Google Maps update brings directions for multiple destinations, reservations and upcoming events

by: Chris SmithOctober 9, 2013

Google Maps - directions for multiple destinations

Google on Wednesday announced new features for Google Maps, including support for directions for multiple destinations and new tools that will help users manage their reservations and upcoming events.

Of these three new features, directions for multiple destinations seems to be the most exciting one, allowing Google Maps users to plan more detailed routes for their trips and include multiple stops. Once set up, the various destinations can be moved around up and down the list by simply dragging and dropping the stops.

The feature supports driving, walking and biking, and will be rolled out starting today.

Google Maps - reservations

Google Maps will also show reservations for flights, hotel and restaurants, but the feature will be available only in the USA at first, and will be limited to English-speaking users.

In order to activate the reservations features, users will have to simply search for a certain event inside Google Maps, whether it’s a flight or upcoming dinner plans.

Google Maps - upcoming events

Speaking of plans, Google Maps will also offer an “upcoming events” feature for various destinations that usually host, well, events:

Search for Radio City Music Hall, the O2 Arena, or your favorite local performance venues, and click on the Upcoming Events card to see a schedule of concerts, sports matches, and other events happening near you. Or if you’re new to an area, start with “music venues.”

Are you excited about any of these new Google Maps features?

  • GreatNews

    Is this for the Android App or for the Web version?

    • AndroidDev123

      Exactly. When I went to the source it says this is for “the new Google Maps preview” (i.e. web preview – see the screenshots). The only mention of the app is that “you can quickly access your recent search history on the Google Maps app.” To top it off, this feature has been available in the classic Google Maps web version for a long time, so there’s really no story here, except that the writers (not just for this site) need to slow down and try to fully understand the story before writing an article.

      • FB Nick

        So this “new feature” is just a promised feature (I have never seen it in android maps)?

        Incidentally, it is available in GM on a browser, but GM on a browser is as slow as a wet week.


  • sk102704

    The multiple destinations will be huge for me. I run the transportation department for a company and I should be able to send routes with multiple destinations to my drivers on their phones from Google maps on my computer. Before if I tried to send routes with multiple destinations to my dirvers, it would only give them directions to the first destination.

  • APai

    now, if only they’d improve their offline offering, that would be awesome!

    • Dario 753 a.C. .ex androidiani

      i don’t think so, because driving offline you don’t know the actual situation of traffic, road up etc etc.
      i think the best way to drive is online and using waze so you always know which street is better to drive at that moment, and what you’ve to avoid.
      everyone has a prepaid phone plan including internet, so i think it’s not a problem to drive online. and if someone has not it, i don’t know why he bought a smartphone ;)

      • mostling

        Yeah, because no one travels and wants to have offline maps for walking at the location they travelled to…

      • APai

        you are thinking too narrowly.

        you maybe comfortable with your usage.
        – but if you are running low on battery network usage consumes a lot of juice.
        – or suppose, I am abroad, and I’d like to download the map offline to avoid pricey data.
        – or I’m having a device which doesn’t have a suitable network (hey, people travel all the time).

        edit: not sure if you know it, you can already make small sections of google maps offline (but you lack full maps capability like search etc. with it)

        • Dario 753 a.C. .ex androidiani

          i think the problem of battery it’s not a problem because i use a car charger, and maps work well in 2g too and 2g doesn’t use a lot ofjuice.
          anyway all the time i used my smartphone as a navigator (i do it every day) i have never need to use offline maps.
          i know that it would be an important feature for someone, but i don’t think that it’s so important for the most part of people that use the smartphone as a navigator

          • APai

            again, what might work for you might not be a great universal solution. I can say that I have had similar experience like you, but a lot of people i have spoken with thank the offline maps during critical times.

            I have been using smartphones for the past 10 years at least from p800, p910, e72, e7 – all of them as my main work horse – I had offline maps in case of the e72 and e7. and offline maps were a life saver on a few occasion! earlier on coverage was very spotty, and even 2g drained a lot of battery in combination with the gps.

          • Keg Man

            then you never used maps while biking, walking and mass transit.

          • Dario 753 a.C. .ex androidiani

            no, i didn’t think about that ;)

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  • Mystery Man

    Offline maps. K thx

  • babuganoosh

    I’d like the ability to save locations as a certain name… like an address as “billy’s house” or something like that

  • Dario 753 a.C. .ex androidiani

    i drive in Rome everyday, and i have to drive 3-4 hours a day. i think the best navigator is waze, because you can report police, accidents, hidden speed cameras and other. if you have to try in streets with a lot of people i think streets are more updated than other navigators (maybe not for maps, because waze has been bought from google)..
    In Rome is very convenient to drive with waze

  • area51

    Finally… My prayer have been answered. Used to complain about this when I was looking to buy a house and had 30 houses to check. I could have saved a lot of time and gas if they had this before. Good job Google.

    • FB Nick

      But where is it? I have never seen it.

  • Tran Nguyen

    I wish that this news will replace for “MY PLACES” that almost people had complaint last updated. I will try when it coming.

  • AR

    This app is the S#*!. it keeps getting better and better