Google Maps gets real-time incident reporting, thanks to Waze

by: Nate SwannerAugust 20, 2013
Google Maps Waze

Real-time accident reporting from Waze users will be included in the Google Maps app.

Sometimes, when Google absorbs another company, it takes awhile to see some integration or results. With Waze, Google is making the impact almost immediate.

Via their Lat Long Blog, Google is announcing that Maps will now feature “real time incident reports from Waze users.” From the Google Blog:

[quote qtext=”This means when Wazers report accidents, construction, road closures and more on Waze, the updates will also appear on the Google Maps app for Android and iOS in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, UK and the US.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

The benefits aren’t one-sided, either: Waze users, or “Wazers”, will get two new functions for their favorite map and traffic app. Google Search has been integrated into Waze, giving users the full breadth of Google’s search discovery from directly inside of Waze.

Wazers will also get Google Street View and Satellite imagery baked into the app, making it “easier to correct map errors reported by the community.” The Waze blog notes that reported issues are often not detailed enough, and users who edit maps often have to dig a little deeper to find the problem. Integrating Google’s mapping technology just makes that process a bit smoother, and probably increases productivity as well.

With the acquisition of Waze, and programs such as city experts or the Maps backpack loaner program, Google is making a push for crowdsourced contextual information. After all, who knows what’s going on better than people who are making it all happen?

  • dett6799

    This is THE best merger ever. I love Waze! Exciting news.

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    Boo no Canada :(

    • MasterMuffin

      Canada is always “the other country in Northern America” :D

      • Sihawk

        Yea… Cause there are only two countries in North America…

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          I believe this is one of the oldest debates ever (with football and soccer). If I remember correctly, they teach differently depending on where you live about ‘muricas

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            Oh I have to watch pro sports to learn geography in the USA? Here in Canada we have encyclopedias and schools that teach us that there is a world outside of our own country. Sorry bud but I would hardly call it a debate.

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            ??? A) I live in Europe
            B) What are you talking about??

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            @sihawk:disqus The Answer to B @mastermuffin:disqus is his perceived notion that his education is better. it’s horribly incorrect. But yeah, when i think of amazing schools, i don’t think of harvard, yale, etc. I think of university of Ottawa.


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            We are taught that there are 2 countries in Northern America, USA and Canada. I know that’s stupid, because there are 23 (according to Wikipedia), but that’s how we are taught so live with it @Sihawk and while you’re at it, learn some manners

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            23 because of the west indies mostly; (i’ve been to about half those islands too, and got married down there in barbados) although we should all remember mexico, lol.

            When we were in school (or at least when i was) they were mostly british, so it’s changed recently.

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            I’m still in school, and our geography teacher always says that USA and Canada are in Northern America and the rest are in central America and Southern America. I don’t think that even our book says so, but he does :D

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          There are 41 countries in North America.

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    Please Google, do not bring staged roll-outs to Waze.

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    No Ireland? Well F**k it!!

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    And no Spain, but we have Panama and Peru, where most of people never heard about Waze :D

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      -.- ..l.. Ahora son los más adelantados en uso de tecnología… Puff

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        La verdad es que hace 4 años la mayoría de esos países tenían malos servicios y el gobierno tenia monopolio (ej. Costa Rica) y ahora tienen hasta 4G (de hace 2 años). Pero vamos, España merecía implementación de Waze en Google Now

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      • Laszlo Demeter

        Yeah, I know, but I’m talking about the implementation in Google Now

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    I installed waze today. To report stuff. And because i live in Canada and theres no love for us. :( *shakes fist at sky*

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      Old man yells at cloud?

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    Israel too! :)