Google actively looking for the next generation of passwords

by: Tanay SoodJanuary 28, 2013

Google Authenticator

Google’s security team has released a report outlining why the password is no longer good enough for the Internet of today, according to a report from Wired.

With news of hacks becoming a staple in the newspaper over the past year or so (with Mat Honan’s epic hack still at the forefront of our collective memory), it was an appropriate time for Google to conduct this study. They also conceive and consider multiple alternatives, such as the YubiKey. When you plug the USB key into a computer it will automatically log you into Google. They also spoke about possible NFC security implementations in their report. Envision a universe where all you have to do to login to a computer is to tap it with your phone. While similar implementations are at least many years away, the technology to do so exists even today.

As for today, what can you do to protect your online identity? For one, you can use the Google Authenticator app and enable 2-step authentication. This should make it significantly harder to access your account without authorisation. To check out the full report by Wired hit up the source link below.

  • MasterMuffin

    That story of Mat is just crazy! just with 4 last digits of credit card number you can hack everything he has ever done online!? That’s scary…

  • adrupi

    I used 2-step auth for my primary google account.
    for other accounts, I could care less.. sometimes it’s a hassle.

  • Markus Ressel

    The technology exists today but we are “at least many years away” from an implementation? How does this make any sense?