Google Music Update Now Available – Download Music From the Cloud

by: Will G.January 26, 2012

Evolving now more than anything in the tech age is online storage. Well, there has been web hosting for many years, but to actually store personal information like photo’s, music and video that are extremely easy to access, is something new to us.

The innovation of Google Music brought a popular online library tool, of all the music located on your hard drive. Giving you the ability to stream on a computer or even an Android phone! But you could only stream from online sources.

Now, with a new update you will be able to retrieve music from the online Google Music Cloud, downloading it to your hard drive. That is 20,000 songs at your fingertips.

Unfortunately this is for US users only. There is still no word on the update for international users, but we are hoping that it will arrive shortly.

What do you think of the new Google Music update? Is this beneficial for you? I would love to hear your comments.

  • Jason

    Yes, just took advantage of out early today as I accidentally deleted 40GB from my laptop.

  • Alexander Maxham

    This was the one feature missing from Google Music when it launched, in my opinion. Glad they did finally implement it. Great post Will!!

  • hubuh

    google is getting so boring.. and android is getting so ugly when compared to iOS or windows mobile… bing is so much sexier.

    • tiredoItrolls


  • Joerghildering

    Can someoneinvite me toGoogle Music?