Google Nexus 10 International Giveaway!

November 19, 2012

    Love, love, love. It’s the spirit of the season over here at Android Authority, and we feel like giving back to our most favorite people in the world – you, our readers. With this in mind, we decided to give away the most rock ‘em sock ‘em tablet on the market – the Google Nexus 10!

    We are honored and humbled to serve you, our readers, each and every day, as we scour the internet for the latest and greatest of all things Android! We’re not just an Android news site; we do great hands on videos, comparisons and VS’ of the latest and greatest devicesdevices reviews, best app lists, app reviews, and much, much more!

    We do this every day because we love Android, and because we believe in being a part of the ecosystem. We do our best to make Android the greatest mobile operating system, by finding the best apps, by providing real and honest reviews of all the hardware and by reporting to you all the latest developments of everything Android!

    With its absolutely ridiculous spec sheet, the Nexus 10 is the hottest tablet on the market. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it! Here are the instructions for the giveaway!


    1. Subscribe to us on our social channels, Google+YoutubeFacebookTwitter.
    2. Let others know about this giveaway by sharing the post on your social media channels.
    3. Check out Android Authority On Air and listen for the secret code! There will be two chances to get the code, as it will be held separately. The show is held every Thursday, at 9:30PM EST, so check it out for more chances to win!

    For those of you interested in getting the best chance possible, do as many as possible for the best chance to win!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    As crazy as it might sound, we actually do pay attention to each and every comment. We do this because we strive to be the best!

    Let us know how we are doing, and what we can do to serve you better! Thanks for entering the giveaway, and good luck! We love you guys (and gals especially).


    • Alejandro L. Zuvic


      PS: Hey, guys, the script to tweet the post is wrong. It pastes “LG Nexus 4 Int Give…” instead of “Samsung Nexus 10″.

    • Raviteja

      Another Giveaway?? AWESOME!!

    • Levente Krizsán

      Thank you!!!! You are the best!!

    • Vyrlokar

      Well, another Nexus giveaway!

      I would prefer winning the N4, but this is also mouth watering.

    • Belén Cebrián

      Wow! O.o
      You guys are amazing! I can’t believe it, the winner of the Nexus 4 it’s not announced and yet there’s another giveaway! And a Nexus 10!!! Awesome =D P.S: If you don’t mind I would prefer the Nexus 4, hehehe.

    • Spaine Carinan

      Oh wow! This is why Android Authority is so awesome…

    • Alex

      WOW That’s so awesome of you guys!!!!!
      Thanks a lot for another giveaway

    • Rahul Ram

      i love to win this giveaway, android authority ur the best !!!!

    • Caloy Aurellano

      When do I get to be disappointed that I didn’t win the Nexus 4?? Haha

      • Sid Goswami


      • Alejandro L. Zuvic

        Hahaha! Genius!

      • MasterMuffin

        I know! Why aren’t they announcing the winner, I want to get angry and jealous!

        • AndroidBrian

          bookmark the giveaway page. Youll see the updated page once the contest ends. They announce the winner on that page.

          • aCe manayan

            For every giveaway of AndroidAuthority i always do bookmarking =D incase i won and update for who won =)))))

    • Juanma

      Nice! Thanks guys! Keep up the good work.

    • Avinash Kumar

      Trying from so many months to win a give away but Nothing yet!!!
      C’mon Android Authority.. Give something to your fans from India :)

      • Darcy Alexander LaCouvee

        We’ve got lots of love for our Indian fans! We’ve got a fully dedicated Indian site, too:, and they have a giveaway going on right now! We’ve had some winners of our giveaways win stuff there, too, so keep your fingers crossed!

    • Wahaab Jalal Bhatti

      looks great as always !

    • Andreas Stevan

      wahh. Setiap ada post dari Darcy LaCouvee, pasti ada giveaway! Semoga bisa menang kali ini! :D

    • Yonas Farah

      but…but…..i’ve done these things long time ago.

    •!/ZayStylin Zay Stylin

      Winning this beast would bring joy to my people! Lol I’m kidding. But this would be a gerat present to my nephew who loves electronics all around.

    • Eddie J Camacho

      SICK!!!!!! Awesome

    • Osvaldo

      i don’t have facebook

      • Flo

        I have facebook and Google + but the number oft my “friends” there is easy to count – ZERO.
        Sad that you need that for everything.
        I even got problems with getting Stuff for the university.
        I can’t get it. facebook is ugly and unintuitive..

