images from a few days ago if you want to better check out design lines and potential software features, as they’ll certainly be more revealing.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty clear the device has been handled in the wild, several days ahead of Google’s upcoming Nexus event. And since Google had to postpone the October 29 event to a latter unannounced date, due to Hurricane Sandy, who knows how many more Nexus-related leaks we’ll get to see in the coming days.

Anyone planning to purchase a Google Nexus 10 tablet in the coming months?

  • sdd

    that bezel………

    • Thomas Weber

      Yeah, I thought the same thing when I got my tablet. But after carrying it around, I actually appreciated it just because it lessened the random touch inputs.

  • Hermanator

    Where did the notification bar go?

    • Joe Martinson

      It’s at the top

  • Its so ugly. looks like that cheap ACER tablet with ICS you can buy. just no

    • MasterMuffin

      Doesn’t matter, Os and specs kick some ass, buy a cover for it :)

    • I think its beautiful, i dont mind plastic as long as it looks nice

  • podNc

    no happy with my iPad 3

    • MasterMuffin

      Do you mean
      A) you’re not happy with your ipad 3
      B) no, I don’t like this I’m happy with my ipad 3 and I’ll stay with it?

    • dro_ID

      Is there a coma after “no”, or not?

  • alex13809

    Breifmobile, there’s an understatement…

  • Daniel Cavanagh

    Yes i can finally see how smooth browsing the web is on the Nexus 10 compared to the iPad 3 *video stops* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  • On tablets I like the large bezel, way better for usability, and I really like the design of this tablet, albeit it is made of plastic partially. I honestly don’t see any market for this if it’s priced at $500, which it seems like it will be since it has amazing specs, but if Google is smart I think they will make this tablet cheap, otherwise it will probably fail, it will gain some sales, but not a lot, if its at $500, but if it’s priced at, say, $300 to $400, I think it would sell extremely well, as a lot of people don’t want the smaller tablets, and the specs are amazing (better than any other tablet on the market). Anyways, I will definitely buy it if it is priced between $300 and $400, and if it’s at $500 I will get it in a few months, just because I want a 10 inch nexus device.

    • Larkhillv

      Yeah, I think between $400-500 is a realistic price point. If it’s $500+, I don’t think it will sell well until the price cut. But, Samsung tends to use lesser grade materials, so maybe the cheaper build quality will mean a cheaper tablet. I personally don’t mind because I will put a case on it, especially since the back panel is hideous. Honestly, though, I would have preferred Assus to make the Nexus 10. The 7 looks so nice, especially for a $200 tablet. Overall, Asus just has great looking hardware. Samsung, on the other hand, is very hit or miss for me…

      • I think the 10 has a beautiful design, and the plastic on the back (it may not be) seems to look like that of the nexus 7 back, which feels lovely, but it doesnt have the dimples I believe

    • saurabhaj

      It is Samsung,
      and Samsung is in no way bringing it below 500$,
      in price,Samsung is next to Apple.

      • dro_ID

        This tablet is ordered by Google, and Google is not making money by selling tablets; they can sell it at “breakeven cost”. In case it will cost as much as an iPad mini, it will kill the apple’s product :)

        • saurabhaj

          Samsung is next to Apple,
          do you know what i mean,
          why the heck you bring ipad mini into this,
          my opinion is Samsung products are costly like that of Apple,
          does Samsung bring cheap product for Google,
          not in this decade,

          • goonie

            but they did 399 is a hell of a bargain.

          • saurabhaj

            But i think its only in US.

      • lol what do you say now?, remember, google controls the nexus name, google is using manufacturers like samsung/asus for hardware because they dont have the ability to easily and cheaply make their own hardware

      • goonie

        its 399 sub 500 and I am getting both 10 and 7

  • Andrew Mezzi

    What? That’s not using the 10 inch tablet ui?

  • That thing is so ugly, wow.

  • any info about price ?

  • saurabhaj

    Briefmobile,definitely seeing this video.

  • bulky, don’t you think? but affordable

  • cycad007

    Dear Google…please stick with ASUS for future tablets. I love the look & feel of my Nexus 7. This [Samsung] Nexus 10, on the other hand, looks *BUTT UGLY*!! I would also argue that ASUS Transformers for better built tablets than the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  • Sad Android

    I love Android, but honestly, that tablet is UGLY!

  • Luis

    This damn thing is way too much ugly. I was really expecting something more elegant from Google but I have to say that I really doubt this is the actual device. Maybe a prototype that has all the hardware but not the looks! I hope so! Uau, it made me sick!