Google Maps real-time incident reports rolling out to 46 new countries starting today

by: Andrew GrushNovember 11, 2013


Back in June, Google officially purchased Waze for $1 billion, in a move that would bring real-time traffic incident data over to Google Maps just a couple of months later.

While the initial rollout was impressively quick, it was also limited to Android and iOS users in just thirteen countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, UK and the US.

Fast-forwarding to today, Google is expanding the effort to 46 new countries across the globe. Although Google has yet to reveal the full list of countries, Mobile Syrup reports that the service has now gone live in Canada. Judging by the screenshot above, it’s also safe to say that Waze data will be making its way to Italy.

For those unfamiliar with how Waze’s traffic data works, basically you will now be presented with icons that reveal user-submitted traffic information. That means if a road is out of commission, you’ll know to avoid certain roadways before you accidentally stumble upon them.

Beyond that, Google Maps will also plan your course based on known delays, and can even automatically change course in order to avoid new incidents as they are reported.

So what do you need to do to get Waze real-time info on Google Maps? Nothing, other than wait for it to rollout to your country. The Waze feature doesn’t require a Google Maps update to work.

Has Waze traffic data started showing up in your Google Maps app today? If so, what country are you in?

  • Karolis Morkūnas


  • Bone

    Awww Reggio Calabria, so many good memories and some incidents along the way haha.

  • Stan

    This is interesting.. If the users of Waze stop using Waze and use Google Maps, then who will report the incidents??

    • Ray

      I have a feeling that as time goes on, Waze might be killed off and similar features may become available in Google Maps – at least I hope they do anyway.

      • Stan

        Yeah you make a valid point! Makes sense!

  • Paulo Vieira

    It’s showing traffic data from Waze in my Maps. I’m in Portugal.

  • Oli72

    im n charlotte,nc. it rocks here.

  • Frederico Silva

    What’s with the font size in the 4/5th paragraph?

  • A mí no me pagan por opinar

    I can’t get how’s that here in South America almost no one can save an offline map from anywhere on our countries, but now we can get real time incident reports… Waze was ahead of Google?

    • asdas

      waze is google

  • Maxx Tan


  • iloverottenapples


    • deepen915

      best comment!

    • JVDetmer

      Apple may be a lider in innovation about design and processors, but Google focuses in us, human needs… that’s why you’re totally right!

  • 30lei

    I see incidents in Romania. GGG (good guy google)!

    • Dee Norbert


  • Tomaž Lovrec


  • haimn

    Finally started here in Israel (the source of waze)

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Been showing up for about 3 months in South Africa..

  • IronM

    Waze is alive and kickin’ in Romania. Too bad the carriers’ offers don’t have enough traffic data included :( No sign of Gmaps integration yet!