    • Sebastian Caballaro

      Can’t wait to get my hands on a Nexus 10! Giveaway or back in stock… just get Samsung to start pulling and pushing levers to make it happen :)

    • Győző Zachár

      OMG I can’t believe these awesome giveaways, Android Authority rules!!

    • Tom

      Nice, but the chances of winning are so slim :/

    • AlienDW

      Men camon you are the best android news site, which site does so awesome giveawyas like this?

    • procoder

      you guys never stop giving giveaways and we never win one..i hope i win this time..

    • skynet11

      I was starting to doubt that the long-rumored tablet with the Samsung Exynos 5250 processor and the ultra HD display was going to come this year. I’m glad I was wrong, and that it’s a Nexus to boot!

    • Sid Goswami

      I never been in a Giveaway, and i been watching AndroidAuthority since 1 year and its an awesome website. Always have awesome news and tricks…
      Nexus 10 is a beauty!

    • Taher Muhammedali

      So,, is the nexus 4 draw done? and.. I havent won? :S
      OK nexus 10, here I come !

    • MohdZakhri

      Give me one! :D

    • 1SandBox1

      I hope I win, been following Android Authority since 1 year

    • Bone

      Do we need subscription to ALL channels? I only have Twitter and YT/Gmail to sing in.

      • Nicklas Zetterberg

        You get 1 or 2 entries for each “thing”. If you only do, let’s say 7 tasks, someone who did all 14 has twice the chance of winning.

        • BigBone


    • flye

      so we just click on the thing???

    • reevester

      Totally drooling. But I never get lucky so I’ll be pre-disappointed for this one! :P

    • duckian

      perfect xmas gift :)

    • Asad Sarwar

      I wants the nexus gimme gimme .

    • Craig Lawrence

      as one is done another comes

    • Daniel Chavez

      I would seriously faint if i win this!!!!….It would be the best Xmas yet!

    • runekey

      So much room for activities with those 3 extra inches

    • Bruno Coelho

      you should do a Nexus Xmas Pack giveaway (Nexus 4 + Nexus 7 + Nexus 10), that would be the best of the best giveaway ever…

    • Niranjan

      Who will be lucky this time..

    • Friðberg Leifs Jensson

      That would be a great christmas present for AA to me :D

    • rafaelzamith

      Keep up the good work. Just can’t find sites in Brazil with this kind of great content!

    • Riki Sutton

      I’m tempted to join Twitter and Google+ just to get more entries!

    • Zack

      Thx you guys

    • Sean McKenty

      Love your content and your giveaways, though I haven’t won any yet :), Keep up the good work.

    • Jei Arc

      Well since they will announce very soon that I “won” (will win) the N4 i will happy to also receive the N10 :), please be sure to get my correct address. Thank you AA!!!

    • Droid Universe

      I hope I get lucky this time.

    • Nexus RaY

      Very nice! Whoever wins is definitely in for a treat! Great giveaway AA :)

    • Mike Burns


    • TommyNYC

      Thumbs up for all the giveaways! thats awesome!
      But, can we see some winners announced ? :)

    • aCe manayan

      i want the N10 for my family!!! =D

    • aCe manayan

      Make the days lesser for a greater chance to get =D

    • Dhruv Halwasiya

      I looooove android authority !!!
      can anybody tell me how I can write for Android Authority ?!

      • Darcy Alexander LaCouvee

        We are always looking to add passionate people to the team. If you are truly interested in contributing, have deep and thorough knowledge of all things mobile and Android, then feel free to submit an application here:

    • Jerry li

      you guys are amazing :D

    • Bambang Hermanto

      Woots! Another Giveaway! I hope I can win this time! Go Android Authority *thumbs up*

    • atg284

      Maybe this is the only way I can get one! Thanks for the chance! :-)

    • Neil Coutinho

      hey @darcy If I were to win this , could I get the Nexus 10 with the Android Authority logo behind it .Thanks AA

      • Darcy Alexander LaCouvee

        That’s a pretty bad ass idea! Should we get some stickers made? Maybe some custom ones? Fridge, cars, tablets, phones, nothing will be safe! Maybe even some custom AA collectibles? Let me know!

