Yesterday we reported on Microsoft hitting a new low by attempting to directly profit from its Scroogled campaign via Anti-Google merchandise such as hoodies, t-shirts and coffee mugs.

At the time, we heard several comments via our website and G+ page wondering how Google might respond. As it turns out, Google did have a little something to say about Microsoft’s new Scroogled clothing line — and the response is nothing short of brilliant.

Microsoft’s latest venture comes as no surprise; competition in the wearables space is really heating up.

Zing! Now that’s the way for a company to respond to this kind of activity.

Google could have thrown out its own smear campaign pointing out Microsoft’s alleged NSA connections and other ways Microsoft potentially steals data. They could have talked about how Windows 8 still continues to struggle, or how Windows Phone 8 has still yet to catch on in any major way. Instead, they responded with a bit of wit and humor, while teasing about how their own innovations are years ahead of anything on offer at Microsoft.

Sure, Google is being a bit snarky here, but it’s certainly a lot more tasteful then the kind of responses we generally see out of Redmond. Now it’s back to you Microsoft. Have anything new to say in retaliation? Not yet? Then maybe you should get back to work on that watch or smart glasses tech we’ve heard so much about.

Andrew Grush
Andrew is one of the three Managing Editors of Android Authority, primarily responsible for the overseeing of US team of writers, in addition to several other projects such as VR Source and more. He loves tech, gaming, his family, and good conversations with like-minded folks.
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  • Psypher_Throes


  • Rex

    SHING!!! OHH that’s GOTTA BURN M$FT.

    Oh Microsoft is so freaking hilarious in the most pathetic way possible. How do they still make dough…. I can’t imagine they even look good on your resume anymore, unless you’re on the fat, slow, dirty old dough money train. Their game cannot last for much longer. BURN!

    • James

      They make money through the sale of android devices.

      • gommer strike

        Indeed. The Exchange Activesync plug-in is licensed by Android.

    • SSDROiD

      Job interview:
      “Impressive resume! Wait, you worked for Microsoft at one point?”
      “Yes, sir.”

      • Edwin Walker

        Is that funny? Microsoft is surely a good company to work for…

        • SSDROiD

          I never said it wasn’t a good company to work for. All I implied was that Microsoft has without a doubt lost a lost of its respect, both by other companies and with private individuals. The average consumer on the street does not want Windows 8 or 8.1… a company is surely doing something wrong when that’s the general opinion of their mainstream product.

          • Edwin Walker

            Mainly because it’s perceived as a rather dramatic change in an attempt to unify desktop and mobile operating systems. Windows hasn’t really changed since 1995… so it was bound to be met with some resistance. Even if Windows 8 was the most amazingly practical operating system, the average user would revile a new layout.

  • Victor Castro

    can someone explain the joke to me? i didn’t get it

    • Ivan Myring

      T-Shirts are wearables in the sense that you wear them. Thus the scroogled t-shirts are wearables, and as such are in competition with Google glass

      • dabigone

        I understand you were explaining the joke, but once you do that, the joke is ruined.

        • SSDROiD

          Knock knock… “Who’s there?”

          I can’t tell you, it ruins the joke.

          Logic, right?
          (I know it’s not the same, I just wanted to give you an example that he did in no way destroy the joke)

        • APai

          actually he did good for those who missed it. it happens to all of us, we are just drifting with some thing in our heads and we go ” what the hell are they laughing about” . so, kudos for driving home the point again – microsoft and fans defending their silly actions are just assholes

          • dabigone

            I’m not a microsoft fanboy, I’m an Apple fanboy, but let’s save that for another article.

  • mustbepbs

    How does a campaign like this get green-lit at the corporate level? Is their marketing department filled with preteens or something?

    • dextersgenius

      It’s not just their marketing department, their designers and developers are preteens as well – just take a look at Windows 8.

    • Nickan Fayyazi

      Probably the same people who work for Apple and rejected an Android Central for iOS app.

    • On a Clear Day

      People approach the world predicated on how they believe it fundamentally works or mostly the way they wish it would work according to them. Microsoft’s leadership – and something this silly has to be approved at the highest levels – actually believes people are dumb enough to buy into their vindictive approach and thereby like Microsoft better for having stood up to what Microsoft perceives as a threat to themselves (a bully) by painting Google in negative light. Maybe they should spend more time working on developing a product that people are naturally attracted to and that simplifies – rather than complicates (Windows 8) – their lives?

