Google Nexus 10 pogo charger on its way?

by: Andrew GrushDecember 14, 2012
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Google Nexus 10

Google Nexus 10 owners, do you wish there was an easier way to charge your tablet? Your wish may be coming true, by way of the recently leaked Pogo charger. Using magnetic force, the charger is said to work in a similar manner to a MagSafe connector.

The news of the Pogo charger comes by way of a forum user over at Android Central, who claims to work directly for the supplier of the pogo cable. The source not only provided the image directly below this paragraph, but also reported that the accessory will soon be available from Amazon and eBay for roughly $20, give or take a little.

Pogo Charger

Keep in mind that we can’t say for sure whether this rumor is true or not at this point. The pictured charger seems to look like it might fit the Nexus 10, but looks can sometimes be deceiving. For the moment, take this all with a grain of salt.

If this is all true and it is in fact coming soon? It certainly sounds more convenient and exciting than plugging in a traditional microUSB cable. What do you think, would you pick one of these up for around $20 or not?

  • YellowRex

    Maybe if my Galaxy Nexus had the same connector. I’m happy using the same cables and adapters for my phone and tablet.

    A dock would be much more interesting. But even that I’m lukewarm on since the video output probably won’t drive my monitor very well (2560×1440 monitor that the micro HDMI port runs at 720p).

  • Jason Lynch

    A dock would be nice, but I don’t currently have anywhere (convenient) to put one. That being said, I’d definitely take a pogo-plug charger for my Nexus 10 if for no other reason than I have literally worn out the micro-USB port on two different devices from repeated plugging and unplugging for charging. Hopefully the pogo-plug charges faster than USB too.

  • pavlaki

    Is it possible to see a Nexus 10 or try one before buying? They don’t appear to be available anywhere but online! If that is Google’s sales strategy then they are crazy! I’m not parting with £400+ without trying first. If I can’t get to try one then I’ll buy an I pad.

  • DeVaughn Currie

    It charges slower there for serves no purpose

  • jstevenkim

    Hi there,

    I am the one supplying and selling the pogo cable on eBay. We just shipped out the first orders received from ebay, so we expect most buyers get their orders delivered soon. Unfortuately, ebay removed the listing for some reason a few days ago, so it has caused a rumor that the listing on ebay could be a scam or fraud. Now we are trying to resolving the issue with ebay, and sooner or later the pogo cable will be available online again. If you have any question about the pogo cable, I am happy to answer you by email at Thank you.