        • sagar makkar

          actually that’s a great idea to put up your AA logo behind your giveaways.
          that would make the tablet look cool and different.
          sorry darcy i already made an AA tshirt featured in all your drop test videos..:P

        • David Jeffers

          I know I’d love to get a N10 with your logo on it ^_^ whether it be a decal, case, or even a theme of some sort, having it AA colectibles would be AWESOME

        • joser116

          Where can I Like this post and +1 this post? :(

        • Kuba Komada

          Totally you should make stickers, my car still have a lot of free space on it’s bumpers haha

        • Neil Coutinho

          Love the idea of custom back covers and AA collectibles.Makes the phone feel special and different.

        • Neil Coutinho

          Actually lets get creative,How about you guys hold a contest to see how can come up with the most interesting back cover decal. Winners get the device with their custom cover printed at the back .

    • Pretush

      lets hope i win this time

    • Ashwin Sree Kumar Nair

      I love how you are creating a habit out of people listening to Android on Air. Save for the fact that its rather monotonous when it gets to be 1 hour. The show/ hangout is actually impressive and informative. Win or Lose I guess it was great fun listening to your show.

    • AndroidBrian

      Hey Darcy! How many people enter these contest normally??? 500k? 1 million? 2 Million? Just curious.

      • Darcy Alexander LaCouvee

        Hey AndroidBrian! Because we give people numerous chances to win, the number can look massive, and therefore the odds quite low.

        This, however, is simply not the case. Take the Nexus 4 Giveaway for example. It had nearly 30,000 entries, but each person had as many as 14 chances to win!

        In this particular instance, there were around 7000 people that entered. Far better than buying a lottery ticket, and free, too! We’re going to keep giving stuff away – forever.

        We do this because we want to show our appreciation to you, our visitors, and we always do our best to make our giveaways international. The winner of the Galaxy Note 2 was located in Pakistan – not an easy country to get super hot fresh tech too, but we got it done! Thanks for checking us out, and for being a part of the action. Good luck!

    • Anunay Inuganti

      awesome! you guys are great. So you are giving away the best tablet out there for free ?

    • Chirag Thakkar

      Another giveaway.and i am again here.:-)

    • DeadSOL

      Hurray! :D

    • Rob Petersen

      I wanted to win the Nexus 4 badly, but I want to win this Nexus 10 even more!!

    • jawad zaib

      i will love to get this tab, thanks for the giveaway

    • Eugene Yaschenko

      thanks for the chance!

    • Vikky

      I really want this!

    • Mahesh

      Iove to win this

    • Keg Man

      Crosses fingers

    • Cowboy Nick A

      An opportunity to throw out my iPod? I’ll take it!

    • Piyush

      is this the contest which i will never win? lol

    • Darkmyth PT

      the guy under the next comment is praying to win

    • Nejc Kišek

      This giweaways are awesome! I probably won’t win anything though :(

    • Carlos David Gomez

      Hello over there! here is someone who read every day your news about android’s world……….so, see ya!!

    • Jaylin Orosco

      Hopefully I win!

    • David Jeffers

      After getting my phone stolen at work it would be a dream come true to be able to win something to replace it, I’ve been DIEING to use my Ingress code I got

      • Sridhar Katakam

        Guess you posted this comment in the wrong post. This giveaway is for Nexus 10, not Nexus 4!

    • Theja Chvrs

      The hottest tablet ever,.., want one

    • Nagaraj

      nexus 10 is awesome……. but android authority is the BOSS!!!:)

    • CA Nikhil D’Souza

      as usual imma try my luck hoping to win this for my birthday :P yeah its kinda lame to post it in that sense…….. but these dang beautiful babies won’t come to india any time soon….and when they do they cost 2x!

    • Todor Velichkov

      I can’t hear the secret CODE on Android Authority on Air? What is it? ::)

    • Kyle C

      When are the winners going to be announced for the Halloween giveaway for the nexus 7?

    • Supreet Singh Matta

      I love this give-away. Win-win situation. Let me have it :-)

    • Jayel Villamin


    • David

      this is awesome!!!!