  • Mystery Man

    Windows 8 is a great OS

    • John Doe

      What are you doing in that picture???
      It looks like you are taking it up the a$$ …
      Oh, you are a Win8 user .. Got it ..

      • SSDROiD

        You are trying way too hard to insult him. Truth is, Windows 8 is a fuck-up OS, Windows 8.1 is a good one, whether you want to face it or not. Not great, granted, but 8.1 offers some unique pros that actually makes it a good OS. There are still a lot of cons, though, but 8.1 is OK to use.

        • Brian Shieh

          8.1 is more acceptable than 8 (I just boot to desktop now)

          • SSDROiD

            That’s very true, I use the same feature and have uninstalled as many of the Start Screen apps as possible (don’t use the Start Screen, I use a third-party Start button). But for Microsoft to gain back its trust from its users, it needs to offer a Windows 8.1 or Windows 9 or whatever completely without the Start Screen. It takes up space and RAM that I’d rather use on the Desktop. And they desperately need to add a regular Start button if they want people’s trusts back. Surprised me how they are so arrogant about removing it.

          • Brian Shieh

            or give windows 8.2/9 free…or at a super low price. They should be kind of like OSX and sell it cheap instead of making users pay $100+ for a upgrade

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I guess South Park was right…


    Bahaha, it’s kind of ironic considering how most people hate Windows 8 and thereby also Microsoft, whereas Google is loved by most people. This only bites Microsoft’s own ass. Way to go PR department!

  • Oli72

    thx u google for taking the high road.

  • Data


  • coopere

    And Windows Phone users wonder why there are no official Google apps. Let Microsoft continue going down that road

    • John Tamplin

      You mean both WinPhone users, or just one of them?

    • McHale72

      I have Android and Windows Phone. Simple rule: If you want to play games and get FC’s, use Android. If you want to use email, calendar and contacts on a non-bloated OS use Windows Phone.

      • dextersgenius

        FCs? Which era Android phone are you using? I haven’t experienced any FCs since ages on Android.

      • Bobby Bryla

        So sorry McHale that you’re stuck with a crapola Windoze Fone!!! My Samsung tablets and phones have corporate email, VPN, and all the M$-compatible office applications I need.

  • John Smith

    Dear Google,

    Your reply in a mug should be:

    To use mug call 1-800 Microsoft.

    Write your Permission Code Here:


    • GrebGoneBad

      This isn’t just a reply in a mug, this is a Google reply in a mug, meaning there’s probably a Dr Who easter egg hidden somewhere…

  • Cecil

    Kind of funny, Microsoft isn’t wrong about Google. They are an advertising company, and the product is you. I recently got an update on my Google Now wanting me to listen to a certain band b/c I searched them 1 time. What was weird was that I searched that band once on the SPOTIFY!! desktop app on my computer. Definitely strange and creepy. I have no idea how the hell they got that information.

    • SSDROiD

      The difference is, Google is giving consumers great services, even if our data is collected. Microsoft has given us Windows 8/8.1, Windows Phone 8 and refuses to give consumers what they want (read: Start button).

      Google all the way!

      • timekiller

        Start button?? come on dude come to 2013 it’s not 1998 anymore. I would say that. stop living in 1998 anymore or you should install windows 98 there is a big start in it, and if that even didn’t satisfy try windows 95 then :) But for me Microsoft >> Google

        • SSDROiD

          Exactly. It’s 2013. Companies should be more humble and give users what they want, not be arrogant bastards about anything and everything. You are one of the only people who don’t want a Start button and you are one of the only people who like Microsoft more than Google. That’s fine, I have no problems with that, but I do have a problem with your I-know-what’s-best-so-listen-to-me attitude. If you love Windows 8, then that’s great for you, but you’re in the minority, if you hadn’t noticed!

          • Mantrix7

            Sorry to contradict you dude but in terms of raw numbers WINDOWS 8/8.1 sells way more than Chromebooks around the world, so he’s not in the minority and Windows products are better and safer than Google’s overrated crap

          • SSDROiD

            Oh, my God, if you are going to compare Windows 8/8.1 with Chromebooks, your entire comment is just ridiculous.

            How many more users does Google Maps have compared to Microsoft Maps?

            How many more users does Gmail have compared to Microsoft Outlook?

            How many more users does Google Chrome have compared to Internet Explorer?

            How many more users does YouTube have compared to… I don’t even know what Microsoft has to compete with here.

