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There are many reasons to love Android, including the fact that we actually have a functioning map system. For those that happen to have an iPhone or iPad, no worries, Google has you covered. After Apple decided to ditch Google Maps in favor of its less-than-awesome self-ran map service, Google still has the Google Maps web app available to help iOS owners out. Even better, the company is planning on adding Google Street View on Thursday.

The upgrade announcement was revealed by AllThingsD‘s Walt Mossberg. Here is what he had to say:

In fact, Google plans to announce on Thursday that it is adding its popular Street View feature, missing from Apple’s maps, to the Web version of Google Maps accessed from the iPhone and iPad.

Pretty straight-forward announcement. He also concluded that the web app is not only better than Apple Maps, but it’s even better than the version of Google Maps that Apple dumped. I have to agree. For starters, the Google Maps for Apple didn’t have automatic turn-by-turn navigation.

Is the Google Maps solution perfect? No, but it is worlds better than what users get with iOS 6. Apple is clearly having problems right now. Take a look at just a few issues plaguing the iPhone 5: Wi-Fi connectivity problems, phones easily scratching and the map issues in iOS 6. Despite the iPhone 5’s problems, Apple fans will still find a way to spin a positive on their beloved iDevice. Android might not be perfect either, but at least we have freedom of choice when it comes to phones and the software that runs on them.

Andrew Grush
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  • Kurt

    “Apple fanatics will still find a way to spin a positive on their beloved iDevice.”

    Not true. I know some Apple fanatics who are really fair and when I asked them about the iOS 6 Maps app, they tell me that it sucks. They don’t try to defend Apple in anyway, and even said that Apple deserved what they got. Note that they really like iOS and when I ask them why, they say that it’s because of the jailbreaking community. Turns out that they only look as if they’re Apple fanatics, but they actually are on the same level as Android fanatics – people who love freedom on their smartphones. It just so happens that they prefer iOS.

    Yeah, don’t get confused! Android users and jailbreakers are in the same boat, so don’t hate each other!


    • Andrew_Grush

      I personally don’t consider those types of people to be the fanatics. Only those that are die-hard and can’t find a single fault with iOS. Jailbreaking can certainly be fun. :)

      • iPhone user

        These are the people who camp out at stores.
        These are the ones who defend the Maps app.
        These are the ones who insist Android sucks with nothing to back it up.
        I am a happy iPhone 5 owner. Mine came in the mail day of release after I slept in my own bed. I cant wait to get back to my laptop and jailbreak it next week. I dislike the new maps app. I prefer iPhone because I am familiar with it and in my PERSONAL opinion I think it looks better.
        99% of iPhone users are like me and appreciate the android system for what it has brought to the table and the devices it has produced.
        Don’t hate us because of the small minority.


        Majority of iPhone users

  • Nexus

    Wow. Leave the fanboy comments to the commenters. I normally visit Apple rumor sites, and while the poster comments are usually anti-Android, the stories aren’t. The first Android site I visit, and boom, a blatant fanboy tone. “Apple fanatics…spin a positive..” Come on

    • The Real Kurt

      That’s what I thought too.

    • Andrew_Grush

      Fair enough. Was likely way too harsh with my word choice at the end. I apologize. :)

      I actually like all sorts of platforms and do occasionally make use of iOS myself. I don’t think it is a bad OS at all… I just don’t like the locked down environment and the recent issues in iOS 6 are a bit much.

      • Nexus

        No worries man. The whole story was actually factual and had no inaccuracies. Just an observation.

  • u no

    I fans should be tq to google..