    • Ali Caracalla

      So many chances to win yay

    • Ritika Singh Matta

      Thanks for the offer – this will make some ones holidays better :-)

    • Huzaifa Fazal

      cool nexus 10!, would be my first tablet, thats if i win :)

    • Rohith Chadalavada

      Hope I win this contest. I never won any contest

    • Theja Chvrs

      This is one of the awesome tablets..,

      You can also make some animated presentations showing the features and performances of each of the newly released phablets,tablets n smart phones and give the best result.

    • Ritvik Singh

      You know… these giveaways really attract people.. Include more of these.

    • joser116

      Where can a Like this post and +1 this post? :(

    • Kuba Komada

      I’m in need of a new tablet so I’ll give it a shot.Thank god it’s international ;)

    • Sergio Rodriguez

      good another giveaway, I hope to have more luck than in the nexus 4 giveaway.

    • Allen Uribes

      Here goes nothing! :)

    • Goutham Kumaran

      When is the podcast starting and where

    • Laborin_HK

      Thanks for the giveaway ^O^ Have fun guys!

    • David Choi

      My birthday is on the 9th of December. It would be awesome if someone got me a nexus 10. *HINT HINT*

    • Chris Nguyen

      need a change from ios!

    • Mamoon Bakeer

      When can I hear the secret code? I’ve been waiting for the show ” Android Authority On Air” to be aired for Nexus 10 giveaway for the whole day today !!!

    • xoj_21

      i would love a nexus 10

    • Vritant Luffy Bhardwaj

      why hasn’t ep 39 come yet???!?!?!

    • Phanos Sofroniou

      Pick me please!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nexus 10 will be the ultimate gift or might just take it for myself!

    • Nicklas Zetterberg

      There’s not AA On Air this week, or did you just not upload it?

    • rgomesf

      I need a nexus 10. :)

    • Adrian

      The latest air show is not displayed in YouTube. When will it be available?

    • Ehtisham Haroon

      Pleaseeeee :( i badly need a nexus 10 ;..(

    • trapchan

      I hope I can win womething … never had a luck with something like this …

    • Dough J

      I hope to win ! I’m from Morocco and there isnt any store to buy a tablet here, this is my only chance !! Good luck to everyone and thanks for the contest !!

    • Anush Surendran

      Please make me Smile !

    • Lewis Bohannon

      I love their contests, there is always something I hope to win ;)

    • Jacob Schellenberg

      Best. Christmas Gift. Evar. (If I win.)

    • jeddo45

      i really hope i could win this! i am a college student who could really use an electronic device for notes and tests! So help me God!

    • Parth Patel

      7 days to go :) really wanna win this since i cant buy it in my country :

    • Muhammed Yasin Soytal

      nexus 10….. maybe my first nexus device? damn, i hope so!

    • Ehtisham Haroon

      Ive never won any kind of give away , hope this changes that :)

    • cezeOne

      crossing my fingers!

    • Abdul Baqi

      I need a nexus 10. :)

    • mark Perkins

      ooooo i want one so bad but im new father and cant afford one diapers cost alot!!!

    • David Jeffers

      I thought the first code was supposed to be released last thursday? I’ve been checking their soundcloud every couple house since thursday morning to find nothing

    • Theja Chvrs

      This is really amazing..,

      All you can do is make your customers buy the best phone available at the time they want to buy it.

    • Tozino

      i cant listen it because i’m deaf

      • Jimmy Schaefer

        nexusbackorder for the first code

        • Wude

          Wrong, that one was for nexus 4 giveaway. This is Nexus 10 giveaway, don’t fool people dude

    • Jimmy Schaefer

      I’m trying to get a nexus 4 so bad

    • jd

      what do i do with the secret code

    • R0d3ricK

      hope I win a Nexus 10 or, in the worst case scenario, an Ingress invite code ;)

    • Michael Cooke

      Keep up the good work guys!

    • Matthew Boudinot


    • ClearNano

      Ooh Ooh Pick Me~!

    • Hasan Ali

      I be so thankful if i win the nexus 10

    • Alex RE

      This is awesome!

    • Deniz Deniswithaz Beken


    • Lex_407


    • jeddo45

      man, may God smile upon me! i really, really, really need this tablet for college! its so hard without something like this! God please let it be me!

    • Pravas Kumar

      I’m pretty sure I’ve completed all the steps required in the rafflecopter. It showed up even after days when I login. But, today when I logged in it says 0 entry, I’m using the same Email and password by the way.