            You can’t just use one service to compare two companies like this. That’s idiotic. Google is the winning corporation in this, and my examples above prove it.

            By the way, if you hate Google so much, why the fuck are you on Android Authority?

          • paxmos

            Wow, uncle google must love you alot

          • Mantrix7

            @ paxmos, I agree, this guy SSHEMODROID must be one of those bitter Crapdroid promoters that tries to prove everybody wrong by enforcing his views and then believe them to be true!!!! What a pitty

          • SSDROiD

            Please, do give me a source of anything besides the Windows PC OS where Microsoft is leading instead of Google? Certainly not in browsers, mobile OS, maps, email, or search engine.

          • Atri Ganguly

            MS defined modern computing . Most android devs run the android sdk on a windows pc and develop . Do I need to say more ? MS was and is (and probably will be) THE BEST CODERS OF THIS ERA . period :)

          • SSDROiD

            They defined desktop computing, not modern computing. Windows 7 was perfect, but when they had to leap for a mobile OS, they sorta failed with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. By failed, I mean that people don’t want it. The average consumer wants to stay away entirely from anything that has 8 in it. If you hadn’t noticed, they are drastically losing sales simply because they were not prepared well enough for how smartphones and tablets would take over the world. And FYI, you didn’t even slap a link on your post. You just posted your opinion and tried to convince me it was true.

          • SSDROiD

            I defend facts, regardless of my opinion of a company. Maybe Google loves me because I promote their work, but that’s just because they simply do a better job at it than Microsoft. The facts are facts, regardless of what you want them to be.

          • Mantrix7

            Woww, I thought your previous comments were stupid but now you just outdid yourself!!!! Thanks, you just proved my point about how ignorant you are about numbers of services between the two companies…even taking one of your examples, comparing browsers, Internet Explorer continues to be the most popular browser around the world regardless of the version, please read and do some research before talking shit!!!! If Windows 8 were such a failure like you said, all the major manufacturers would not be jumping to get a piece of the pie. You must be a fandroid looking for the next big thing you can cash in

          • SSDROiD


            You were saying something?
            Go back to whatever cave you came from.

            Google Chrome has surpassed Internet Explorer, becoming the world’s most used web browser. How about you go do some research before you blatantly call me stupid? It only reverts back to yourself.

          • Mantrix7
          • SSDROiD

            Yeah, I’m gonna need you to find a more reliable source than that. Anyone can smack that data onto a page and claim it’s real. I’ve never once heard of that website before. I need you to find a common tech-site that reports such browser data. I need a more trusted source.

            And please note that the article you found is solely for the little month of February 2013, whereas my link specifies every month, including October 2013. Please find me a source for October 2013 which is much more recent than February. My link is also more reliable.

          • Mantrix7

            Ohhh yeah like Wikipedia right???? don’t make me laugh, even the Wikipedia article states that the methodology used for the survey will make the results vary

          • SSDROiD

            Obviously I have met someone who is purely on Android Authority to hate on Google and hate on other commentators. You have not provided me enough sufficient data supporting your case, and since your post now attacks my source instead of bringing me a new one, I declare this conversation over. You have run out of decent sources, you are trying to attack me on a personal level, and it is blatantly obvious you are here purely as a troll.

            My time is more valuable than sitting here and arguing with someone who refuses to believe statistics. You are stuck, believing that you know everything the best, instead of giving me hard facts.

            So, for that reason, I am done talking with you. The conversation is not progressing and you are just beating around the bush because you have nothing else to go on. If you really wanted to convince me Microsoft was the better company, you would’ve given me hard facts already. The truth is Google Maps, Gmail, Android, Chrome, search engines, Google has surpassed Microsoft in all of them. The average Windows user does not search using Bing, they search using Google. Even you have to agree to that.

            Either way, I am on Android Authority (Android, in case you missed it, is owned and developed by Google) because I love Google. If you love Microsoft, go find yourself a website supporting Windows Phone 8. I am sure as hell not going to spend any more time now arguing with a troll like you. Bye!

          • Mantrix7

            It was about time a Droid troll would stop arguing non sense by realizing that what you believe to be facts can be discredited y the same sources that you quote to discredit mine…thanks for not wasting any more of people’s time. When you mature a little more and try to stop trolling everybody else’s beliefs you will confirm that the Enterprise world continues to belong to Microsoft and for very valid reasons over any other OS….Have a nice life

          • Not a lemming

            Makes sense that IE would have a larger portion of the market share. Windows comes standard on just about every computer sold. However people with any commonsense ( like myself ) will immediately download Chrome or Firefox. We are an elite group and will always be smaller in numbers. We avoid becoming one of the many sheep being lead to the slaughter.

