Google’s Nexus 10 commercial touts its multiple user feature [video]

by: Bams SadewoMarch 19, 2013


Unlike the mocking and comical undertones that most Samsung’s mobile commercials seem to have, Google has adopted a different strategy when it comes to promoting its Nexus line of devices, one that revolves around family values.

The latest Nexus 10 commercial doesn’t stray too far from the above, but it does add a surprise mix to the formula, a cute baby. We’re not giving away all the details, but the ad features a couple who is expecting and is contemplating on whether to name the baby boy Alfie or Kevin.

Where does the Nexus 10 fit in all this? In case you’ve forgotten, the N10 can be set up to be used by multiple users. Although the couple only has one tablet, the ad shows how each user can have his or her home screens, and how the tab can be shared easily amongst the two as they prepare for the arrival of the baby.

Simply put, we like the new commercial. Are you curious about the name that they chose? Want to see the N10’s multi-account feature in action? Press play on the embedded video.

  • FrillArtist

    These commercials are always so cheese and hipster-y.

  • Hey, hipsters have money and it seems a lot of people are striving to add substance in their lives (like hipsters do, but “hipsters” do it a lot more). They want to show young peeps using it because their market is exactly that: young peeps.