Google News for Android, iPhone, Pre gets updated

November 24, 2009
    Google News on a Motorola DROID

    Google News on a Motorola DROID

    Google has announced that Android, iPhone, and Pre users can now experience a new streamlined version of Google News on their phones’ browsers. New features include integrated personalization with your desktop preferences, easier video viewing, optimized format for pictures, and the ability to jump to a category much quicker.

    After playing around with it for a while, I don’t see much of an improvement over viewing Google News on my mobile iGoogle page. I prefer to jump via tabs, rather than having the entire news feed display and having to jump up and down the page to get to the categories I want to see. What do you guys think? Better, worse, don’t care? Also, does anyone find it interesting that the iPhone, Android, and the Pre received the optimized site AFTER WinMo, BlackBerry, and Symbian/S60?

    Bigger screen shot after the jump.

    Google News on a Motorola DROID

    Google News on a Motorola DROID




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