          • paxmos

            No need for a start button, change is good. and btw, you seem to have the ” I-know-what’s-best-so-listen-to-me” attitude

          • SSDROiD

            Are you even looking at yourself typing? I specifically said that I’m perfectly fine with him loving Windows 8/8.1, but I also mentioned that he is in a minority, based on nothing but facts. Not my opinion, just facts. The common man on the street does not like Windows 8 or 8.1, and change is usually good, but in Windows 8, the change is way too big. The change involves removing a feature that a very large group of people want to have. They could’ve easily added a Start screen and kept the Start button intact.

          • fusby

            I dont look at myself when I type, is that bad? P.S I love Yahoo

          • SSDROiD

            My use of words may have been confusing. I meant that whenever you write something, you should always take the extra seconds to read it again, to make sure it really makes sense. When you are writing something, it’s easy for the mind to drift away from the original meaning of the post. I tried Yahoo once, but their Android apps are horrible, and it just became easier and better to switch entirely to Google. I do, however, understand it if you love Yahoo.

          • Guest

            first of all say “HI” to google uncle for me.

    • Lee


      I found this to be the only sensible response out of 80+ responses.

      Yep, Microsoft’s comment is indeed right about Google. If Google is open and upfront about this and it’s users still decide to use it’s services then….StealOnGoogle.

      Problem is, Google isn’t *really* open about this (to most of it’s typically uninformed & unskilled – IT/Privacy/Security wise – user base). And it isn’t about to change.

      Not suggesting Microsoft/Skype is any better mind…

      Still Android with source code represents the best mainstream option for smartphone/tablets. Strip out the Google services, eschew Chrome, fire up ownCloud and you can at least excercise some control over *some* of you data. The price of entry? Techie knowhow….

  • John Smith

    Microsoft has a long history of treating its users like garbage.

    Consumers have long memories.

    When they choose a cell phone, they choose not to support Microsoft.

    Remember Sony putting spyware on Windows computers? Wikipedia it, it’s all there. Even after Sony was caught, they still didn’t remove it.

    Microsoft is no different. Do I think they would spy on legal owners of Windows. YES.

    • APai

      “Microsoft has a long history of treating its users like garbage. ”

      that’s exactly the reason why no one wants a windows phone!! the last thing they want is windows on phone as well as on their PC!!!”

      • SSDROiD

        So fucking true!

  • Jason

    Google is and always will be classy, I can’t say that about Microsoft.

  • John Smith

    Do you know how much money Microsoft is making off of patents that Google is paying for?

    Billions of dollars are flowing to Microsoft simply because of lawyers who are exploiting Android users.

    • McHale72

      …and the fact that they own the technology behind the patents that Android had to steal to become successful. But whatever.

      • John Smith

        You mean the patents that they put on every single thing? Another reason why open source is better. It doesn’t restrict progress, it enables.

      • Bobby Bryla

        No, they just put more money into lawyers and bribery than innovation. Again, so sorry you’re stuck with that M$ crap hardware and software.

  • Seth Forbus

    How many people didn’t realize this was a google glass joke until the second or third read? haha

  • Gé den Bok


  • McHale72

    What’s even funnier is eventually Google will steal the design of the cup and it won’t work as well.

  • Anshul

    And in the worlds of sheldon cooper,,, ‘BAZINNNNNNNNNNNGAAAAAAA’

  • GrebGoneBad

    Lol. I would just love to work at Google as one of the guys who comes up with this stuff. Best…job…ever!

  • Atri Ganguly

    “while teasing about how their own innovations are years ahead of anything on offer at Microsoft.” – innovation ? google ? buying youtube , android , dropbox etc. is innovation ? and defining modern computing is not innovation ? building the platform from scratch on which google depends on for it’s business is not innovation ? coding everything yourself is no innovation but buying and acquiring stuffs with money is innovation ? ok then :)

  • Ben Bauer

    Easily my favorite statement of the year

  • Tas Hsn

    Heluva response. Take that, Macrosoft.

  • Mark Woodcock

    pure brilliance !!

  • EliasAlucard

    Who the hell wants to buy or use Microsoft products anyway…