Google Maps live subway transit updates now available in New York, Salt Lake City

by: Bogdan BeleMarch 27, 2013


Google Maps for Android gets even more useful, by offering live subway transit updates for New York City and the Salt Lake City greater area, as well as live service alert for the Washington, D.C., Metrorail.

Namely, seven New York City subway lines now have live departure times on Google Maps, so you can plan your trip in an easier fashion. The same data is offered for buses and trams in the Salt Lake City greater area.

This data is offered the moment you click a station in Google Maps for Android but also in Google Maps for iOS, or on a desktop computer.

Also, if you live in Washington, D.C., and use the Metrorail, Google Maps now includes live service alerts, and that extends to delays (even if they’re unplanned or if it’s scheduled track work). This is possible because Google gets the data directly from the Metro Center.

Google Maps, a service that featured public transportation details for over 500 cities (now it’s at 800, in more than 25 countries, complete with a lot of useful details, including the price of tickets), even includes indoor maps.

Will this feature be useful to you?


    this is great for us new yorkers

  • pops87

    Great, now all we need is a data signal underground.