    • Tu Nam

      Hope I will win :D … this time.

    • William Peterson

      Honest to God statement, I didn’t even know about this site till about a week ago. MAN, I have been missing out on A LOT. I Seriously, check your site more than I check the other three now. Love it. Great job being FIRST on so many top stories. Keep it up!

    • Niyas

      Pick me please ! Thank You!

    • Butts_McButts

      Man I hope I win. Frankly doing all my on-the-crapper browsing in 720p isn’t cutting it.

    • Shishira S M

      I’m a huge fan of Android Authority from so long… I will be sooo much happy if they are the ones who gift me a Nexus 4… I myself can’t afford one… :)

    • Christian Lira

      I really hope I win, I was planning on buying it myself but its going to take me a while to save up enough money for it.

    • xoj_21

      pick me shipping is cheap, i will use it for college

    • Ehtisham Haroon

      Who wudnt love to have nexus 10
      i dont own a tablet , so i really hope i win and ths may be my first tab.

    • Charly Birondo

      i want to have one :( just a christmas gift me please :)

    • David Dreyer

      You guys rock! I’ve gotten such good information on issue resolution, new features, tips & tricks, and reviews on new tech from y’all. Keep it up!

    • Utkarsh Bhatt

      I’ve never won anything in a Giveaway even though I take part in almost every one of them. Buying a Nexus 10 is not affordable for me, but my hopes are high. Good luck to everyone.

    • Josh York

      I want it. Already a huge Android and Samsung fan. This would be perfect compliment to my SGS3!

    • Theja Chvrs

      Awesome tablet I have ever seen

    • Arman Kargar

      i want that

    • Justin Kelly

      Does it come decked out with Android Authority gear ie case stickers and background =) that would be too awesome!

    • Ehtisham Haroon

      So far i havent found any luck in giveaways , since i dont own a tab so it would be more than awesome to win this one and have my hands on Nexus 10.

    • anish274

      Thank You For this Giveaway. Hoping to Win this !

    • Bernardo G. da Silva

      Five days for the Nexus 10″ goes to BRAZIL!!!! come on baby… i need you, i love you.

    • Eddie J Camacho


    • Theja Chvrs

      Nexua 10, just got a competition from Lenovo A21 series tab., it got almost all the features., but hope nobody can beat google.

    • Bernardo G. da Silva

      4 DAYS!!!! COUNTDOWN

    • Theja Chvrs

      Nexus almost created a revolution in the late 2012, hope it continues be the best till 2013.

    • David West

      Thank-you for all the great reporting and contests!

    • Sean McKenty

      Love the international giveaways up here in Canada

    • Abhishek

      I have completed almost all the tasks and now I really want to win nex10 !! Plz Plz ;)

    • Christian Lira

      I really hope I win this tablet. The specs on it are pretty crazy! It’ll be a birthday/Christmas for my 12 year old brother.

    • Theja Chvrs

      Apple has the highest profit in 2012.., hope Nexus change the fate of Google.

    • Odinoize

      I want it :3

    • Peter Tanya Honye

      one of the best giveaway

    • Dominique

      Santa Claus is early this year!

    • Bernardo G. da Silva

      3 dias e contando…. esse vem pro brasil!!!

    • Theja Chvrs

      Google Nexus is the Best !!!!

    • Sean Mahoney

      Love the G+ show, much better then Pod casting, thanks for the free shuffs!~XD

    • Sean Mahoney

      What does Backdoor mean?~XD

    • Raymond

      Super excited! Hope I win. :)

    • Jay Decks

      I NEVER win any giveaway on youtube or blogger websites…so whatever ill give it a try.

    • Ehtisham Haroon

      Fingers crossed , hope i win this time :)

    • Paul Pereirinha

      I need to win this! You can’t buy it in my backward country.

    • Wessie Emmert

      ah, with each passing day my odds of winning diminish…what 1000 new entries each day…:( I liked it better when the contest was first up and the odds were better.


    • Sergio García

      If I lived in the U.S. I’d buy a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 10 right now. But i don’t live in there so I hope I have luck in this giveaway. Whoever wins it, I will be very jealous XD XP

    • procoder

      so my chance from india never come..i hope this time is my chance…

    • Theja Chvrs

      It is so cooooooool

    • Theja Chvrs

      It’s so awesome.

    • Bernardo G. da Silva

      dois dias e contando….. todos os dedos cruzados aguardando o resultado!!! BRASIL!!!!

    • Quang Ha Duy

      More funs

    • Neil Coutinho

      @dlacouvee:disqus the Listen to Android Authority On Air [2nd chance] link takes you to the Nexus 4 Giveaway part 2 podcast .

      • aCe manayan

        That is an easy fix lol..just click the next tab which is “tracks” and you will see the latest giveaway blah blah blah…isn’t that hard to click this this days?

    • Bhg73

      I am using old gen nokia s60v5 now i want to change with android device hope win

    • Itamar Getzler


    • chris125

      Love the site and what you guys do and enjoy your articles

    • Damian Paredes

      Hey guy’s you really sent the ball to the space with this giveaways, I check this site every day, giveaways or not, so that speak of how good your work is..

      I would love to see a samsumg Galaxy camera geveaway

      The only bad thing about this is that I havent google currents since my phone is a C6-01 Nokia.. Hope I still have chances to win so I can fill that option from my new Nexus 10 for the next giveaways =P

    • James Bitakis

      You guys keep me informed great job

    • johnycage

      i want the nuxes 10 so badly….

    • Chris R

      OMG I hope I win.

    • Ritesh Tripathy

      We don’t have Powerball or Euromillions in India, so this is the next best thing.. ;)

    • Munchic Pham

      Ough, please, don’t give me the Nexus 10, I am really scaried of it’s powerful processor, gorgious screen, front-facing speakers …

      • Artur Mendes


        • Munchic Pham

          thx :D

      • Alex Joshua Garcia

        Congrats ^^

        • Munchic Pham

          ty ^^

    • Pro Grammatic

      Is there a way to correct an entry?

      I made a typo in my entry to ‘Listen to Android Authority On Air [2nd chance]‘.

    • Cesar Madrigal

      I want it!

    • Cristi

      Can I have it ?

    • Vincent Goh

      gals especially? -____-

    • Vishnu


    • Ehtisham Haroon

      Fingers Crossed , Hope i win this.
      Android Authority pick me please :)

    • Ehtisham Haroon

      I Hope i win this , badly need nexus 10
      Dont own a tab , if i won this it would be great for college too.

    • Ehtisham Haroon

      I dont even know if my comments helps or not :(

    • Bernardo G. da Silva

      8 horas e contando…. brasil!!!

    • Gaurav Ganoo

      Nexus 10… Hmm.. will be fun browsing AndroidiAuthority on a 10inch screen.. I wish I had one ;)

    • Mauro Marcenaro

      but the ppl believed in fly mule
      ho yes ,it is !

    • Theja Chvrs

      Awesome nexus.

    • Nikolay Nikolaev

      Nice site next must be nexus four

      • aCe manayan

        N4? readi it again its “N10″..N4 giveaway is finish..

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    • Aleksandar Petrovic

      i like my 100000000000000000000000000000:1 odds :D

    • Alankrut Patel

      great contest guys!!

    • Brian Parkerson

      Keep up the good work! Keep doing what you guys do best!

    • ryan webster


    • Vikky

      Just got in the last code for the contest. Really hoping to win and experience this amazing device.

    • Jason Eubanks

      Must… have… tablet

    • Bernardo G. da Silva

      Quem ganhou? Who’s winner?

    • Adie Bhatt

      “We love you guys (and gals especially).” LOL

    • Artur Mendes

      Congrats Munchic P.

    • Rhirhina

      Please Saint Android, I’ve been a good girl this year…please grant my wish to win this ultimate google nexus 10 from AndroiAuthority

    • Aleksandar Petrovic

      congrats to the winer :)

    • disqus_8BBnMfv1oc

      when is the next giveway?

    • Munchic Pham

      Weeee :)

    • Munchic Pham

      Nexus 10 16 or 32 Gb?

    • xoj_21


    • Sare Izeer

      Ehm… No winner(s)?

    • Hyacinth Smith

      I would Love a Google Nexus 10

    • Mudit Sharma

      The best giveaway site for an android lover and now you getting Google nexus device. I mean that’s awesome.

    • Jaffer Al-Ghazwi

      Oh my..

    • Monica Oda

      Oh boy, I miss the entry. Sigh. I want to win this giveaway.